A Day At Kidzania


Ever since Kidzania opened at The Avenues I’ve been wanting to take Mishari there but it was always crowded. When Halloween came Kidzania announced their Halloween theme and invited us to check it out , I was excited and could not wait to take Misho.

Too bad they canceled the theme because of cultural and religious reasons as they said but we got in anyways.

Even though I heard so much about the place and saw lots of pictures I was still very impressed when I saw the place and wished I was a kid again so I could play there.

Mishari is only two years old so he could not participate in all the activities yet there was a lot that he could do and enjoy. we first took the tour bus to discover the place. Then we went to the construction site, where he was dressed like a builder and started building a wall with the help of the staff. Adults are not allowed inside the site so I stepped out and watched. I was really happy to see how engaged he was , he even forgot that I was there.When he was done with playing there he got a paid for his work! that was really cute.

Then we went to the Art Club were he started painting like Picasso. I loved sharing that moment with him.

There are also a toddlers only area upstairs were Misho really enjoyed his time moving around and discovering the place freely. I have to say that Kidzania have the most friendly staff of people that I have ever met. they’re all really good with kids.

There was a lot of fun things to do there I think kids could spend a whole day there without being board. Even I as an adult enjoyed my time there, its fun and educational in so many different ways for kids.

The only thing that I thought was unthought of was the adult fee. Its a bit much to pay that amount of money to enter the place with your kid. after all you are only there to supervise.

Overall its a must visit for parents and kids.

OliverSan New Menu

Releasing their new menu Oliversan ,contemporary asian cuisine, invited bloggers to try it out.

we were first served some appetisers such at the Tom Yum Soup, which I Loved and would definitely go back to,then came the Rice Noodle Salad With Crispy Spring Roll. It was very different and creative, the dressing was a bit sweet.



Along came other appetisers such as the Black Tiger Shrimp On Wheat Toast and the Crispy Dragon Prawn. Both were very delicious.




Main Course: Oliversan Peking Duck, I’m not a big fan of duck but if you are you should go for it, it came with bread wraps, veggies and a couple of sauces so that you make your own duck wrap.


Sweet and Sour Fresh Fruit Chicken, its like a warm fruit salad with chicken, too sweet, if you like something different you should really try it. I’ve never tried something like this dish before.


Mongolian Beef Tenderloin, we all enjoyed that dish, the beef was very tender and moist.


Braised Short Ribs, I personally liked it a lot.


Ultimate King Paw, Its a combination of beef , prawns, chicken and lots of vegetables and roasted peanuts, very delicious as well.


Oliversan Rice, loved it. its white rice with olive oil and some kind of herb that looked like lettuce I’m not really sure what it was.


Oliversan Exotic Vegetable Chow Mein: its noodles with vegetables, I like my noodles with lots of veggies and that was perfect .


Unfortunatley we had to leave before dessert , we sure will try it in our next visit.

Overall it was a delicious experience that we would enjoy having again for sure.

Patrick Dempsy The Face Of Sacoor Brothers


Sacoor Brothers chose the actor Patrick Dempsey to be the face of the brand for A/W 2013. He became the campaign star that took place in LA.


I cant think of anyone more suitable to represent the brand !


Here is his interview with SB:


– After eight years, do you still like to play Dr. Shepherd? 


Patrick Dempsey (Patrick)  – Yes. We are going to start season ten, which is remarkable. We are close to 200 episodes. It was a remarkable journey. Having a job like that in the world we live in today and that has lasted that long is pretty good, so I’m very grateful for that. Every year and every episode I discover something new, whether it’s in front of the camera or off, with the character, with myself.       There is always something to discover if you keep looking for something new and trying to move forward creatively, whether that’s in front of the lens or behind it or with the people you work with or looking at yourself and when trying to understand what you need to improve. I think that show has always forced you to try to improve as a person and as an actor.


– Is it easier to play a doctor now than in the beginning?              


Patrick  – Good question… At the beginning there was a real sense of discovery, because I knew the character was going to follow the show. Now I know what they expect from me. It’s like being in a band or being in a symphony, have a specific instrument that you need to play in order to fit in with the entire group. I try to make the most of it. I think we are really just working on being as emotionally engaged in the scene as much as possible.


