Plastic Surgery …. The Man’s View

Just watching a few minutes of E! and you will see that life is full of plastic.

A little stroll in the Instagram timeline and you will see those plastic lips and cheeks.

Personally, for me beauty is about the natural looks. Pumped up lips that resembles Daffy duck is not one of the things I really enjoy. I see plastic surgery is nothing but a way to show that you have low self esteem.

The problem, we see beauty the way the media shows us beauty. To be perfect in their eyes you need to be full in many places. Your lips have to be “ducked” all the time, your nose has to be symmetrical to your face and your eyes should be as wide as possible with lashes that can create a tornado on the other side of the world when you blink. The way people are obsessed of being “perfect” yet  that perfect is what the media shows us and not what perfect means.

I believe plastic surgery is needed in certain places or incidents where something is broken needs to be fixed. It is not the way to go to show that you need to look beautiful. Plus sometimes this will only lead to girls looking scary and look older quickly. We have seen many examples with celebrities recently.

Did you notice how young girls are starting to go under the knife now? I wish I understood what they think the word “beauty” is? we keep talking about pictures and how “photoshopped” thee pictures are. Plastic Surgery is nothing but photoshop in real life.

In conclusion….Plastic Surgery = Low Self Esteem.

Six Senses Spa : Review


Last week i go the chance to visit Six Senses Spa located in Symphony complex and 2nd floor on the pool side area. I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment as required to provide the information needed for my treatment.

I liked how the Spas entrance was on the pool side it was such a beautiful area viewing the beach on the gulf road all the way to Kuwait towers as well and the weather was amazing.

Before we started the receptionist took me for a tour around the place. It has a Mixed gym as well as a ladies gym along with personal training sessions and nutritional consults. The mixed gym overlooked the pool area which was nice and bright. The ladies gym was a bit dim though.


The gym also has several classes such as Zumba, spinning and TRX ..etc

The Spa has a very calming and relaxing vibe to it nothing disturbed my session at all. I got the “Subtle Energy Aromatherapy Massage” treatment for 60 min . The staff was very professional and nice.


There is a beautiful resting area where you can chill before and after your treatment.

I loved the multi functional shower! you can turn it into mist or rain forest mode  :love:

Looking through the Spa menu I’m very eager to try out some of their treatment

You can follow them on Instagram : @sixsensesspakuwait

Or book your appointments on:

Tel : +96525770077

That Feeling




Have you ever had this week where everything goes wrong, much more than you expected, leaving you high and dry and depressed, thinking that nothing in this world would cheer you up again and that you really hit rock bottom this tim.

And then all of a sudden, this thing happens!… that phone call, message , good news or awesome news to be exact.. it could be karma… or something you put so much effort trying to figure out and ended up thinking you were wrong about but turns out you were completely right about!

That exact moment would lift you out from your rock bottom over the moon… and you’ll be all happy and excited about life all over again. Not only that moment changed how you felt waking up that day, but it makes you regret all the misery you have put your soul into for the last few days or weeks.

That moment will make you feel fuzzy and cuddly filled with pink emotions all day long…

That moment you wish it would happen every day. But if it did… it wouldn’t have the same reflex… its so special in that way …it doesn’t last but you keep it last in your mind reminiscing about it for a while will keep you going on…

good night

Alexander Wang For H&M Active Wear


Now this is a first! Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M is all about active wear…and I’m loving it. Even though some pieces raises the question of ” where the hell would I wear that?” I’m really digging it  :love:

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Hello there… long time no blogging huh? I don’t even know if anyone is anymore. Too bad we all shifted to Instagram and twitter, I really miss it ;-(

I even stopped reading blogs I don’t know why. Its not the same anymore. But recently I have read this really interesting blog (husband free) by a really courageous girl who shared her story after divorce and started reading her posts. She spoke for a lot of girls out there in the same situation. I like her spirit and her positive attitude about the whole experience and admire that she took the step to share her story with other people.

The joy of blogging and sharing your thoughts , good and bad, have gone with us being not anonymous anymore, I think. After all its a small country with a lot of judgemental people waiting for you to screwup. I try not to give it much thought but it is what it is and you cant escape it.


It’s A Fight


It’s not really shocking news when we get “whatsapped” the latest fight video from one of the many shopping mall arenas around Kuwait. For the past two weeks up to 6 different fights occurred that included men, teenagers, security guards and finally ladies. It was the talk of Twitter and the jokes for many of the comedians on Instagram.

Now, what’s going on?

1- We can say that there is some kind of mentality that gives us the right to get our rights (revenge) by our selves. If this includes violence then be it. It our way or the highway. This has been a build up where people do not trust the law to get them their rights.

2- Tension might have been building for a while for many different reasons. Whether political or social. Thus the community “hatred” levels grew and grew and grew ….. well till someone has to release it somehow.

3- Acceptance, somehow we can’t accept or just listen to the other opinions. It’s either you do what I want or I punch you in the face, you hear me?

4- Boredom, is it getting that boring that fights are part of the entertainment we need?

You know I am sure by the end of this week another fight will be broadcasted to our phones in HD, yet when do we realise that there is something very wrong going on. Multiple times fights have ended with murder and yet we did not find any justice in any of these murders.

Whether its the law or the society, somehow we need to start acting like a civilised country. Yes fights break out everywhere, doesn’t mean its right. The law of the jungle is not the way we move on…

If I Die Young

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