Living A Movie

I know its been a while since we wrote here, we are just waiting for some renovations to be done with the website and of course our life work that takes most of our time.

Also, the blogging has changed and it doesn’t get that interesting anymore. It’s like reading the same content on different themes.

However, that is not what my post is all about. My post is about living a movie. Here the movie is a lie, where everything is setup to look good yet at the end its not but a good illusion. Sadly that’s what we see in our daily life. A big movie from people who we think we know.

It’s funny how things change and that change is fed with denial. People try to compliment people, companies, social figures, celebrities, employers and even family just because you want to reach the top. Or maybe just don’t want to be “the only one” who says the truth.

People who kiss *** to live are the ones who I say are degrading. It’s like getting paid for something unethical yet you do it anyway just to go on top. A lovely word that “ethical”. Something we barely (if never) care about. As long as I reach the top, I don’t care if you are better than me and worked harder than me to reach the top.

Looking at all the Instagram celebrities, I keep thinking.. Why are they celebrities? I follow some of them and I really admire. Yet the ones that I don’t follow have me confused. See I believe not every celebrity is talented. Some are just the ones that got famous because people made them famous for nothing. Like those cheap reality TV celebs if you know what I mean.

Hey, we all have the right to follow and unfollow people, its all good. Hey thats freedom isn’t it? Yet when I sit here and watch untalented people get famous and people just believe everything they say just because they have a few hundred thousand followers? If only talent is measured by followers!!

Just say “I Don’t Care” with one squeaky voice and suddenly you are a model, say one funny joke out of a million ones and you will be the “best” stand up comedian in town, or buy some Khazan burger and make your own “burger recipe” and you will have the best restaurant in in the middle east (waaaaaay).

It’s always been my thing to rant. It’s kind of my “thing”, yes yes I know its not a talent. It’s more of a Kuwaiti thing don’t you think? However, there is talent out there (most of who I follow), yet those people get overshadowed by overrated Instagram celebs.

This movie keeps me entertained for a while really…it just gets boring when you see it over and over again.

Ahlam Raffi Photography


A couple of months ago we had a photo shoot session with Ahlam Raffi, who specialises in family photography. We met at Anjefa beach to take some shots there. Mesho has a thing for beaches.

She captured some really great moments for us while we just enjoyed the beach. She knows her ways with kids and brings great captures that included the whole family. If you want to have your pics taken with your family. Just contact Ahlam:



photo (7)

The packaging is really great, with a few printed shots and a CD that had all the finished pictures. Make sure to give her a try for any of your family photos.

Crtier La Panthere perfume

Did you Know that the panther is the only naturally good smelling animal! the panther was the muse of the new Cartier perfume for women “La Panthere”

Yesterday Cartier Boutique at 360 mall held and event introducing the new Cartier fragrance “La Panthere”. I got to be one of the first to try it and it instantly became one of my favorit perfumes! what can I say I loooved it

Its floral, light and musky yet stays lingering for a long time. its a must have.

La Panthere will be available for sale 15 of this month :love:

On My Mind Lately



It has become the norm in our society to have house keepers and nannies living at our homes. Its almost impossible to see a house with no maid in Kuwait. A lot of those house keepers or nannies , not all of them of course, are uneducated and come from a very rough life conditions. Some of them were abused and mistreated in their country and might have lots of psychological issues. We don’t know anything about  them or their back ground. And there we are having them in our houses living among us  and trust them with the most precious things we have “our children”.

Over the past few years we have heard the most horrifying stories about nannies abusing children sexually and some stories ended with the house maids murdering innocent babies. I have seen maids with an infant at the general hospital dropped by drivers to get a treatment for that ill baby! we have seen drivers abuse children in malls accompanied with nannies, no parents! babies are left every day all alone with these unqualified maids for long hours with no supervision.

Please note that the nannies job is to help us. Not to raise our children  this is our job. Don’t ever trust them 100% with your babies. Do not leave them with nannies all alone in houses unsupervised, ever. It would be a lot better to leave them at daycare if you have to work, at least they will be safer there with a lot of peoples to watch over them. if you had to leave them at home and had no choice but to do so ,you can always put nanny cams and feel free to tell the nanny that they are being watched.

Our children are the most precious things to our hearts, they are our responsibility, and if they got harmed by some one we will always be the one to blame.

The idea of this post came to me after an incident have happened to a relative of mine. She found out that her house keeper ,whom she considered to be her trusted one, stole thousands of KD’s from her safe over the year she had worked in their house.

Once again, What I’m saying does not apply to all house keepers and nannies. But here in Kuwait there are no standers or requirements of any education level for the maids that are brought into the country.Therefore you should be really careful and know who are you letting into your house and life.

All I wanted to say is please do not  give complete trust to strangers  when it comes to your children, homes and families.Please ,be safe.

Mrs. White’s Place Review


We were invited to try out Mrs. White’s Place at Kipco Tower last weekend. We have tried their cheesecakes before and they did not disappoint there. With their restaurant, they did exactly the same. The place is actually lively with everything being white all around you. Gets you in the good mood.


We started with a latte and Oreo shake while the savoury egg and sandwich dishes were served. They have a great collection of eggs.

We tried the steak omelette, Scrambled eggs on toast and the roast beef with eggs dishes. We do recommend you try out the roast beef from their egg menu. If you do go for lunch and want something more filling, the steak omelette is for you.

