@Chef_Asmaa Albahar Cooking Session

Boubyan Bank held an event this week inviting their platinum account customers to attend a live cooking session with Chef Asmaa Albahar, the winner of the cooking category from “I Wish” reality show on Alwatan TV.

The event took place on Missoni Hotel where chef Asmaa cooked three different dishes while chatting with us and giving us tips and advises about cooking. She also answered a lot of questions from the guests with a big smile. You can tell that she is happy with what shes doing mashalla ,she has a great personality, and you can tell how experienced and talented she was when she was talking about cooking and secrets of good chefs. I really wish her best of luck.




I personally loved the salad, I cant resist any rocca salad ,the dressing was perfect and that dessert was mouth watering I have to give it a try it was easy as well.

we were then invited to have a chat with the chef after the cooking session was over.

I really enjoyed the event, I love cooking and I learned a lot.

A special thanks to Boubyan Bank team for the invite and for their efforts.

@lily_fleur Eid Breakfast Baskets

Lily Fleur have some beautiful Eid breakfast baskets that also make a wonderful Eid gift…

Joud Asrya 2

Joud Ryoog 3

Saffron Rice Recipe

I made this delicious Saffron Rice the other day for Futooor. I got the recipe from the net right before I go to sleep the night before it sounded easy and yummy! and it really was…


ingredients :

2 1/2 cups Basmati Rice.

1 cup thick cream.

3 cups of stock or water. ( I used water)

1/2 small spoon saffron.

2 tbs butter.



wash rice several times then soak it in salted water for 30 min.

in a medium pot melt the butter on a medium fire, add rice and stir for 3 minutes then add cream , water/stock , saffron and salt.

leave the rice to boil for 5 minutes , the reduce the fire and close the pot. leave for 20 minutes to cook.


I always ted to play with the measures and decrease the amount of butter and use low fat cream so that I don’t feel guilty :p

I served it with a side of butter chicken. absolutely delicious.





Now that Mesho is all hyper and the only thing he eats is fries, we wanted to try a closed place that served fries. We heard about pickles for a while and never tried it. So it was our destination to be.


We started with the Chilli Curly Fries, this was topped with bacon and caramelised onions. They served it with their special sauce that was really good. We really enjouyed it while Mesho had his regular fries.



Her had the classic burger while His had the double burger. The burgers were perfectly good and tasted great. However our concern is that the patty is quite small. The double patty was not enough for His!. Usually after burgers we would be too ful for desserts. However, we had plenty of space for dessert this time.

They do serve dessert, but we were really craving the Creme Ford Caramel from Prime & Toast. So we just had our dessert there.


For drinks, Her and Mesho enjoyed a cold Lemon mint juice. While His had a butterscotch milkshake. Both are recommended at pickles.

Pickles is in Al- Beda’a area next to chocolate bar.

@SmashburgerQ8 Newest Branch


By now you should have tried Smash Burger that have a couple of branches around Kuwait. Well their latest branch is in Salmiya (map below).


Well even Mesho enjoyed their fries. Our recommendation is to go for the Kuwait Burger with a side of Veggie Fritas. Well, that is actually Her recommendation. His recommendation is to add some Kuwait fries with it instead.




Don’t forget to down it with some sweet milkshake. Vanilla is our choice.


The new branch is located at Salem Al-Mubarak Street (behind Olympia Tower)


William Sonoma : Wedding & Gift Service


I should have wrote this post a while ago but did not get the chance too. we have been really busy and I finally have the time and mood to blog…

William Sonoma opened their first store in the Middle East in The Grand Avenue on November 2012.

A while ago they invited us to announce that they  are now offering a wedding and gift service to their customers. It was my first visit to the store and certainly not last after seeing their kitchenware section. its a must visit !

The store is a lot more similar to Pottery Barn when it comes to quality and classic themes, you will notice that for sure when you first enter the store. only its more luxurious I think. Which makes a great place to get wedding gifts.

along with the furniture section there is a gorgeouse kitchenware section…




How cute are these fridge magnets!


Lots of a ice-cream making ideas


Baby Kitchenware

For the wedding gift service you can start by registering a dedicated wedding gift concierge that will help you creat a personalized list of the items you wish for. Friends and family can then select from that list to get you as a gift !

Even though its not a very familiar idea here in the Middle East, I think its a very smart way to help newlyweds to start up their lives with gifts that they actually want and picked up themselves.


New @CafeBazza : Eggs Selection Menu

Cafe Bazza is one of our favorite places to eat at. Now its our top favorite for sure! they added an eggs only menu! I love eggs!

I’d eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner I don’t mind…


His liked this (beathan) Almond drink, Her is not a big fan of it but she preffer their Vimto :love:


Bazza egg.. Her could have this every day…


sunny side ups with tomato sauce …


Eggs with cream cheese and corn..His favorite…


Eggs with cream cheese and spinach…Her favorite…



Eggs with truffles. very delicious…


I think this was sunnysideups with eggplants,tomatos and cheese. I really cant remember :-((


Eggs with Mishmish..I mean Mishmish taking his car for a ride :D


Eggs with sausage …


And this is the Eggs menu :love:

Oh Cafe Bazza just opened their new Branch at Qadsia Co-op. Its very spacious mashalla you can see why Mshari was playing with his car on the floor there :)





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