What Would You Do?

I am sure you have seen this clip of how a Muslim woman is treated in the US and how people react to such treatment. This is part of ABC primtetime “What Would You Do?” show. In this show, they create different scenes and see how people witnessing the scene react. They cover different topics from racism to domestic violence to drunk pilots. It is surprising how people react really. (click here to see different shows from ABC)

Now, shift to Kuwait. I would really love to see such experiments would go on around here. Whether it comes to race, sects, traditions and so on.

When I am out with Her, I always tell her let’s have a huge fight and see what people do. Would they laugh, try to calm us down or just ignore us completely.

I believe such scenes can really be surprising to us. We talk, we say we are free, we are not racist and so on. However, in real life (and surely when you do not know it) everything in your mind changes. See these situations will push out your real belief.

A few years back I was in hospital waiting for my turn to see the doctor. This guy came in with his wife and 2 year old daughter and sit right in front of me. I remember I was busy with my phone when a hear a loud *SMACK*. I look up and the guy was hitting (with no heart at all) his 2 year old daughter. I think it was to do with something about her wanting something to eat. There were people looking but did not say a word.

If you know me, you know I speak my mind (sometimes even without thinking). So I sat up and told him you don’t deserve to be a father. He laughed and said it’s non of your business she is my daughter. I was disgusted, some people just don’t deserve to be parents.

I have many scenes in my mind I would love to try out in Kuwait and see how people react. Some are very controversial really (within what is allowed in our community). Although I think it will end up in with rude people video taping the incident and people attacking you.

Kuwaiti Roads

One of the main issues that we have to suffer from every single day is traffic during rush hours. Rush hour actually means high traffic and slow roads. However, I keep noticing that the traffic is high for one main reason and that is the exits and entries of different roads and highways.

Note that Kuwaiti roads have been built in the 50 years ago and I am not sure if they did take in consideration the amount of vehicles that increased during the years.

One of the change done recently is the Khaitan bridge exit to King Faisal Highway. That exit used to be agony and it made it worse up to the 6th ring road. However now they have changed the exit and the traffic starts at the 5th ring road.

When you notice a 2 lane exit from a highway, well you will notice that it suddenly becomes 5 lanes (thanks to the drivers who think they own the road).

See these fixes are great and from the tweet above removing traffic lights and creating bridges is a much better solution. *sometimes*.

One main road I hope they try to find a solution for is the 4th ring road (aka Hussain Al-Romey road). That road is one of the most chaotic roads in Kuwait. With entries to Jabriya and Hawally, traffic never ends here except in the early hours of the day. I think that road is a priority right now.

I like that the ministry are working on roads and I really hope they finish changing the road system quickly.

Words Can’t Express My Gratitude

I took some time off just to write this post even though I really have no time with the baby in the next room. but I wanted to write it to express my love and gratitude for some people who stood by my side in one of the most important moments of my life and gave me support and love when I needed it the most.
my dear cousins Haya,Maryam and Muneera :love: . they were there with me in the hospital from labor to birth and till the day I got to my parents house! they did not leave me a lone for a moment even when my sisters had to be with their children and husbands , they were more than sisters to me, staying up at night helping me with every step I took and most importantly they captured every beautiful moment I had with my baby with their cameras. His and I had a plan to take lots of pictures and videos of this moment but it was too hectic for us to even think in that day.
after I got out of the hospital they surprised me with an amazing gift. it was a box full of our pictures in the hospital, pictures of the baby’s first breath, my first moment with Mishari in my arms, His picture when he first saw the baby… priceless moments that brought tears to my eyes… they gathered them in a lovely box and cute frames and gave them to me.. what priceless gift from amazing people. I’m blessed to have them in my life and I hope that God gives me the strength to return the favor for each one of my beloved cousins. I cant thank them enough for what they did. I love you girls.

there was also a person I would like to thank , my friend and my sister LadyB she was also there for me and stood by my side . I wish the day would come when I stand by her side when she has her baby. she surprised me the other day with a birthday cake celebrating a belated birthday she never forgot ! I love you B thank you for everything :*** you brought joy to my life.

alla la ya7remny minkum ,I don’t know what would I’ve done without you guys…the least I can say is thank you :love:

I don’t want to miss anyone name by mentioning names but thank you to everyone who sent gifts, flowers, tweets , comments and sms’s you have made this moment even more special than it is to me it was heart warming …thank you from the bottom of my heart :love:

OSX Lion Your iPhone

I am actually downloading it now. It looks great !!

What to do:

– Open Cydia

– Download Dreamboard if you don’t have ot

– Add fnetdesigns.com/cydia/repo to you sources in cydia

– Search for Theme Outlet and download

– Open Dreamboard and choose Lion Ultimatum theme


I Still Love You…

Choki Choki… I still love you :love:

w Faj2a .. I Remembered…

Loved that cartoon :grin: reminds me of Ramadan also :love:

What I like About Winter

Boots! moon boots :grin:

Caribous hot chocolate! :love:

non stop rain! :D

scarves! :)


Grilled chestnuts :D

and most of all out door activities :D

OK I don’t have a pic for that :p

what do you like about winter ? ( assuming we’re going to have one soon) :-|

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