See By Chloe: Joy Rider Bags

I passed by the store the other day and could not help but notice these cute hand bags!


Loving those fuzzy chains attached to each bag :love:



Shoe Shopping












I think I’ll go with the lacy ones I just can’t get over them :love:

Smart Kids Feeding Essentials

I passed by Mothercare store the other day to buy some traveling food bowels for Msharies meals and I saw these really creative food packing stuff and thought I’d share them…



Misho just loved this snack holder he was carrying it around today eating his fruits :love: .. its created in a way that the kid would hold it and reach for his snack without creating a fuss and it will give your baby a sense of  independence…



These bowels came with different sizes with lids and a removable base…



I really liked this traveling tray…


30024_pink_Lunch box…

43124_aA while ago i got this for my baby after he choked with a piece of apple. you can put the fruit or veggie he likes inside the net. its also suitable for babies who are teething as a soother from the pain.

Recent Favorites!

here’s a list of my recent founds and favorites :love:

Katy Pary’s new perfume Meow :)


bare Minerals Volumizing mascara :love: I LOVE


Sephora’s new bath scents ..cute!


Boss Hugu for it for his

Chay Shop Boutique

I passed by that shop the other day in ALraya mall and decided to take a look since I’m  a chay lover :love:

at first I thoughtthat they sell herbal tea and stuff but it turns out they sell tea sets with beautiful Turkish designs …

Loved it :D


Lipton Iced tea Flavors In Japan

We noticed they just looove iced tea in Japan its more popular than soft drinks there which is quite good actually because they’re healthier of course …

Even Lipton tea there has various flavors …

Iced tea late :) ( I don’t want to know how it tastes :p)

Hello Kitty Japan

YES I’m not done with her :D…check this out …

in one of the malls there was a HK store called HK Japan . it sells stuff that are not sold in any other HK stores or Sanrio …

lol yes ..that’s dry octopus !

I guess this store was more specialized in selling souvenirs …

I dont know what kind of sea animal is that but its not cute even with a HK pic on it :p

they also sold these cute yummy Kitty cakes filled with chocolate and cornflakes , creamy cheese or plain…we got some it tasted more like pancakes ..yummy :)

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