Got to Know When to Shut Up :D

This girl is hilarious :grin:  MUST watch !


New Year Resolution



2013 passed by so fast and here we are at the end of it.. at the end of next year I really want to have some things to change in my life… hopefully I get some of the things on my list accomplished :worried:


1. I want to get in shape and be fit and healthy.

2. Start working on my on starting my own business.

3. Have another kid… way…no really not gonna happen:p

4. Try to be nicer and not complain a lot (tough one).

5. Learn baking basics and be damn good at it.

6. Try to practice my hobbies more often.

7. Find Misho a suitable day care… I don’t know how the hell is that going to happen God help me :(

8. Read more and watch tv less.

9. Have a life changing experience ‘hopefully a good one’.

10. Drink more water.

11. Make His quit  smoking Shisha.

My Favorite Glee Songs

Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the show I got to say the songs are quite good! some are even better that the original ones…

here are my favorite…

never get sick of listening to it :)

dont you just love Mercedes :D I like this song more than the original one… check out the look on Kurts face :grin:

this one is for you hubbs :*

I Saw In Party Land…

I went to party land the other day to get a welcome home banner for mom the other day with his and found these guys…


I thought they were cute but His wouldn’t let me get one :( ! …


I bet they scared the hell out of him that’s why :p



Make Up Your Mind Fulla!

I saw this cereal box in our Co-op and thought it was funny that Fulla is :met7ajba” in this pic and next to it there was another box with her uncovered !

make up your mind Fulla 7jab or not! el 7jab mu le3ba :p


I love Simon’s Cat :D

How Guys See Girls Makeup Tutorials :p

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