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استبيان القضية الاسكانية #البيت_ذخر

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William Sonoma : Wedding & Gift Service


I should have wrote this post a while ago but did not get the chance too. we have been really busy and I finally have the time and mood to blog…

William Sonoma opened their first store in the Middle East in The Grand Avenue on November 2012.

A while ago they invited us to announce that they  are now offering a wedding and gift service to their customers. It was my first visit to the store and certainly not last after seeing their kitchenware section. its a must visit !

The store is a lot more similar to Pottery Barn when it comes to quality and classic themes, you will notice that for sure when you first enter the store. only its more luxurious I think. Which makes a great place to get wedding gifts.

along with the furniture section there is a gorgeouse kitchenware section…




How cute are these fridge magnets!


Lots of a ice-cream making ideas


Baby Kitchenware

For the wedding gift service you can start by registering a dedicated wedding gift concierge that will help you creat a personalized list of the items you wish for. Friends and family can then select from that list to get you as a gift !

Even though its not a very familiar idea here in the Middle East, I think its a very smart way to help newlyweds to start up their lives with gifts that they actually want and picked up themselves.


Chocolate Madness

Last week we tried Chocolate Madness dessert. Its a home business specialized in one dish which is chocolate pudding..


It arrived warm and in one big bowl…


its suitable for gatherings and parties

place your order on : 55381477


Chay Shop Boutique

I passed by that shop the other day in ALraya mall and decided to take a look since I’m  a chay lover :love:

at first I thoughtthat they sell herbal tea and stuff but it turns out they sell tea sets with beautiful Turkish designs …

Loved it :D


Parquet Laminate Flooring

34005_442489599702_626379702_5989467_7697456_n 34005_442489604702_626379702_5989468_944488_n

This parquet laminate flooring is 12 mm in thickness, German Made and is recommended for Hotels which means that it is very durable and is made for high traffic areas. Each box contains 16 unique color shade. This product is available in Kuwait and can have next day installation, price is 15 KD per meter including installation


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