Current Song Crush

Listening to this song day and night  :love: song by Jassim Mohammed.. love his voice!

Aziz AlNasrallah’s Music Video

This music video was sent for us to share on our blog and I have to say I really liked the filming.It shows real talent!

Bakrah Productions is a new upcoming production house that is run by a group of young Kuwaitis.
Aziz AlNasrallah’s album “Adawir Nafsi” is available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores.

Lost Pet: Hachi

We were contacted by a friend regarding their lost pet. We wanted to help spread the word.

iCool My iPhone

No this is not about an app. This is actually how I cool my iPhone when it is really hot. This is also a nice way to keep cool when you receive a message or call. I started doing this when I had the iPhone 3G, it used to heat up and the sim would not be read by the sim lock. So I did this to make sure it doesn’t get too hot for the card. Since then, I kept using this method to stay “Cool”.

A blade might break or you get some scratches on your iPhone, but hey with this weather I don’t mind (until the iPhone 5 is out :P)

GreenTea For Creative Writing

greentea is all about creative writing. We like to call ourselves a word factory. Our thoughts and ideas stem from our deep passion for creativity and our belief in the significance of both word and image, especially when it comes to branding, advertising and marketing in the business world and the creative industry. For that, you may also consider us a freelance copywriter and the flip side of branding.

“If a picture speaks a thousand words, a single word can draw a thousand pictures.” –Ali AlMumen, author & Founder

We work closely with the most elite designers and artists; and we offer our services to a wide range of agencies and enterprises in the advertising, branding, marketing, PR and publishing sectors. We share our ideas and expertise to produce the best results and desired outcomes.

From individuals and small businesses to corporate big fish and leading organizations – no fish is too big for our teapot; and with our diversified tray of colorful cups and wide-array of services, we pour our ideas and deliver our words with integral values and our utmost passion for sheer creativity. Some even come with complimentary biscuits.

Our Services
• Creative copywriting
• Creative translation
• Online web and digital content
• Slogans, mantras and taglines for business start-ups, branding and marketing campaigns
• Creative writing for t-shirts, greeting cards and accessories
• Photo captioning and photo books
• Consultation and creative concepts

Our Customers
We serve our cups to:
• PR, Branding, Marketing and Advertising Agencies
• Individuals, Small Businesses and Organizations
• Web developers, Graphic designers, Photographers and Artists

Vision & Mission
To be the world’s favorite creative writer. To spread our words across the universe. To bring to life our creative concepts


Thank You Khalid Al-Bader

After “Her” Q8Flowers rant, we were contacted by them for a refund. Which I think was the right thing to do.

However, I got a call from Mr Khalid Al-Bader – owner of Q8Flowers – to apologize for what happened. He asked about all the problems we had with Q8 flowers. Of course I told him all the comments I had and all the problems we faced and he was open to every comment I gave no matter how negative it was. He promised me that he will work on these issues and I am sure that once the owner knows a serious problem, the system will be much better.

I would like to thank him for the personal call that I believe is the best way to a customer satisfaction. No matter what the problem was, knowing that someone is working to satisfy the customer is the best profit anyone can get.

Thank You @MMCKuwait

We won the third competition by MMC Catering Group on Twitter :). Thank you for the prize and good luck in future competitions :)

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