What Can A Pregnant Woman Wear In Kuwait!?

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Now when I first got pregnant I knew I had to shop for new maternity cloths when I looked at my older ones they were worn out and the colours were just washed off. So I went to stores that I’ve shopped from in my previous pregnancy and found out this!…

Top Shop have removed their maternity section and so did H&M. I was so counting on getting my jeans and leggings from there. Went to mother care to find out that the maternity wear section have been shrunk to a tiny section which mostly included pj’s and things that only a 70 year old woman would wear !

Now I was stuck with Destination Maternity “which is the only store in Kuwait specialised in maternity wear” and also have the granny clothes issue going on. except for maybe a couple of pieces from Jessica Simpson’s collection which are really over priced for something thats gonna fit for a couple of months only…

I ended up not buying anything and going to shop online. while I was at it I found out that most store we have in the malls actually do include a maternity wear online. And if we do we have them, they are the worst collection that the market could offer.

The question is where shall a pregnant woman get her clothes from in this country?!  and why did the stores all of a sudden decided to remove pregnancy clothes from their stocks. Did we all of a sudden stop having babies here in Kuwait? I really don’t get it :-|

A Day At Kidzania


Ever since Kidzania opened at The Avenues I’ve been wanting to take Mishari there but it was always crowded. When Halloween came Kidzania announced their Halloween theme and invited us to check it out , I was excited and could not wait to take Misho.

Too bad they canceled the theme because of cultural and religious reasons as they said but we got in anyways.

Even though I heard so much about the place and saw lots of pictures I was still very impressed when I saw the place and wished I was a kid again so I could play there.

Mishari is only two years old so he could not participate in all the activities yet there was a lot that he could do and enjoy. we first took the tour bus to discover the place. Then we went to the construction site, where he was dressed like a builder and started building a wall with the help of the staff. Adults are not allowed inside the site so I stepped out and watched. I was really happy to see how engaged he was , he even forgot that I was there.When he was done with playing there he got a paid for his work! that was really cute.

Then we went to the Art Club were he started painting like Picasso. I loved sharing that moment with him.

There are also a toddlers only area upstairs were Misho really enjoyed his time moving around and discovering the place freely. I have to say that Kidzania have the most friendly staff of people that I have ever met. they’re all really good with kids.

There was a lot of fun things to do there I think kids could spend a whole day there without being board. Even I as an adult enjoyed my time there, its fun and educational in so many different ways for kids.

The only thing that I thought was unthought of was the adult fee. Its a bit much to pay that amount of money to enter the place with your kid. after all you are only there to supervise.

Overall its a must visit for parents and kids.

Petite & Sweet is Now Opened at The Discovery Mall


Last Monday Petite and Sweet store opened at The Discovery mall and invited me and Misho to the event. The event was mad for kids to have fun and Misho sure did! I had to trick him into leaving the store !


There was a clown out side the store greeting kids with balloons. A beautiful candy buffet was set out side for kids.




Inside the store there was a kids grooming section and a nail spa section “sooo Adorable” while in the back there was a play area were they can play while mommy shops. Mishari was so occupied he wouldn’t even know if I left the store!


THE CLOTHES are some of the cutest pieces I have ever seen, they are very unique and elegant. If you have a baby girl you should really give them a visit.





There was also a toys donation box outside…



We both really enjoyed the event and wish the owners best of luck.

Petite & Sweet is located in Discovery mall ground floor . call them : +96597969688. or follow them in Instagram @petite_n_sweet_



Now That You’re Two



Two years ago you came into our lives and filled it with joy and blessing.Two years ago you came and changed our life drastically, everything became all about you and our worlds became revolved around you. Every step I take with you is for you, you became my life and my everything.

You filled my heart with love for I have never loved anything so much in my life. You are a true blessing.

I thank Alla for having the chance to watch you grow every single day and hold your hand while taking every tiny step of the way. I thank him when I wake up every morning to your big naughty smile. I thank him when you fall asleep in my arms and pray that he would protect you and help me be a good mother to you.

I wish you all the happiness in the world. May Alla never show you harm or sorrow as long as you live and grow up to be the amazing person I know you will be.

Happy Birthday my dearest Mishari

Love, Mom

Traveling Car Seats

Traveling with a toddler is not an easy job, well not for me I guess:/ last time we traveled with Misho it was really exhausting to me especially with no car seat on long drives! yes trust me a car seat would make a huge difference.

But now that he is older and a bit more independent I think it would be easier, but still I think  car seat is an essential and safer.

When we rented a car in Dubai last time we asked for a car seat, that we also have to pay extra for, in the car but when we arrived there they told us they didn’t have any available one and I had to sit him on my lab. It wasn’t comfortable for both of us, specially that the rides are longer there, while in Kuwait it takes almost 10 min to get anywhere.

So I searched the web to find traveling car seats and found some great ones, too bad I don’t know if they sell them here in Kuwait…





If any one do know where can I get something similar to the first picture please do let me know. I’m gonna be searching since we might be traveling soon. It would be so relieving if I find any.



Separation Anxiety


Since before I had my baby I decided to stay home with him for a few years to be able to take care of him and watch him grow everyday, something I knew I wouldn’t be able to do if I stayed at my previous job.

I don’t regret this decision at all. I was there when he mumbled his first word, when he started trying to roll over and crawled. I watched every step he took trying to stand up on his own and was there when he took his first step. I knew these moments were priceless and I wouldn’t want to miss them for the world.

But this decision also had to come with, well I don’t want to call it a negative side, but it came with a package.

He got very attached to me, which is a normal thing, a child would always be attached too his care giver, but his fear of separation is not helping me get anything done sometimes. He would really get upset if I left without him or let him play in the playground with his nanny. he would cry and refuse to play.

It breaks my heart when I see him like that but I cant be around him 24/7 ! I want him to be social and not too attached to me or his dad.

It even got worse when his nanny left he got even more attached to us, me and his father, and now that the new nanny is here he really hates her and wont give her a chance. even though she is trying but he wont let her changes his clothes or feed him.I cant leave him with her anywhere he would cry non stop even if my parents were there to watch over him :(

I thought about getting him into a nursery but I just cant see that happening I wouldn’t bare leaving him crying for hours I’m afraid his fears would get even worse. He will be 2 years old in September so he cant talk or understand that I will be back if I left.

I read over the internet some articles about toddlers separation anxiety  and I hope the tips I got will do some good. I know for sure they will take time and a bit of a cold heart :((


Smart Kids Feeding Essentials

I passed by Mothercare store the other day to buy some traveling food bowels for Msharies meals and I saw these really creative food packing stuff and thought I’d share them…



Misho just loved this snack holder he was carrying it around today eating his fruits :love: .. its created in a way that the kid would hold it and reach for his snack without creating a fuss and it will give your baby a sense of  independence…



These bowels came with different sizes with lids and a removable base…



I really liked this traveling tray…


30024_pink_Lunch box…

43124_aA while ago i got this for my baby after he choked with a piece of apple. you can put the fruit or veggie he likes inside the net. its also suitable for babies who are teething as a soother from the pain.

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