A Shirt I Sould Be Wearing

I saw this post on “Our Family Nest” blog and loved those funny maternity shirts… when I checked the link in the post I thought this would be the perfect shirt for me to wear :p

Like father like son :grin:

Laugh For Life: The Aftershock (@LaughForLifeQ8)

I am still laughing at the jokes I heard today. I love stand up comedy and this one was amazing !! 2 hours just laughing like hell.

It started with Mohammed Aqua starting the show. All I can say “Qaweeeeyaaaaa….”. He then introduced Hoda, who I found out is the blogger “Hoda At Work” that we wrote about last summer.

Then the trio Mohammed, Bashar and Ahmad took the stage with some really fun sketches. Let’s not forget taking some hits at the crowd

An educational part by Naif Al-Mutawa that talked about laughter and psychology. He did it in a funny yet interesting speech.

The Finale, well none other than Fahad Al-Butairi ended the show with a bang. Not once did we stop laughing during his part.

Mohammed aqua finished the show with his song “Moshkela Moshkela”.

A job well done by Bibi Al-Sabah,Shaikha Al othman and Dana Al Ghawas who made this event one of a kind. I hope to see more of these shows in Kuwait because we really need to Laugh For Life. All participants made this event the best show I have seen in Kuwait.

Thank you all :) and it was nice meeting everyone (tweeps and bloggers).

Funniest Video :D


got this video as a BC yesterday and it made me cry from laughing :grin:

watch it !

Ed Hardy 3abaya!

I saw this 3abaya on Ed Hardy’s window display when I was in Dubai mall !!! could not believe my eyes :o

the sleeves were made of (shma3′) and the back of the 3abaya was full of Ed Hardy pictures made with strass ! who would wear that ?!!

the funny thing is that the model next to it is wearing a bathing suit :p

KTV3 Are Lost

Seems like KTV3 don’t know where Romania is or Romania was part of the GCC back then :p

Froobies April’s Fool !

Froobie (the frozen yogurt store in 52degrees) played a prank on a customer on April’s fools day …


Thanks Dana ;)

He Is Lost !!!

Does it really need all this work to wear a bib? really?

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