– Will it be difficult to part from that character once the show is over? 


Patrick   – I think so, because it’s been a very long relationship. It’s been ten years. That’s a big chunk of your life, it’s been a remarkable experience, it’s given me a wonderful life, a lot of opportunities… So yes, I’m sure it will be.


– This character has given you a lot of opportunities? 


Patrick   – Yes. The success of the show is worldwide. And that visibility helps you tremendously. Things like this come up and it gives you a lot more choices in life and it provides you very well quality of life, that is very enjoyable.




– Let’s talk about the father Patrick. You have three kids?


Patrick   – Yes.


– A girl with eleven.


Patrick   – Yes.


– And twin boys with six. 


Patrick   – Yes.


– Would you say paternity changed you? 


Patrick   – Sure. I think it constantly reminds you of how much more you need to work on yourself and to be able to guide them in a way to create an environment for them to be nurtured and developed and loved, so that they can find their own voice and their own individuality. It’s very humbling, it makes you remember your mother and your father and the childhood that you had, what you liked about it, what you didn’t and how to improve upon it, what your flaws are, what your weaknesses are, what your strengths are. It’s no longer about yourself anymore, there is selflessness in that and that’s the challenge, to give them the environment to be themselves and the discipline they need as well.


– It’s easier to be a father of boys or girls?


Patrick   – She’s eleven, but she’s doing very well in school, so I’m very proud of that. And this will give her the resources and tools to go off and follow her dreams in the future. Education to me is very important for her and certainly emotional stability and understanding her. But they’re very challenging at this age and boys are too. It’s all very challenging and very exciting. And each one, they’re all three completely different individuals.


– Give me an advice from a father to father… 


Patrick   – Follow your instincts and you’ll know what to do, which is right, and listen to them, they’ll tell you.





– Is it true that you have sixty chickens at home in LA? 


Patrick   – I’m not sure, how many chickens (laughter)


– 60? 


Patrick   – Yes, we have a number of chickens…


– Why? 


Patrick   – Well, it’s great, to pick farm fresh eggs. They taste delicious and we believe deeply in from seed to skillet, which means you grow the food and then you harvest the food and you cook the food and then you eat the food. It’s nice to see that my daughter has really a strong connection to the garden and that was the whole point of it. I grew up in a small town, I grew up in the country, I grew up in a farm and I really wanted my children to have that experience, being around animals and chickens and all of that. The kids have a much stronger appreciation for life and just gives them something to do, especially in the age of all this technology of IPads and all these videogames and television. It’s nice for them to go and connect to the land, because I think the land to me, it’s church, it’s what life is all about and that’s where you really grounded and you connect on a much deeper level. And when you see something that you put into the ground, you see it and you watch it come and grow and you nurture it along the way and then you consume it, I think it’s a very important lesson.


– Sure. Do you care about what you eat? 


Patrick   – Yes, I think it’s very important to care about what you eat. You have to exercise, it makes you feel better, number one, psychologically. When you go out and you exercise you feel better and you look better. What you put into your body affects your emotional state as well, so I think all of these things go hand in hand.




– Do you like to travel?


Patrick – I love to travel.


– You always have so much work. Do you have time for vacations, where do you like to travel to? 


Patrick   – I think travel is very important. I think you need to travel around the world to see and understand other cultures. You have a better understanding of where you come from and who you are. I think it prevents you from judgment and you’re much more compassionate and understanding and tolerant because you’ve been to a different culture or a different country. You have a better understanding of how people live. I think that’s the most important thing is travel and to be really open.




– You auditioned for the role of Dr.  House and ended up as a surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy. Would you see yourself working as a real life doctor? What do you think?…  Dr. PATRICK DEMPSEY 





Patrick   – I don’t know if I’d work as a real life doctor, I think there are some great doctors out there. Certainly playing a doctor on television and that visibility has helped me start the Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing, in some ways that’s nice. People project on to Shepherd. And to be able to do something that is positive for the community that I grew up in, it’s probably the most satisfying thing for me, that’s come out of Grey’s Anatomy.


– Your popularity skyrocked with Dr. Shepherd. How do you deal with fame? Can it be hard to handle sometimes or not? 


