What Can A Pregnant Woman Wear In Kuwait!?

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Now when I first got pregnant I knew I had to shop for new maternity cloths when I looked at my older ones they were worn out and the colours were just washed off. So I went to stores that I’ve shopped from in my previous pregnancy and found out this!…

Top Shop have removed their maternity section and so did H&M. I was so counting on getting my jeans and leggings from there. Went to mother care to find out that the maternity wear section have been shrunk to a tiny section which mostly included pj’s and things that only a 70 year old woman would wear !

Now I was stuck with Destination Maternity “which is the only store in Kuwait specialised in maternity wear” and also have the granny clothes issue going on. except for maybe a couple of pieces from Jessica Simpson’s collection which are really over priced for something thats gonna fit for a couple of months only…

I ended up not buying anything and going to shop online. while I was at it I found out that most store we have in the malls actually do include a maternity wear online. And if we do we have them, they are the worst collection that the market could offer.

The question is where shall a pregnant woman get her clothes from in this country?!  and why did the stores all of a sudden decided to remove pregnancy clothes from their stocks. Did we all of a sudden stop having babies here in Kuwait? I really don’t get it :-|

Thought Of The Day: Why Not!

Why not put the kids to sleep on put everything that makes a sound on silent mode tonight and indulge in a hot bubble bath, light a candle or two and take a long stress free hour in the tub.



Try to add a couple of lavender drops to that bath or to your oil burner.




Give your self a face massage or a foot massage and relax. Put on a face mask.


After that go straight to bed. You’ll be surprise in the next day of how good you slept  and how refreshed and happy you look:)

Why Not! :)

Petite & Sweet is Now Opened at The Discovery Mall


Last Monday Petite and Sweet store opened at The Discovery mall and invited me and Misho to the event. The event was mad for kids to have fun and Misho sure did! I had to trick him into leaving the store !


There was a clown out side the store greeting kids with balloons. A beautiful candy buffet was set out side for kids.




Inside the store there was a kids grooming section and a nail spa section “sooo Adorable” while in the back there was a play area were they can play while mommy shops. Mishari was so occupied he wouldn’t even know if I left the store!


THE CLOTHES are some of the cutest pieces I have ever seen, they are very unique and elegant. If you have a baby girl you should really give them a visit.





There was also a toys donation box outside…



We both really enjoyed the event and wish the owners best of luck.

Petite & Sweet is located in Discovery mall ground floor . call them : +96597969688. or follow them in Instagram @petite_n_sweet_



Travelling With A Toddler

Since I had Mshari, who is one year old now,I did not travel with him anywhere. Mostly because I’m a bit afraid that I wont be able to handle him on an airplane, or that the change of routine might get him to be grumpy ;-(

I see parents traveling with toddlers and even infants all the time. And when I see how fussy they get on the plane I can’t help but to be afraid of traveling with my baby honestly.

But I want to challenge my self and take the risk now that hes a bit older and more easy to handle. we might do that very soon inshalla :)

please mommy’s, do share you’re tips and advices on traveling with a toddler :eek:


Nomade Baby Night Light

I had a hard time when Meshari wakes up at night for his feeding and would never go back to sleep but stairs at the sealing instead and that is because the lamp is a bit bright and makes shapes of shadows on the sealing :(

At Pretty Little Things Expo I saw this night light at (Baby B) . and I thought this was the suitable solution !

This light is an eco-friendly light source. it doesn’t get hot . charge it for 5 hours and it will light up for 7o hours. and the light is not too bright. The sweet owner of BabyB told me that her 3 years old still uses it and keeps it with her in bed at night.

its very useful and safe :). You can get it from Baby B which is located right above The Coffee Bean Alseef. I got it for 11kd I think


Podee Baby Bottle

a while ago I received a bc about this baby bottle. me and my sister were discussing the fact that no one came up with an idea or an invention that allows babies to drink milk on their on specially babies that cant hold their bottles yet and when I saw this I thought I should give it a try I ordered it …


it took me a while to decide to open the box and try it. I first did when I went to the mall with Mshari so that he could have his milk while  in his stroller without me stopping to feed him and it worked! but at the beginning it was a bit strange for him he was playing wth it instead but once he got hungry he started sucking…

also there was the problem of the long straw inside the bottle , it was sticking in the bottom of the bottle which made it hard for him to suck the milk but I solved that problem by cutting it a little at the end..

great invention and suitable for mommies with twins too!

its great to find such inventions to make our life a bit easier …

I got it from The Baby Wings for 8KD

Phone: 94972210

The Kitty Myth


we all have heard it before “kitties are not allowed around pregnant ladies” well there is an explanation to that. I read this very interesting article about the case and thought I’d share the facts in it with you :)

it turns out that actually not the cat it self  is the threat but its litter ,which contains a parasite that can lead to “toxoplasmosis” : a condition that can restrict the growth of the fetus . and its a threat to your baby only if you are infected for the first time during pregnancy (you may have immunity to it if you’ve already been exposed) and you can check that by a simple test.

in fact you can actually keep the kitty and even pet it but make sure you clean your hands very well if you do so. and try to avoid exposure to litter while pregnant . let some one else change it or at least wear gloves when you do.


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