Instawipes….You’ve been cleaned up


Well, the day has come where all has been revealed in front of our very own eyes. Yes the day where we know who wanted to be famous by faking it.

So we all have seen the celebrities who were affected by the Instagram fake/spam followers clean up that happened last week. It was pretty wild that day don’t you think?

Now lets set things straight, the number of followers was always the way for agencies to know how influential a celebrity is. Or to be exact that what they dreamed of. With that and the ad opportunity behind this, celebrities (or wanna be celebrities) wanted to get on that train as soon as possible so they do not miss an opportunity.

Influence is not about the number of followers. See the number of followers could be have more haters than lovers. People who just want you to slip and act on it. Influence is how much people trust you and believe you when you say something. Or even act upon something you ask them for. Influence comes with trust and not the total number of followers. On the other hand some people would think the number of “likes” is the influence. Again, you can actually buy likes now and I think even the likes decreased after the clean up.

The number of followers, the number of likes, the retweets, the blog or whatever social media “term” does not make you an expert. Social media is not something you teach in school or university. It’s not something you need a degree in. It’s not something that makes it a career.

Social media is a phase we are going through right now, an era. A decade ago your social media status was the number of MSN messenger friends you had. Before that was the IRC channels you are allowed in.

For me social media was always about sharing. Sharing your life with others. Even if it does not really show your real life…but pin points here and there. A place we usually share the “goods” and leave the bad hidden. It’s that nice cover we use.

This internet ego grew upon us. The number of followers gives you this “certificate” that you understand. It makes you think you are a specialist or a critic. Yet at the end its nothing but an opinion or taste. It’s only your taste in clothes, food or anything else. Yet when was the last time you have seen a Fashionista or Food expert post about something they do not like?

Week one: The best steak in Kuwait (restaurant 1)…OMG
Week two: The best steak in Kuwait (restaurant 2)…ufff 7ada 3ajeeeb

Instagram did not make people famous…People make people famous……

SelfieKW – Cyber Bullying?


I heard about this Instagram account a while back and passed through it then. I really did not see the point of it and wasn’t interested at all. I mean who cares how you take your “selfies” and what horoscope you are. However it’s their life at the end.

However, we received an email this morning about how this was all made up and it is created to make fun of people. So I went and checked back again on the account. Personally I don’t think the owner of SelfieKW did this on purpose as his profile is full of selfies of himself. I guess he just wanted to make something out of selfies. Plus the people who submitted their selfies did it with their own will. No one forced them and no pics were taken from accounts without permission. They submitted it, they should take what is coming to them.

However, I have to point out that cyber bullying here. As bullying is not considered an issue in Kuwait and it’s only called “child’s play”. We need to understand that we live in a society where people tend to talk. However our talk can be considered very harsh at points that could lead to ruining some lives due to traditions and the culture its self.

A I noticed most of the people on SelfieKw are kids. Yes I consider them kids. When those kids are exposed to harsh comments that could lead to things we really don’t want to see. We have heard many news of teenage suicide due to cyber bullying. It’s not really a joke.

We really have the ability to create some really stupid trends. Whether these trends are accepted or not, people tend to do things because they think its the “in” thing without taking in consideration the circumstances. This is just a friendly advice, sending your name, date of birth, accounts, etc can lead to things you really don’t want. You have your own Instagram account that you control, why have it in public where people might attack you for nothing?

Participate With Thukher

أعدّ فريق متخصص من برنامج ذخر لتنمية القيادات الواعدة الإستبيان الآتي لحصر آراء أفراد المجتمع الكويتي فيما يخص القضية الإسكانية ومنه سيرفع لمجلس الأمة وقد قام الفريق بهذا العمل إيماناً منهم بإيجاد حلول مقبولة لمشكلة الإسكان في دولة الكويت

استبيان القضية الاسكانية #البيت_ذخر

شارك في الاستبيان و وصل صوتك لمجلس الأمة

Social Media Cash Over Credibility

We sometimes get asked how much we get paid for an Instagram pic or a Tweet and the answer is we never get paid for such things. Our Twitter and Instagram posts are always about what we like and hate really. It is a personal place where we share our thoughts and moments in our lives.

I have just watched recently a report on Al-Arabiya regarding the amounts paid by parliament candidates that reached up to 30,000 KD for a few tweets. From what I have on Twitter from celebs I have noticed that many of them have been tweeting sayings and quotes from different candidates till the last hour of the voting time.

It got me wondering, would you tweet about a person who isn’t good just because he paid you 30,000 KD? Yes this is a big amount but what is really important? your pay? or how honest you are?

Personally when I voted I ignored all the promoted tweets by candidates and everyone who mentioned who to vote for. I lost the trust in many people on Twitter during elections and I might even lose the trust over their review of a burger joint now.

