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استبيان القضية الاسكانية #البيت_ذخر

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Favorite Makeup Pieces

I have been shopping for some makeup lately and accidentally stumbled upon the Too Faced makeup section at Sephora . They used to bring few pallets before but now they got the whole thing!

I fell in love with this pallet ( All of My Favorite Things) the minute I saw it …




Love the colors , blushers and bronzer. It came in a cute bag along with a lip balm and a mascara. Its perfect to carry with you when travelling

I have the Natural eye kit and took it every time I travel and its all I needed …





I love how their kits come with these small card with makeup looks suggestions..

Another thing that caught my eye are these heart shaped blushers…



I also saw this anti-feathering lipliner that prevents your lipstick from feathering out of your lips, this always happens to me with bright colors  like bright pink and specially red…


and last but not least I was very tempted to get this fiber mascara but didn’t. I liked the idea of it. You apply it before mascara to get fuller and longer lashes…




Current Song Crush

Listening to this song day and night  :love: song by Jassim Mohammed.. love his voice!

Thought Of The Day: Why Not!

Why not put the kids to sleep on put everything that makes a sound on silent mode tonight and indulge in a hot bubble bath, light a candle or two and take a long stress free hour in the tub.



Try to add a couple of lavender drops to that bath or to your oil burner.




Give your self a face massage or a foot massage and relax. Put on a face mask.


After that go straight to bed. You’ll be surprise in the next day of how good you slept  and how refreshed and happy you look:)

Why Not! :)

Frozen: Review



We went last night to see the Disney movie frozen after hearing so much about it. No matter what age you are Disney movies are entertaining for the whole family.

I really liked the story and the animation its perfect. I was disappointed though with the songs, they were not as catchy and fun as we expect Disney songs to be like.

Over all I highly recommend it its funny and romantic. Be sure you wear worm cloths while watching it you will feel cold :)

New Year Resolution



2013 passed by so fast and here we are at the end of it.. at the end of next year I really want to have some things to change in my life… hopefully I get some of the things on my list accomplished :worried:


1. I want to get in shape and be fit and healthy.

2. Start working on my on starting my own business.

3. Have another kid… way…no really not gonna happen:p

4. Try to be nicer and not complain a lot (tough one).

5. Learn baking basics and be damn good at it.

6. Try to practice my hobbies more often.

7. Find Misho a suitable day care… I don’t know how the hell is that going to happen God help me :(

8. Read more and watch tv less.

9. Have a life changing experience ‘hopefully a good one’.

10. Drink more water.

11. Make His quit  smoking Shisha.

Social Media Tools


We haven’t been very active lately with the blog or the events and thats because we recently moved out of our home. I had no idea moving to a new place could be this hectic and would take us a long time to settle. However, I finally feel relieved and at home.

Being busy with home and family made me a bit selective when it came to events and social media. I’m  more picky now on who should I give my time and what it should be wasted on. Something we should have done long time ago in fact. Recently I have felt that we have become social media tools. we have become the cheapest and most powerful advertising tools to some business’s. They sent an invite, and we are expected to run to that event on time take pics and give them a huge publicity that they might not even deserve. For a piece of paper, a meal or a goodie bag, we are expected to like what ever they are advertising and complement it, Saving them lots of cash.

The idea of a review on a blog is miss understood in our blogging society. Reviewing should include your honest opinion and  your experience with what ever you are reviewing. Mention the good  and bad  because your readers are relying on your honest opinion as a customer like them. And if you are getting paid to review and compliment. Its OK..its your right, but do mention that its a paid review or paid ad ,if I may say ,to be more credible and honest to your readers. You see there is a difference between reviewing and advertising.

I have heard a lot of stories here and there  from bloggers about what companies think of us. Some bloggers, are haunted with emails by the PR companies for a post they were expected to write after visiting their restaurant! Others Over heard a restaurant owner saying ‘ invite bloggers.. they like to eat’ ! If this is what we are to them “just a tool” of advertising , then I will put higher standards on which event or invitation I should accept. After all WE ARE NOT GETTING PAID and we shall do whatever is suitable for us.

Just felt like getting this out of my mind ;)

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