Traveling Car Seats

Traveling with a toddler is not an easy job, well not for me I guess:/ last time we traveled with Misho it was really exhausting to me especially with no car seat on long drives! yes trust me a car seat would make a huge difference.

But now that he is older and a bit more independent I think it would be easier, but still I think  car seat is an essential and safer.

When we rented a car in Dubai last time we asked for a car seat, that we also have to pay extra for, in the car but when we arrived there they told us they didn’t have any available one and I had to sit him on my lab. It wasn’t comfortable for both of us, specially that the rides are longer there, while in Kuwait it takes almost 10 min to get anywhere.

So I searched the web to find traveling car seats and found some great ones, too bad I don’t know if they sell them here in Kuwait…





If any one do know where can I get something similar to the first picture please do let me know. I’m gonna be searching since we might be traveling soon. It would be so relieving if I find any.



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Turkish Village Dubai


Another place that we really enjoyed in Dubai is the new Turkish Village restaurant. Located at Jumierah Road 1 near the Jumierah Mosque. If you are into turkish food then this is for you.

We started with lentil and red lentil soup.



Both soups were good with the red lentil soup having more texture to it. They served some Turkish bread and we ordered Hummos with bastrami.



For main courses we went for the lamp chops and eskandar.



Finally we finished it with some strawberry cream and baklava for dessert. We also ordered some Turkish tea with that dessert.



The place is huge with indoor and outdoor seating. They also have a supermarket with Turkish goods inside. Different nut based sweets and their well known Turkish delights. The store also sells some different items from Turkey such as tea sets.


Fogueira: Churrasco In Dubai


As usual, in Dubai we like to try new restaurants out and I heard about Fogueira. A Brazilian restaurant that provide you with one of the best churrasco we ever tried. Located at Ramada Plaza in JBR.


Now the meal includes a salad bar, starters and all you can eat meat. Different types of meat cuts that include beef, lamb and chicken. The meat does not stop coming until you show them you are full with the “Give Me A Break Card”.


The starters included cheese balls, chicken stuffed potato balls and fried bananas. Served with different sauces.


Our drink was non other than the Brazilian soft drink “Guaraná Antarctica”


So after all that and both of us had enough. They passed by with a baked pineapple with cinnamon. It’s like eating a sour cinnamon bun.


The place is great, there is live music inside and an outside seating for a more quieter setting with views from the city to the Palm Jumierah. We were sitting outside until suddenly it rained. So we continued our meal inside.


A must in you next trip to Dubai.

Banyan Tree Al-Wadi


We celebrated our wooden anniversary at Banyan Tree Al-Wadi in Ras Al-Khaima. This is our second Banyan Tree resort we try after the one in Seychelles. We got to say that they have the best resorts in the world. Blending perfectly with their location. Being between the sand dunes was amazing. Even for Kuwaitis, sand felt really different.


There are two different types of villas and we really recommend the Khaima (tent) villa as this is more private and has nicer views. The tent is divided into two parts, the social area (bedroom, living room, bar) and the bathroom. With a terrace to your own private pool. The interior gives you the feeling of being in a real tent.


The scenery around you is just perfect. With sand dunes of very “silky” sand, a mini oasis and Arabian Gazelles wondering around your villa.

As we were there during Valentines and our Anniversary, we were offered two complimentary cakes.

They offer different activities inside and outside the resort. Inside the resort there is horse back riding, camel riding, archery, falconry and bike rides (to bikes for every villa during your stay). While outside the resort there are the various desert activities such a sand boarding, Bedouin nights and safares.

There is a couple of restaurants and if you are into the Thai cuisine then Safron will be perfect for you. There is also the Moon bar where you can sip some Moroccan tea and have a smoke around a fire under the moonlight.

It’s about an hour away from Dubai Airport, however we did get some setbacks due to traffic around Sharjah. This place is a must visit from fall to spring (or just before the heat hits). A perfect place for a quick getaway.

Burger Rebel Dubai

We try our best to avoid the known restaurants in Dubai and find out new places that is not crowded and has people waiting in lines to try something out. So, after some research here and there we found out about Burger Rebel. A new place at Wafi mall Dubai.

The place is hip and uses different brands on the covers of their seatings. A large spacious place and you do not need to squeeze yourself through chairs and tables. The menu is something to take your time with because of the different dishes they have. They got steak dishes to beef tongue. It’s up to you!

We started with the croquettes and rebel wings. The croquettes were nice but the rebel wings were kind of weird with the parmesan cheese. We wouldn’t go with the wings again for sure.

The main course included:

– Tenderloin Sliders: A great slider if your are into steak
– Asiatic Chicken sliders: the ginger and lemongrass is just a perfect mix with chicken.
– Chicken Masala hot dog: Topped with feta cheese and cucumbers, this was delicious!

For desserts we went for the chocolate fondant and Autumn Spice (A sweet pumpkin pudding). Both were great.

Now if you are adventurous ,then you have to go with something more rebellious. Their menu contains:

– Rabbit hot dog
– Seafood Hot dog
– Venison Hot dog (Deer)
– Duck slider
– Beef tongue slider
– Foie Gras slider (Fattened duck liver)

An interesting fact is that Ahmad Al-Bader worked with them on the menu.

Travelling With A Toddler

Since I had Mshari, who is one year old now,I did not travel with him anywhere. Mostly because I’m a bit afraid that I wont be able to handle him on an airplane, or that the change of routine might get him to be grumpy ;-(

I see parents traveling with toddlers and even infants all the time. And when I see how fussy they get on the plane I can’t help but to be afraid of traveling with my baby honestly.

But I want to challenge my self and take the risk now that hes a bit older and more easy to handle. we might do that very soon inshalla :)

please mommy’s, do share you’re tips and advices on traveling with a toddler :eek:


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