A Shirt I Sould Be Wearing

I saw this post on “Our Family Nest” blog and loved those funny maternity shirts… when I checked the link in the post I thought this would be the perfect shirt for me to wear :p

Like father like son :grin:

Maternity Charms

While I was searching on the net I found this website that sells maternity belly charms , they’re so cute !

They are made to be flexible and comfortable during pregnancy

Mommy To Be Belly Armor

I got this belly armor blanket when i first got pregnant, its such a great idea to protect your baby from radiations when using your computer or even your mobile, I even took it with me on the airplane.

the blanket is combined with a RadiaShield fabric to protect your baby from everyday radiations. its small and easy to carry around…

they also come as belly bands to wear them under your clothes…

I ordered them from Down to Earth my mom took their facebook page address in P2BK and thanks to her I ordered it right away :)


You Having A Baby

A great book to read by Dr.Roizen and Dr.Oz for mommies to be and even pregnant women who already have had babies

I don’t believe in old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy so this book helped me a lot to understand what I’m going through and what to expect all explained scientifically with the details just like I’d like to know what I have to know.

I have learned a lot from it, its such an eye opener and I hope it helps all new mommies like its helping me :)

you can find it in Virgin Megastore in the best sellers section .

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