Patrick   – I think you just have to remain grounded. I’m glad it happened at this point of my life, because it doesn’t happen every day and these experiences are very rare. And these opportunities you have are incredibly, I’m very grateful for what it’s given me. But you have to take it seriously enough to make the most of it but you don’t take it too serious because ultimately fame is fleeing.




– Let’s talk about something special. You made the list of sexiest men a lot of times. How does your wife handle all the female attention that you attract? 


Patrick   – Well I think it’s very hard for her at times. But she’s very supportive because it provides well for our family. It’s always very challenging, but we all take it well.. And the situations you can find yourself in really depends on the individual.






– Do actors feel the current economic crisis in their work? 


Patrick   – Absolutely. There are fewer and fewer job opportunities now because of the lack of money to fund movies. The movie business is shrinking. You’re seeing more and more opportunities in television and alternative media. So content is needed, but the money that was being paid in the past is not being paid now. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I’ve been on the show for a number of years and it sort of started before, has gone trough and will come out the other side. I’m very grateful and very respectful for that position that I’m in right now. And I think with that comes a lot of responsibility to be giving back to the communities that you’re in. I think it’s very very important and far more satisfying, ultimately at the end of the day.




– In my research I saw that you’re a good actor, of course, but first of all you’re a good person, because you set up a cancer center to help patients in your hometown. Do you think actors have a bigger social responsibility? 


Patrick   – I think anybody with any visibility or any success has a social responsibility after a certain point. I think it’d be far more satisfying when you are altruistic and you are compassionate and you’re working in your community . Far more than starring in a movie or having that kind of success. I think there is something in the emotional connection to another person that lends itself to happiness in life. And I think there comes a point when you sort of chase success and when you’ve found a certain amount of it, that it no longer becomes as satisfying. The questing to get there is one thing, but once you arrive, what do you do with it?  And I think at that point if you can leverage your success to benefit the people around you and the community that you’re in, the more fulfilling your life is and the more enjoyable your life is.


– You think that actors can do more? 


Patrick   – I think it’s really the actions in the individual in any profession, whether be an actor or a business person or anybody who’s successful. Like I said, I think it’s really important that all businesses or all individuals who are successful, it’s very important that they give something back.




– Let’s change the theme. You love car races… 


Patrick   – Yeah, very much so.


– Is it a hobby or more than that? 


Patrick   – Well, it’s becoming… it’s certainly a business, it’s a very challenging business, it’s a challenging sport, it’s a passion, it’s a need that I have to do, but I cannot imagine being in a race car all the time. I really enjoy the world that I’m in, with my fellow competitors, the fellowship of that competition, the mental and physical challenge of it all. What happens at the track and sort of focusing on races is really very similar to what life is about in many ways.


– Is it easier to be an actor and a pilot? 


Patrick   – It’s tricky to answer that. You have to work on credibility and respect and that just takes time and results. I’ve been doing it almost as long as I’ve been doing the show, so it’s kind of been going hand in hand with the journey of Grey’s Anatomy. The scheduling is always quite tricky, the show has been incredibly supportive, which I’m grateful for. It’s a great escape for me, it’s very satisfying.


– But you only drive faster on the race tracks?  


Patrick   – Driving in the city, I think it’s irresponsible. In a race track you’re in a car that has a cage and then you have seatbelts, you have the proper safety equipment. Streetcars are safe for the most part, but I think if you’re driving and you’re out of control it’s unfair to the people around you. You see people who get a little racy on the freeways and I don’t think they have the technical skills or the ability to get themselves out of trouble if they do happen. I don’t find any satisfaction in speeding, I like to drive fast, but I don’t like to go too fast.




– You are a good actor, a good man, a good father and a good sportsman. While on vacations, you prefer to stay inside or go for instance to Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore? 


Patrick   – I would love, Malaysia I haven’t been to, Singapore I haven’t been to, Dubai. Travel is very important. You learn a lot about yourself and other cultures. We learn to have a much stronger appreciation of the world that we live in. I think there are so many misinterpretations and misunderstandings of different cultures and they’re clashing, some of which can be straightened up by travel and just a better knowledge of what’s going on in different cultures.


– And Portugal. Do you know anything about… ? 


Patrick   – I’ve never been, I’d like to go though.


– You have to. 


Patrick   – I would like to. But now I probably can’t.




