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Featured on Cosmopolitan, Ammnah Alhaddad an Emirate female weight lifter is aiming to be sent to the Olympics 2016. achieving the record of  235 pounds in two lifts ! She plans to be the forth woman sent by Emirates to the olympics as the sent three women so far.

Her Hijab or culture did not stop her from becoming what she wants and dreams to be.What an inspiration of what a muslim, Arabic ,Khaliji woman could achieve ! and idol and pride mashalla.

More about her on Gulfnews.com


Review: Gloss Salon (@Glosssalonkw )

A few days ago
. It contained two of my favorite nail polish colors from “nailstation”. Seeing the invitation I was excited to give the salon a visit and try out their service in their new location.

When I arrived there I was greeted by the wonderful Mrs. Noura Al-Bahar and was introduced to the salon. I was offered the berry spa mani/padi and a relaxing back massage.

I tried the cracked nail polish, it was my first time to try it out. The pink color should have been brighter though.

They also make their own natural body scrubs, they had two different scents (Strawberry and Coffee). Mrs. Al-Bahar was kind enough to give me the Strawberry scrubs as a gift to try out.

Overall, I loved the place, the atmosphere and the friendly staff. I would go there again for another back massage session (I really needed that, thanks to mesho). I would like to thank gloss salon for the lovely invitation to try their services.

They are located at:

Block 1A,
St. No. 8
Building 28,FIRST FLOOR


Cooking Class At @chef_boutique

Basma from 13 Cups organized a bloggers cooking class at Chef Boutique. After voting, we have chosen the Italian cuisine to be part of the class.

The place can handle up to 12 people (if you book a group of 8 then it will be all yours). The owners (Olga and Victor) had all the ingredients ready for us to start cooking. Our chef was the chef in Al Dante restaurant in Movenpick Free Trade Zone.

They showed us how to prepare and cook. We also had our own recipes on each station. Our dishes were The Eggplant, goat cheese pesto Salad and the Chicken Pesto Pasta.

Can you guess which is Hers and which is His?

We got to taste our own creation and we must say that it was perfect (how can we say it was bad :P). Of course we had some creative bloggers out there. It was like Masterchef Kuwait and the competitors were:

• Q8 Rain
• Lady B
• Basma 13 Cups
• Halloum
• Froyonation
• Triple F
• 360 Dewan
• Q8 Stig
• His & Hers

Chef Boutique has different cuisines every day so you can find the schedule/contact/location on their website.

Gulf Run Endurance Race Started

The GulfRun Endurance race has started today at 3:15 pm. This means it will end tomorrow (Saturday) at 5:15 pm. The event is very professionally planned. There are currently 11 teams competing.

I heard that the top is at 657 laps after 7 hours !! This will be interesting. You still got time to pass by (anytime really till 5:15 pm).

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