My point is when I know that the tweet is paid for my idea of that tweet changes. While I was not informed that this is a paid tweet, I would feel “safer” as I trust the person I am following for a reason. However let that person tell me it is promoted, and I will know that this is not from the heart.

See there are two different promotions and ads. A service add where you promote the service or product of the company. Or brand promotion (promoting an event, TV ad, etc). The first type is essential when it comes to credibility because you might be promoting something you do not know if it is good or not. Your trust level might fall if the product or service fails with customers who listened to you.

Twitter has made a clear way to tell the users about promoted tweets. Why? Ethics first, honesty second. Yes, ethically the user, customer, follower what ever you call them should know what to trust and who to trust.

I understand the business, Twitter (with a few thousand followers) can be easy money (and easy ads for companies). Big celebrities around the world are paid in thousands for one tweet only. However, they are not paid behind hidden doors. Their figures are publicly known and such agreements should be fully disclosed as seen in this FTC rule:

“When there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product that
might materially affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement (i.e., the connection is not
reasonably expected by the audience), such connection must be fully disclosed”

I really don’t know if we have such laws in Kuwait and I really don’t know if ethics are really important here. However it’s a basic business rule I guess.

So to make it clear, if we ever get paid for a tweet or Instagram, most probably we will actually mention it. We care about our credibility and we hate it when someone tries something we had a positive review about and has a different experience.

#SMDay : On This Occasion


At least 3 of the above icons will be part of your screen. Whether you are addicted to Twitter, Instagram or still kind of old school with Facebook. Everyone is not part of the social media. Whether you have 100 followers, millions, or bought you some followers.

Social media has gone a long way and it will go ahead for next few years. It will be incorporated more and more into our lives whether during your transport, work meetings, or just plain walking the dog. It is already part of our lives that McDonalds had an “Offline Day” for families. An event where you forget all about your online presence and thing about your real life presence with your family.

On June 16th, Kuwaitis had one way to know the verdict of the constitutional court on the one vote decree. The refresh of the Twitter feed. Yes, Twitter now is faster than any news agency out there. Even news agencies would send out their breaking news over Twitter before any other channels.

Social Media is a ground where people share their life, ideas, their, hate and rants. You meet people from around the world and get to know them just by using your phone. The world is one click away.

However there has to be some bad seeds here and there. With Social Media, more freedom of speech is given to individuals. To top this, anonymity is also served with that. Now give this platform to people with hate and agendas and you find yourself between rumours, hate speeches, fake accounts, discrimination, attacking people against you and just spreading out lies and scandals to hit them. Yet sometimes that is the price you have to pay for such freedom and in a world where law isn’t really strict. Twitter is the easiest place to send out fake news news and rumours without proof.

Social media is about the individual and how they represent themselves online. We can be the same personality as the one we have in real life. However the chance of having a different personality is higher. Sometimes people want to show something people will like them for. Even if it means being hypocrite about it. It comes to intentions at the end.

Social Media created personas for businesses. Good businesses interact with their customers as they are people. They have new channels to address problems and receive complaints. They share what their customers try and how they feel about it. Social Media can make brands, on the other hand it can break them. One mistake can ruins a brands name and for that social media teams are important to businesses nowadays.

With this, I finish my post with happy #SMDay…whether you will be celebrating it with others or alone. Whether it is a meeting or a protest. Social media has changed the world…it has changed us.

انستاجرام وبيع صوركم

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 2.49.14 PM

بالعادة ما نكتب بالعربي بس ما لقيت اي موقع عربي يتكلم عن قوانين الإنستاجرام الجديدة. فقلت اكتب هالموضوع.

بالأمس اصدرت شركة انستاجرام المملوكه من فيسبوك بقوانين تسمح لها ان يبيعون صوركم من غير ان تدفع لكم او تطلب منكم اي موافقة مدام وافقتوا على قوانينهم الجديده.

القوانين الجديده موجودة هنا


Some or all of the Service may be supported by advertising revenue. To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), or under any other applicable age of majority, you represent that at least one of your parents or legal guardians has also agreed to this provision (and the use of your name, likeness, username, and/or photos (along with any associated metadata)) on your behalf.

هذي المادة تتكلم عن هل قانون. كنت لازم استعمل جوجل

يمكن دعم بعض أو كل خدمة من عائد الاعلانات. لمساعدتنا في تقديم محتوى مثيرة للاهتمام المدفوعة أو التي ترعاها أو الترقيات، فإنك توافق على مشروع تجاري أو أي كيان آخر قد يدفع لنا لعرض اسم المستخدم الخاص بك، الشبه، والصور (جنبا إلى جنب مع البيانات الوصفية المرتبطة بها )، و / ​​أو الإجراءات التي تتخذ، في اتصال مع دفع أو المحتوى أو ترعاها والترقيات، ودون أي تعويض لك. إذا كنت تحت سن الثامنة عشرة (18)، أو أي دون سن الرشد الأخرى المعمول بها، وكنت تمثل ما لا يقل عن أحد والديك أو الأوصياء القانونيين وافق على هذا الحكم (واستخدام اسمك ومثاله، اسم المستخدم ، و / ​​أو الصور الفوتوغرافية (جنبا إلى جنب مع البيانات الوصفية المرتبطة بها أي)) نيابة عنك.