– You started in the entertainment business in your teens. How did you end up in Hollywood?


Patrick   – I performed in a bar. I did slaps of comedy, in what was called the Vaudeville, the modern vaudevillian and I had an opportunity to do a talent competition and I won that and I ended up going to the national finals in New York where I was introduced to an agent. An agent signed me and then I had an opportunity to audition for Broadway play, which I received and that sort of opened the door for me to get on a national level and make it to New York City. I was seventeen, so it’s been a long ride in this town.


– A long but a good ride… 


Patrick   – I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve had a career and to be a working actor which is all I really wanted to be. It’s a challenging profession. I think it’s important to have things outside of it that rounds you out and not make it all about the business. I don’t think it’s satisfying enough.


– Do you prefer TV or cinema? 


Patrick   – I just prefer working. I don’t care what it is.




– To wrap it up… A dream in life. 


Patrick   – There’s so many things I’d like to do. I’d like to see this cancer center expanding on a national level and global level. I think it’s a real important need for people who are diagnosed with cancer to have a wellness center, a place for them to go to. I think certainly in rural areas it’s very important, so I want to continue that growth, but also keep the intimacy and the emotional heart of what’s making our center work so well. I think that’s based on the quality of our volunteers and the staff and the feeling that they get from it. It’s probably the most rewarding, so I want that to continue to grow.

For me careerwise I think it’s really director, immaterial driven now, so hopefully I can work with the people that I will find inspiration from.

And then racing, I hope I can sustain a good business model there, so I can continue to race at a very high level and to be competitive and to win the championship. And at home… that my children to go on to be very successful.







Isolda: From Brazil To Kuwait

Isolda a brazilian brand, launched their latest collection at Boutique N in Burj Jassim Lats night. Celebrating their colorful collection Boutique N held a Brazilian night at the boutique introducing the designer and her beautiful work.


by 8 the place got crowded with bloggers and Instagrammers…


The fabrics and designs were one of their kinds… I loved the octopus print!




The DJ behind the tunes of the night…


Look of the night…


as always the exciting event was held by Nouf of @PLTq8 a special thanks to her and the owners of Boutique N.



Highlights Ombre






My Visit To Orogold Cosmetics


Last week Orogold Cosmetics invited me to their store to introduced their products and give me one of their luxurious facials.

Orogold cosmetics products all include 24K gold in them. As they say their secret is pure gold, for gold has been known for its beautifying properties in ancient Egypt and Chinese History. It is also claimed to be an anti-aging element.


They recently introduced a foundation to their products as a start o their beauty products as well.


The lovely expert checked my skin and decided what kind of facial I needed then we went into the facial relaxing room inside their store were I also had a hands and head massage,by their reflexology masseuse,  while waiting for the masks to do their magic.


I was really relaxed and almost slept there.The products smelled so nice and refreshing, with the dimmed lights and spa music, it was all you want a facial to be like :)

A week after that my skin still feels tender and nice, I’m not kidding. the also gave me a deep tissue rejuvenating gold mask that I can use after that so that the result remain for a long time.



a special thanks to the lovely ladies of Orogold team for this experience:)

Orogold is located in Hilton Almangaf.

Instagram  @orogoldkw


Bloom Salon


Bloom Salon sent me an invite to try out their Nail and Hair salon and I went yesterday. Alot of salons are opening in Kuwait and its a challange to stand out in the crowed. Bloom Salon chose to do that by giving extra attention to hair treatments.

I wanted to get a hair treatment for sure since my hair was falling like crazy in the past month. I showed the salon lady and the lovely owner my hair and told them what its suffering from and they decided that they should use Alvera on my roots and banana for the ends.


There is a separate room for hair treatment in the salon set with comfortable chairs, dimmed lights and spa music to assure extra relaxation while you are getting your treatment. every hair treatment comes with a scalp massage <3 I almost took a nap while she was massaging my head :)


After that I got my nails done before I washed my hair and used their minty fresh flavor for my mani/pedi. they also have lavender and rose.

I really liked the place its very clean and cozy. the hair treatment area was very relaxing and I would go there again for sure.


Bloom Salon is located in Jabreya, block A1,street 105, infront of Starbucks and Pinkberry. Tell: 97991884. Instagram: @Bloom_salon


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