We had a couple of sandwiches to try out

We had the roast beef sandwich which is good. However the dish of the day for the savoury part was the “No so much French Toast” sandwich. We would definitely go back for that sandwich that contained turkey, cheese and cranberry. They also served a chilli bowl which is nice if you like chilli.



Now, for the best part of any restaurant, the dessert. We had the honey french toast, american pancakes and the all-star chocolate pancakes.

The french toast was really good, specially with the  honey cereal on top. The american pancakes came with 4 toppings (raspberry, cinnamon, dulce de leche and maple syrup). As for the All- Star chocolate pancakes. We recommend if you order this, make sure you have an empty stomach. IT was our best dessert of the day.

Of course if you are in the mood for some cheesecake, they have their selection to choose from.


We do recommend to try Mrs White Place for breakfast or brunch. You will definitely enjoy it. It is located on the ground floor of Kipco tower. Open 7 days a week from 7 am till 4 pm.

أنا كويتي …بس يو أر نوت


صج ان طافت فترة طويلة وانا مو كاتب شي…بس مدام شهر فبراير من المناسبات الجميلة لنا ككويتين…قلت ابي اقول الي بقلبي…سامحوني على البدليات الي راح تكون موجودة اكيد

المهم…صارلنا فتره و احنا انخلص من سالفة وندش بسالفة ثانية…وشكلها محنا مخلصين …بس شي لازم نستوعبه ان كل كويتي صار يشوف الثاني مو كويتي..من الكلام الجميل الي نسمعه كل يوم

الي مو عاجبه يطلع بره الديرة

متي متجنس

الي يقاطع / يشارك خان الوطن



ولائك حق اي دولة /حزب/فلان

الزبدة الكويتين كلهم صاروا خونه ….الكل صار يشوف الطرف الثاني عميل و غير كويتي

حب الوطن مو الكتاب الأسود الي ما تشوفه الا وقت الانتخبات بس، ولا شعار تكتبه بالتويتر…ولا صورة تحطها بالنستاغرام

حب الوطن انك تدافع عن الديرة..تبدع بمجال يوصل اسم الكويت للعالمية..انك توقف ضد الغلط والفساد من غير مصالح شخصية

 مشكلتنا ان احنا ما نحترم الراي…اول ما اقول شي ضد فكرك..صرت فاسد و راعي مشاكل و و و و ما نخلص

وشوف الكلام الجميل لمن توقف في موقف من الدول المجاورة…تصير فلول..ارهابي..طائفي…يعني كل كويتي له نصيب من هل تشخيص الي على كيفهم…التخوين شي كبير..واذا انت تخون اي احد لو شنو فكره ومن غير دليل…الكل له حق ان يخونك انت من غير ما تتكلم.


وبعيد عن السياسة…نتكلم عن الجانب الاجتماعي

“هذا مو من عاداتنا وتقليدنا واهل الكويت مالهم بهالسوالف”

كل ما واحد تكلم عن الشعب الكويتي. الشعب الكويتي ١،٤ مليون شخص. لايكون سألت كل واحد فيهم عن رايك وكلهم مع رايك؟ انا واخوي ما نتفق …تبي ١،٤ مليون واحد يتفق؟  يعني عبر عن رايك كيفك…بس لا تجمع الشعب الكويتي مع رايك

وهالفتره صار فيه جملة متداوله واهي

“ادعم المشاريع الصغيرة والمنتج الكويت”

انا ادعم المنتج الكويتي ومشروعات الصغيرة لو شفت شي زين منهم ويستاهل. حتى لو كان كب كيك. بس ان السالفه تصير بوق و اسعار خيال. لا اوقف اهني. لازم المشاريع الصغيرة تتعلم من التجارة. بوق افكار واسعار مالها شغل بسعر عمل المنتج شي اساسي ان يكون فيه وعي وتعليم. business 101.

والمنتج الكويتي…لمن تفتح محل بإسم محل عالمي من غير ترخيص من الشركة…ولا تبيع سوالف تقليد…لا هذا مو منتج كويتي

فيه امثله كثيرة من المشاريع الصغيرة  و منتجات الكويتية الي افتخر انهم من ديرتي. ولا ننسي الأعمال الخيرية  وانسانية من غير دعم ولا مساعدة ولا ارباح. وهذا يفتخر فيه اي كويتي…الا لو كان ضد فكرك


نعم عندنا مشاكل…..ولكن المشاكل ما تنحل اذا كل واحد شاف الي بصالحه بس….الكويت تتكون من فئات….نقدر نتناقش بين اختلافات في الفكر سياسياً او اجتماعياً. من غير ما نشكك بالشخوص وسب ولعن و ذبح والحين وصلت للتكفير

بس وصلنا مرحلة لازم نحترم بعض ونحل مشاكلنا.

الله يحمي الكويت واهلها

Participate With Thukher

أعدّ فريق متخصص من برنامج ذخر لتنمية القيادات الواعدة الإستبيان الآتي لحصر آراء أفراد المجتمع الكويتي فيما يخص القضية الإسكانية ومنه سيرفع لمجلس الأمة وقد قام الفريق بهذا العمل إيماناً منهم بإيجاد حلول مقبولة لمشكلة الإسكان في دولة الكويت

استبيان القضية الاسكانية #البيت_ذخر

شارك في الاستبيان و وصل صوتك لمجلس الأمة

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