Stray Dogs Attack Again!



Yesterday morning sweet Aisha, my 8 year old cousins daughter, got attacked by two stray dog in Khairan area. If it wasn’t for Alla’s mercy and the fact that they rescued her in a short time or she would have been eaten alive! she got bitten in multiple places on her little body. That night her mom sent a broadcast telling us that she is ok now and have been hospitalized. She could not inform us about any other details yet for they have been taking care of her child.

Now this is the second incident. In Ramadan a 4 year old girl was attacked as well as I heard, then that guy who started killing random stray dogs in a brutal way mad a fuss and a lot of people were very upset for his cruelty.

Just to be clear, we are AGAINST killing those animals in such cruel way, and we believe its not the answer to the problem. Those Stray dogs need to be captured by the responsible people and no one have the right to do what that guy did.

The point of posting her picture on Instagram was to aware people of the problem and take care not to let their children wander in such areas alone thinking that its safe. Also to let people who are responsible know that they are not doing their job and what happened to those poor children is on them.

I was really annoyed when one of the comments hinted that this whole thing was made up! why would we make such thing up using that little girls picture. we do not encourage killing dogs as I mentioned previously.

picture via: Bananaq8

Copy Cats


lately we have noticed the rise of a lot of blogs in the blogging sphere in Kuwait, which is good, its good that people are becoming more interested in blogging and its influence on so many aspects. It gives us a sense of freedom of speech, a voice to be heard and an outlet for our thoughts and feelings.

To start a blog for the wrong reasons will not get you anywhere though. If you were not unique , have something no one else have or you can simply be your honest sincere self then you’re just another blog . Or at least that’s what I think.

Lately I read a blog that I found somewhere on Instagram. I was shocked to see one of my recent posts “idea” stolen. Its the same exact idea there is no other way to see it other than it was stolen.I mean what are the coincidence! the post was about (walk-in closets ) by the way

I cant believe some people still do that and think they can get away with it?!

Funny thing is I found out about her blog in a fight she was having on Instagram comments in a very famous blogger’s account ! the fight was also about her stealing Ideas from that blogger!

I think if they keep doing what they are doing they will get caught, with thousands of blogs on the web we knew she was a copy cat very easily. This wont get you anywhere, stop it.




Makeup Arrangmets


This is my makeup arrangement. I got these see through drawers from Muji store in avenues and from home center so I can see my makeup I always forget what I have :p


I keep Pallets and blushers along with other stuf in a drawer . This obviously needs to be rearranged…

Here are other awesome ideas I got from the web..





Separation Anxiety


Since before I had my baby I decided to stay home with him for a few years to be able to take care of him and watch him grow everyday, something I knew I wouldn’t be able to do if I stayed at my previous job.

I don’t regret this decision at all. I was there when he mumbled his first word, when he started trying to roll over and crawled. I watched every step he took trying to stand up on his own and was there when he took his first step. I knew these moments were priceless and I wouldn’t want to miss them for the world.

But this decision also had to come with, well I don’t want to call it a negative side, but it came with a package.

He got very attached to me, which is a normal thing, a child would always be attached too his care giver, but his fear of separation is not helping me get anything done sometimes. He would really get upset if I left without him or let him play in the playground with his nanny. he would cry and refuse to play.

It breaks my heart when I see him like that but I cant be around him 24/7 ! I want him to be social and not too attached to me or his dad.

It even got worse when his nanny left he got even more attached to us, me and his father, and now that the new nanny is here he really hates her and wont give her a chance. even though she is trying but he wont let her changes his clothes or feed him.I cant leave him with her anywhere he would cry non stop even if my parents were there to watch over him :(

I thought about getting him into a nursery but I just cant see that happening I wouldn’t bare leaving him crying for hours I’m afraid his fears would get even worse. He will be 2 years old in September so he cant talk or understand that I will be back if I left.

I read over the internet some articles about toddlers separation anxiety  and I hope the tips I got will do some good. I know for sure they will take time and a bit of a cold heart :((


Makeup Review: Perk Up Artist By Benefit


Every once in a while I like to try out new makeup products I don’t always stick to one kind of mascara or foundation! I always want to know if there’s something new and better out there.

 Recently I noticed that my concealer is not doing me any good :( I have sinus allergies and I don’t sleep well, which cause these dark circles under my eye, I figured I needed a new one .

I found this cute correction kit at benefit and tried it on. I could not believe how natural and sheer it looked on my skin yet it did the job :love:

It has three different colors. the yellow (correct) disguise redness & discoloration with the creamy yellow neutralizer.

 Beige (cover) Hide dark circles, imperfections and blemishes with the beige concealer.

Pink (brighten) Turn tired eyes into big, bright eyes with the perky pink shade. (as they described)

You can wear them on top of each other and I assure you it would not look heavy or anything like that , their texture is very light and sheer.

The Bachelorette Party


My beloved cousin got  engaged lately and as soon as she did her sisters decided to throw her a bachelor/Yalwa party, since she always wanted to do a Yalwa in her wedding day just like her mothers.


We wanted the party to be a surprise and kept it a secret from her as we started planning it…

So, her sister picked up a green dress for her to wear that day and told her we had a surprise for her. Just right before she came out she got her all dressed up in a green (thob) and all accessorized with traditional Yalwa golden accessories…


sisters wore Bride t-shirts and lovely customized (thob)…


We all teared up as she walked in and we stated the yalwa right away…


Her mothers wedding video of the yalwa was playing in the background as this was her first and oldest daughter to get married…


When it comes to creativity my cousins are the best!







Hayoona and I were best friend since we were little girls. We grew up together and got to be like sisters and more. She is the only person in the world that knows everything about me,every secrete and every moment of my life I share with her…

She , out of all people stood by my side through good and bad. When a lot of people balled on me and disappeared of my life after having my child just because my life style ans priorities changed, she was always there for me and stayed by my side.

Now that she is getting married I wish her all the happiness in the world and hope for her husband to love and cherish her because he married a girl that’s one in a million :love:

It’s Been A Year Mama

February is usually a month of celebration for me where my birthday and Anniversary falls. Since 2012, February shares a sad moment now. This time last year was the last time I saw my mum even when she didn’t see me.

Time does fly really fast yet for me it feels just like yesterday. I still remember everything that happened on that day. A day where I lost someone I loved and cared about the same way she cared about me for 27 years of my life.

I won’t lie, I still cry remembering moments in my life with her. A joke she made, her food and her phone calls to check up on me. These things I did not see for the last year.

See, one thing I regret is that I never told her I Love You. Now everyday I hope to see her in my dreams. Maybe just maybe I can tell her there and tell her how much I miss her.

We live life and once we grow up we start getting busy with our own family and work. I was so busy I forgot that she was the one with my dad supported me all these years to make me who I am today. Now with Meshari in our life, I know what my parents went through. Not once but 5 times. Even when her kids were not there sometimes or did something wrong. Her love for us never changed and even when she was angry at one of us. She would call us to make sure we made it home safely.  All this and I never got to say thank you.

If you are reading this post, do not do my mistake. Let your parents know that you love them and thank them for everything they did for you. Even if they couldn’t provide you with the things you wanted, know that they did their best to make you happy. Some might think these things are stupid. I found out the hard way.

Allah yer7mech mama.

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