ELC launches The Khleegi House Toy

Happy land create these cute family houses which my niece got previously. Now they are launching the Khaliji House toy which I think is adorable. Such toys teach children social skills and help build their characters.

ELC locations:

The Avenues

Alrawdah co-co

Salmeya oppose to Alfanr


Raising Your Child In Kuwait

When we visit other countries and specially when we were in Japan I couldn’t help but notice that every building ,subway, bathroom …etc is very well designed to help parents with babies. they know exactly what they need and they make it easier for people to go out  and travel with babies. the question is : when are we going to learn and do the same thing here?! what do we lack ? brains? money? I really don’t understand why:(

here in Kuwait…

the daily thing I would do is pass by the co-op with Mishari and I hate those metal strollers that are not convenient or safe for the child!

not even one mall has a decent day care service!

one gym in Kuwait has a nursery and its super expensive!

almost all buildings are not baby stroller friendly!

most restaurants don’t even have baby chairs!

and ironically, in  Discovery mall’s toilets ” a mall that is made for children”  there are no changing tables!!!

and why is that?!  because we depend on the help to do the work! meaning  i can’t even go out without her! I don’t want to have one in the first place, but here in Kuwait everything will be hard as hell to do if you go out a lone with your baby…

yes, most of the time I have to take my child with me because I would never leave him a lone with the maid no matter what. after all she is a stranger and I know nothing about her.

I really wonder what will happen if maids are banned in Kuwait?!



Nomade Baby Night Light

I had a hard time when Meshari wakes up at night for his feeding and would never go back to sleep but stairs at the sealing instead and that is because the lamp is a bit bright and makes shapes of shadows on the sealing :(

At Pretty Little Things Expo I saw this night light at (Baby B) . and I thought this was the suitable solution !

This light is an eco-friendly light source. it doesn’t get hot . charge it for 5 hours and it will light up for 7o hours. and the light is not too bright. The sweet owner of BabyB told me that her 3 years old still uses it and keeps it with her in bed at night.

its very useful and safe :). You can get it from Baby B which is located right above The Coffee Bean Alseef. I got it for 11kd I think


Podee Baby Bottle

a while ago I received a bc about this baby bottle. me and my sister were discussing the fact that no one came up with an idea or an invention that allows babies to drink milk on their on specially babies that cant hold their bottles yet and when I saw this I thought I should give it a try I ordered it …


it took me a while to decide to open the box and try it. I first did when I went to the mall with Mshari so that he could have his milk while  in his stroller without me stopping to feed him and it worked! but at the beginning it was a bit strange for him he was playing wth it instead but once he got hungry he started sucking…

also there was the problem of the long straw inside the bottle , it was sticking in the bottom of the bottle which made it hard for him to suck the milk but I solved that problem by cutting it a little at the end..

great invention and suitable for mommies with twins too!

its great to find such inventions to make our life a bit easier …

I got it from The Baby Wings for 8KD

Phone: 94972210

Baby Monitor

This is the best baby monitor out there I guess. His got me this from Mothercare when I asked him for one after being tired of getting up every minute to check on Meshari when he is asleep .

You can see and hear the baby. It has a watch and shows the room temperature. you can talk to the baby through it. it has a night vision and a lamp to light in the dark! personally it made my life MUCH easier and I advice moms to get it :)

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