The Introduction – The Mystro, Arabique & Flipperachay

Dj Outlaw just released a new music video for The Mystro (Bahrain), Arabique (Kuwait) and Flipperachay (Bahrain) single “The Introduction”.

Dj Outlaw is a Bahraini DJ that works with Hip Hop artists all around the middle east and the Arab world to introduce Arab talent when it comes to such genre. The Mystro is known for his Arabic rap and Flipperachay is more into the English Rap from Bahrain. While Arabique from Kuwait rhymes in English.

I always enjoyed the music from DJ Outlaw and hopefully we will see more music videos soon.

Arabs In Paris Music Video

A couple of months back I shared with you “Arabs In Paris” single by Humble Abdul and Phelony. Well, they have an official music video for it now. It doesn’t get as “Arab” as this, don’t you think :P ?

They also released their mixtape album found on their site The Base. I am currently downloading it.


Dubai’s Upcoming Concerts: Usher, Snoop, Justin Bieber

While we are stuck with Kim, Dubai are having some great concerts coming soon. The list:

Usher and Katy Perry (Dec 8th)

It’s Usher! I think this will be the best out of the list.


Chris Brown (Dec 11th)

He is still getting famous after the domestic abuse. If you are a fan I guess like Rihanna you will be fine with getting beat by him.


Snoop Dogg (Dec 31st)

I am not sure if it is Snoop Dogg or Lion but in the below flyer its dogg. So no weed and no Reggae.


Justin Bieber (May 4th)

I am really not a fan but I definitely sure that some girls will love this. From the comments we got before and the amount of “Kuwait Loves Bieber” accounts on Twitter, girls this is the closest he will get to you.


I am sure that other concerts will be announced in the future. Usually some concerts get announced a fews weeks before it. So, I guess some of you should start booking.


All the way from UAE, Illmiyah of Desert Heat just released a new music video for his single Falcon. Desert heat are one of the firsts to release hip hop music in the middle east through out different media.

What I enjoy with their music is they keep the gulf taste to it.

The Middle East Invasion Vol.4

5 Kuwaiti rappers will be representing Kuwait in the upcoming middle east invasion album.

The 6 rappers are:

• Grizzley
• Big Mo
• Element Emcee
• Yaqooub (A.K.A Phelony) & His Brother Abdulrahman (AKA Humble Abdul)
• Army of One

The above is a promo of the upcoming album by DJ Outlaw of Bahrain.

Arabs In Paris – Phelony and Abdulrahman

In Paris is one of the best songs. Now bring Phelony and Abdulrahman and you get Arabs in Paris. What I love about them their Kuwaiti rap is always amazing and fits in with their lyrics perfectly.

Lamborghini Music Video In Kuwait

An American rapper “Coro” shot this video in Kuwait, guess what the song title is? “Lambo”. Yes, and the license plate is is Kuwaiti to make it authentic. He is lucky he found some time that the traffic was not bad!

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