Social Media Day Video Kuwait #SMDay

Well the video is here :), The social media day special video done by The Social Media Club has been released. The video shows different people in the social media medium that share their experiences and thoughts about social media.  People included bloggers, social media team, PR and marketers, and Vloggers.

Some of the people on the video Zain Social Media Team, Sh3aib, Ansam518, Danderma and others.

30th of June is the Social media day to be celebrated all over the world with the help of Mashable. Zain will be holding an Social media day tomorrow to celebrate with social media figures.

We are glad to be part of the social media era, we love it whether its our blog, instagram, Twitter or anything social game out there. We are part of it and we will always be social.

Happy social media day everyone…Enjoy :)

PS: Mesho appears for the first time as part of our blog in this video :) (We start at around 7:16)


Twitter: Why It Is Not Created By Us?

I talked about this a few times on Twitter and I think it’s time for a post. Nasser Al-Mutawa tweeted some of the “Arabic” hashtags that were used in Twitter recently which you can see above.

For those who do not read Arabic the hash tags below are:

– Would you consider marrying a girl who has a Twitter account
– Your view about a girl who watches football
– Your view on girls using mobiles

All the above is a reason why Arabs did not create Twitter. We keep taking the “wester” ideas and try to adjust it to our wants. Twitter is created to have a place where freedom of speech for everyone and not the traditions of cultures. A place where point of view is respected (If and only if it does not disrespect anyone).

We keep attacking the “west” yet we use everything the “west” creates. If we are creative enough, we would only copy them and call it “Awitter” or something like that. Twitter goes global while we do not 1 Arabic site that is even regional. Our Twitter accounts is full of hate towards other believes, backgrounds, and anyone who does not agree with us. Why ruin Twitter?

I say if Twitter was ours, please do whatever you want….but it’s not.

Twitter Followers Business

I saw this pic yesterday from one of Omar Al-Othman’s tweets. I really don’t know how people try to get rich by any way possible.

Unfortunately some people are getting paid to “retweet” because they have a large number of followers. Of course this is not done directly through Twitter (as they do not know anything about it). Of course some people tweet anything you like for 150 KD (a very known figure also). So it’s like get money out of everything possible.

Now, that people know some are getting paid to retweet for their huge number of followers. Now we see them buying followers so they can be approached by companies for advertisements.

Advertisement on Twitter has to be officially through Twitter and through “Sponsored”/”Promoted” tweets where everyone knows that the person got paid for that tweet. Not the way it is done here where a retweet is done with a personal message claiming its authentic !

NBK Hits Instagram (@NBKPage)

Well, the first Kuwaiti bank to start instagram is NBK. Told you instagram is a big hit. They are inviting everyone to share any NBK related pictures and they will be sharing it on Twitter and Facebook signed by you.

Follow them at nbkpage on instagram.

Gary Vaynerchuk On Piers Morgan Tonight (@garyvee)

This is an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk with Piers Morgan Tonight. I really love social media and Gary provides some great advice when it comes to businesses and social media.

I truly believe that companies should start using social media the correct way for their benefit. Some companies use it in a traditional way that can actually backfire.

Noticing how companies in Kuwait are using social media, some of them are not doing it right. What are companies doing wrong?

– Tweeting their promotions/services only

– Retweeting the #FF they get

– Increasing their followers because of competitions/promotions

These things bore me when I am on Twitter. I personally like companies that actually interact with me as a person. They build this relationship (a friendship) where you know they would help if you had a problem with their service/product.

People will eventually follow them for that reason and not just because they are offering a free gift for their 10,000 follower.

Social media should be used right now to get the biggest benefit before it gets outdated in the coming years.

Social Media As A Weapon

2011 showed the world that social media is not just for staying connected, finding old friends and chatting, What happened in different countries (mainly in the Arab world) proved that social media can be used as a weapon.

I don’t really think social media was the reason of freedom but it helped. By using different social sites to spread the word, they have taken down leaders. Youtube/Liveleak were used to spread the brutality of different governments against their people.

Now, for the past 2 days I started looking “deep” into Twitter (again). I started searching different topics to see what you can get and read. With all the tension happening in Kuwait right now you see some ugly stuff from different people with different believes. How did I see people use the weapon?

The Hulk: this is where they act up as no one can stop them. Disrespecting anyone who disagrees with them. Most of their tweets have this rude mockery words.

The Debater: this person usually goes around debating in a polite way anything against his belief. Doesn’t attack just states facts and reasons

The Joker: this person just goes around making fun of everything against his belief.

The Blackmailer: this is like the spy within Twitter. They go around trying to find tweets that will get you in trouble. takes a screenshot and asks for retweet for any reason possible. Of course some would actually use these to actually go to the Twitter cops (is there any out there a9lan?)

With Twitter growing everyday in Kuwait, we notice that Twitter is being used by haters and try to attack people in the name of freedom of speech. Of course unknown individuals become heroes after an attack (of course by them or against them). They would be known in an instant that even people in the dewaniya would say “Did you hear what that tweep said?”. Its like being a hero nowadays is to shout, disrespect, get detained and get out of jail.

What really gets to me is how people divide when it comes to those who got detained from what they have said. Not because it is right or wrong. No, unfortunately it is because different sects and backgrounds. I mean if you believe of freedom of speech then let everyone talk even if you do not like it, right? Maybe believes are different but we are all Kuwaiti and we shouldn’t make a fuss between each other.

What’s even worse are those who are actually known figures. I barely follow any known figure and stick to bloggers, individual tweeps and companies. I passed by some of those accounts yesterday and I was just like, really ??? I mean you are known figures you should kind of behave and choose your words wisely.

Everyone has his way. When there are no laws to govern internet crimes then getting detained without charges will be applicable. Internet crimes consists of different practices such as hacking, scams, etc (depends on your intentions at the end). Whether you are using it for crime or to save the world, this is the internet for you.

Schmap: Know Your Twitter Followers

This is a new tool from that provides some analysis on your Twitter followers. Below are some of our information:

Countries: Of course Kuwait should be on the top of the list

Gender/Type: We got twice as many Female followers than Male followers. Her is dominating here !!!

Profession/Likes/Other accounts

It will take a couple of days to get your analysis sent to you through DM (you need to follow them).

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