Icream Cafe

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Icream Cafe a franchise brought to you from Chicago to Kuwait now is opened at Discovery mall !

whats different about this ice-cream shop is that there is actually no ice-cream ready to be served there. Your ice-cream is made right in front of you when you order from a selection of choices on their menu, from frozen yogurt to ice-cream and even pudding… you get to choose your flavor, mixes and toppings …

Its a first of a kind unique experience with nitrogen, where your ice-cream will form and freeze right in front of you in seconds.

I myself am an ice-cream lover and really liked it! whats not to like about ice-cream made with your choices down to the last details :love:

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follow them on Instagram @icreamKuwait for more info.

Mrs. White’s Place Review


We were invited to try out Mrs. White’s Place at Kipco Tower last weekend. We have tried their cheesecakes before and they did not disappoint there. With their restaurant, they did exactly the same. The place is actually lively with everything being white all around you. Gets you in the good mood.


We started with a latte and Oreo shake while the savoury egg and sandwich dishes were served. They have a great collection of eggs.

We tried the steak omelette, Scrambled eggs on toast and the roast beef with eggs dishes. We do recommend you try out the roast beef from their egg menu. If you do go for lunch and want something more filling, the steak omelette is for you.

We had a couple of sandwiches to try out

We had the roast beef sandwich which is good. However the dish of the day for the savoury part was the “No so much French Toast” sandwich. We would definitely go back for that sandwich that contained turkey, cheese and cranberry. They also served a chilli bowl which is nice if you like chilli.



Now, for the best part of any restaurant, the dessert. We had the honey french toast, american pancakes and the all-star chocolate pancakes.

The french toast was really good, specially with the  honey cereal on top. The american pancakes came with 4 toppings (raspberry, cinnamon, dulce de leche and maple syrup). As for the All- Star chocolate pancakes. We recommend if you order this, make sure you have an empty stomach. IT was our best dessert of the day.

Of course if you are in the mood for some cheesecake, they have their selection to choose from.


We do recommend to try Mrs White Place for breakfast or brunch. You will definitely enjoy it. It is located on the ground floor of Kipco tower. Open 7 days a week from 7 am till 4 pm.

Gathering Bistro Breakfast Menu

This week The Gathering Bistro cafe launched their breakfast mnu which we had a taste of last week in a tasting event…


I love the location of the cafe its so suitable for this kind of weather and away from the crowds. Its located right infront of Alsalheya Complex Right behind the mosque.

We got to try the sweet and savoury. We liked the Pesto eggs the most and both pancakes were to die for.. I’ll leave you with the pics to say the rest ..


Follow The Gathering Bistro On Instagram :@Gatheringkw

A Slice Of Fashion With AlOstoura

ALOstoura Held an event under the name of aa Slice Of Fashion. Presenting  yummy edible Fashion, they invited bloggers and fashionistas to the event at Althuraya Comples…



Lots of bakeries participated to create the fashionable cakes and this Mcqueen cake is by Little Treats…

We had fun socialising and having some delicious desserts.

Thanks to Alostoura for the fun night we had.

OliverSan New Menu

Releasing their new menu Oliversan ,contemporary asian cuisine, invited bloggers to try it out.

we were first served some appetisers such at the Tom Yum Soup, which I Loved and would definitely go back to,then came the Rice Noodle Salad With Crispy Spring Roll. It was very different and creative, the dressing was a bit sweet.



Along came other appetisers such as the Black Tiger Shrimp On Wheat Toast and the Crispy Dragon Prawn. Both were very delicious.




Main Course: Oliversan Peking Duck, I’m not a big fan of duck but if you are you should go for it, it came with bread wraps, veggies and a couple of sauces so that you make your own duck wrap.


Sweet and Sour Fresh Fruit Chicken, its like a warm fruit salad with chicken, too sweet, if you like something different you should really try it. I’ve never tried something like this dish before.


Mongolian Beef Tenderloin, we all enjoyed that dish, the beef was very tender and moist.


Braised Short Ribs, I personally liked it a lot.


Ultimate King Paw, Its a combination of beef , prawns, chicken and lots of vegetables and roasted peanuts, very delicious as well.


Oliversan Rice, loved it. its white rice with olive oil and some kind of herb that looked like lettuce I’m not really sure what it was.


Oliversan Exotic Vegetable Chow Mein: its noodles with vegetables, I like my noodles with lots of veggies and that was perfect .


Unfortunatley we had to leave before dessert , we sure will try it in our next visit.

Overall it was a delicious experience that we would enjoy having again for sure.

Cucina Reopening

Cucina restaurant reopened at hotel Missoni with a new Chef ” Giorio Locatelli” and an Italian Menu. They invited us to dinner to try out their new menu. His didn’t come so I took My sis to dine with me.



we started with a buffet of starters along with a fresh bread basket. the starters were fresh and I always appreciate grilled veggies.



Then came the pasta. We both loved the creamy mushroom one but I did not like the combination of tomato sauce and sea food on the other pasta…




We had the lamb and fish for the mains, Fish was really ,well, fishy, I did not like it at all . The lamb was perfectly cooked its buttery and melts in your mouth.




Then came the dessert. I thought it was ok. If your a fan of  Teramisu you would like theirs.



The view is really beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxing and romantic. a very nice place for couples to dine in.





Dubai: Hadoota Masreya


As usual, any visit to Dubai means a new place to eat. One restaurant we found out was new was “Hadoota Masreya” that served Egyptian cuisine. As Egyptian is one of our favourite cuisines, we had to try it out for dinner.


We got to say that their menu is HUGE, it took us a while to know what to get. For starters we got Falafel, Foul and Tahena. This itself, was enough for dinner.


As for the main course, we had a Mooekheya with chicken and Koshari. Ordering a Molokheya comes with a cinematic entrance from the chef. Pretty nice. Again their food quantity is more than enough.


Finally, the dessert. We really wanted to go with Zalabya fondue, but Her wasn’t sure it would mix. So we just went for the original Roz Bel-laban with ice cream. It was great!

If your are visiting Dubai and you are into Egyptain food. This place is it. We warn you, you will be choosing from a pretty great list that has all Egyptian wonders such as pigeon, meshaltet, etc.

It is located of Sheikh Zayed Road in Al- Safa building.


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