Favorite Makeup Pieces

I have been shopping for some makeup lately and accidentally stumbled upon the Too Faced makeup section at Sephora . They used to bring few pallets before but now they got the whole thing!

I fell in love with this pallet ( All of My Favorite Things) the minute I saw it …




Love the colors , blushers and bronzer. It came in a cute bag along with a lip balm and a mascara. Its perfect to carry with you when travelling

I have the Natural eye kit and took it every time I travel and its all I needed …





I love how their kits come with these small card with makeup looks suggestions..

Another thing that caught my eye are these heart shaped blushers…



I also saw this anti-feathering lipliner that prevents your lipstick from feathering out of your lips, this always happens to me with bright colors  like bright pink and specially red…


and last but not least I was very tempted to get this fiber mascara but didn’t. I liked the idea of it. You apply it before mascara to get fuller and longer lashes…




Dior Grand Bal Fals Eyelashes


CD just released a new piece of luxury, The Grand Bal Lashes, they came in criss-cross shape with a line of Swarovski crystals along the eye line! they should be hitting the market worldwide  around November.

My Visit To Orogold Cosmetics


Last week Orogold Cosmetics invited me to their store to introduced their products and give me one of their luxurious facials.

Orogold cosmetics products all include 24K gold in them. As they say their secret is pure gold, for gold has been known for its beautifying properties in ancient Egypt and Chinese History. It is also claimed to be an anti-aging element.


They recently introduced a foundation to their products as a start o their beauty products as well.


The lovely expert checked my skin and decided what kind of facial I needed then we went into the facial relaxing room inside their store were I also had a hands and head massage,by their reflexology masseuse,  while waiting for the masks to do their magic.


I was really relaxed and almost slept there.The products smelled so nice and refreshing, with the dimmed lights and spa music, it was all you want a facial to be like :)

A week after that my skin still feels tender and nice, I’m not kidding. the also gave me a deep tissue rejuvenating gold mask that I can use after that so that the result remain for a long time.



a special thanks to the lovely ladies of Orogold team for this experience:)

Orogold is located in Hilton Almangaf.

Instagram  @orogoldkw


Mac Illustrated Collection By Rebbeca Moses Charts


I passed by Mac cosmetics Store in Avenues today and saw this new collection by the fashion designer Rebbeca Moses. it came as small sets of brush kits and small bags for face, eyes and lips.




nsale_mac005nsale_mac004I don’t believe everything was displayed there but when I asked they got me ones from the storage.

I got the waterproof mascara from the collection,which I will review after i use, and two gorgeous lip glosses from the Taboo collection. I could not resist how silky and sheer they looked when I tried them some of the collection is already sold out though.


I got Narcissus and Fever Isle, the coral and the dark purple,I totally love Mac’s lip glosses.


Favorite Things From H&M (Updated)

H&M recently brought some awesome makeup stuff to their store and I just could not resist buying some…

Not to forget to mention those super cute flats ! I have tones of flats but I just had to get it…



Ok, call me crazy but am in love with these stickers <3 I honestly haven’t tried them yet but I will soon :)


These pastel eyeliners are gorgeous I tried to use the purple one last night but it got messy then I removed it but the glittery one is so nice and not hard to use .I’m gonna try to wear it again tonight  and see how it goes.



on a hurry I just tried the blue/green liner… I LIKE


Nail Station Event

Celebrating their growth, Nail Station Saloon threw a pink carpet event last week…


Everything was PINK!


Models were posing showing off their makeup and hair styles..


Panted my nails pink along with the event…






The goodie bag <3


I had fun that night …best of luck to Nail Station…

Nail Station is located in Salmiya, Baghdad street, Tel: 99817773

Instagram @nailstationkw

Makeup Review: Perk Up Artist By Benefit


Every once in a while I like to try out new makeup products I don’t always stick to one kind of mascara or foundation! I always want to know if there’s something new and better out there.

 Recently I noticed that my concealer is not doing me any good :( I have sinus allergies and I don’t sleep well, which cause these dark circles under my eye, I figured I needed a new one .

I found this cute correction kit at benefit and tried it on. I could not believe how natural and sheer it looked on my skin yet it did the job :love:

It has three different colors. the yellow (correct) disguise redness & discoloration with the creamy yellow neutralizer.

 Beige (cover) Hide dark circles, imperfections and blemishes with the beige concealer.

Pink (brighten) Turn tired eyes into big, bright eyes with the perky pink shade. (as they described)

You can wear them on top of each other and I assure you it would not look heavy or anything like that , their texture is very light and sheer.

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