هذي القوانين راح تفعل ابتدأ من ١٦يناير ٢٠١٣. والطريقة الوحيدة ان ما يستعملون صوركم ان اتصكرون اكونتكم…..صعب ادري

المهم العالم شاب عليهم….وما يندره يمكن يردون بقرارهم

Kuwait Twitter Map

I was watching a TV show talking about Twitter in Kuwait and they had two of the twitter users. They were talking about Twitter and how it affected the Arab springs, how people are hiding behind it and the benefits of Twitter. For me, I like to search the term “Kuwait” (both in English and Arabic) and see what is going on around Kuwait. Of course once you start going from one profile to another and the things you find you understand that Twitter covers the whole of Kuwait and thus it gives you a rough idea on how Kuwait looks like.

1- Political tweeps and Political Figures

Of course with all the political fiasco going on in Kuwait, these are the ones who dominate the Kuwaiti Twitter Map. There are 3 different people, the ones with the opposition, the ones with the government and the ones who just want things to get better. Of course Every Kuwaiti is also part of this as suddenly we all know about politics. Hey it is our right after all!

2- The Religious

These are than one that talk about their own faith and belief without hurting others. They provide prayers and answers to the ones who ask. If an argument happens, these would be peaceful and talk about the differences with an open heart. They do not hate the other opinion but defend with a proper and intellectual way.

3- Sectist and Racists

These these people are a hybrid of the above. These are the ones that sit all day trying to find faults with the other side and tweet it. They find videos, pics or even a a message on a note to prove that the other side is wrong. Of course after each Tweet they claim they are not racists and they are patriotic. Yet they can’t seem to stop talking about the other opinion or belief.

4- The Open minded

These are the ones who use Twitter to rant about the community and that the people just do not understand. They provide intellectual arguments, if not they are one of those amazing artists and writers. We do not have our own Hyde park but we have Twitter. Of course these are attacked by most because some can’t handle taking an opinion.

5- The Pros

These are the people who talk about what they know best or sometimes what they ‘think’ they know best. All their tweets is about a specific topic whether it is dieting, sports, social media, PR, cooking or anything they are specialized with. Of course when two people have the same specialization some “attacks” can happen and I am sure you would enjoy that.

6- The Hookups/adult entertainers

The things people think are not found in Kuwait can be proven with Twitter. All kind of adult entertainers are now invading Twitter. Of course with the power of anonymity a 40 year old man with a middle life crisis is posing as a girl on Twitter that waits for your 10 KD of credit and the meetup. The official “sheep much”. All of the hashtags you find there are 100% illegal. Of course there are the ones who go around writing his Romeo tweets for bait. Every girl on Twitter is his fish to catch. Or that is what they think really. They try to hookup like it is Love street on Twitter.

7- The Celebrities

These are a must with Twitter, of course they do not tweet much but have followers because celebrities have followers. Of course if you get a mention from them is like winning the lottery minus the money. Now I have to say that some of them are actually interactive with their fans.

8- The Bloggers

Oh come on, I had to add this one here with all the blogs showing up. There are different types here. One, the ones that actually use their account for personal tweets.They actually engage with others and have an opinion. Secondly there is only the ones that tweet their posts and instagram pics. Interaction happens but from time to time. They can tweet one post a 100 times. So be careful.

9- The Companies

Yes, it’s like virtual branches of real life companies. Some are good and helpful, some are just there to spread their products/services and some are just there just for the heck of it. From food to banking, a mall with all it’s goods and bads.

10- The Retweeters

You know that on person that just keeps on sending you broadcasts all day and you just want to block him. Yes, that is the person on Twitter. They might not have many followers yet they retweet every single tweet on their timeline.

11- Thieves

Countries have thieves and Twitter gave them an opportunity there too. These are the ones who copy paste a tweet. Just search for a phrase the next time you are on Twitter that you saw on our timeline and see how many people tweeted it. They even copy paste a joke with the “كااااااااك”. Of course on Twitter, justice does not prevail.

Twitter provides a good look on how Kuwaitis think and don’t let anyone fool you that Twitter with its fake accounts is not helpful. What people say on Twitter is what they really think (even when they claim their account was hacked). Twitter gives a rough map and the diversity within Kuwait. I found the above, tell me if you have any others that should be included in the map.

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