Isabel Maratn Pour H&M Sneak Peak

This week H&M gave us a sneak peak to Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection.. we were able to see it for the first time, take pictures and try them on.



The collection had some casula and also dressy pieces. It also Contains Isabel Marant’s first male collection and I have to say there were some must have pieces there.


The collection also included a kids wear..

There was a couple of pieces that caught my eyes…

OliverSan New Menu

Releasing their new menu Oliversan ,contemporary asian cuisine, invited bloggers to try it out.

we were first served some appetisers such at the Tom Yum Soup, which I Loved and would definitely go back to,then came the Rice Noodle Salad With Crispy Spring Roll. It was very different and creative, the dressing was a bit sweet.



Along came other appetisers such as the Black Tiger Shrimp On Wheat Toast and the Crispy Dragon Prawn. Both were very delicious.




Main Course: Oliversan Peking Duck, I’m not a big fan of duck but if you are you should go for it, it came with bread wraps, veggies and a couple of sauces so that you make your own duck wrap.


Sweet and Sour Fresh Fruit Chicken, its like a warm fruit salad with chicken, too sweet, if you like something different you should really try it. I’ve never tried something like this dish before.


Mongolian Beef Tenderloin, we all enjoyed that dish, the beef was very tender and moist.


Braised Short Ribs, I personally liked it a lot.


Ultimate King Paw, Its a combination of beef , prawns, chicken and lots of vegetables and roasted peanuts, very delicious as well.


Oliversan Rice, loved it. its white rice with olive oil and some kind of herb that looked like lettuce I’m not really sure what it was.


Oliversan Exotic Vegetable Chow Mein: its noodles with vegetables, I like my noodles with lots of veggies and that was perfect .


Unfortunatley we had to leave before dessert , we sure will try it in our next visit.

Overall it was a delicious experience that we would enjoy having again for sure.

Cucina Reopening

Cucina restaurant reopened at hotel Missoni with a new Chef ” Giorio Locatelli” and an Italian Menu. They invited us to dinner to try out their new menu. His didn’t come so I took My sis to dine with me.



we started with a buffet of starters along with a fresh bread basket. the starters were fresh and I always appreciate grilled veggies.



Then came the pasta. We both loved the creamy mushroom one but I did not like the combination of tomato sauce and sea food on the other pasta…




We had the lamb and fish for the mains, Fish was really ,well, fishy, I did not like it at all . The lamb was perfectly cooked its buttery and melts in your mouth.




Then came the dessert. I thought it was ok. If your a fan of  Teramisu you would like theirs.



The view is really beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxing and romantic. a very nice place for couples to dine in.





Isolda: From Brazil To Kuwait

Isolda a brazilian brand, launched their latest collection at Boutique N in Burj Jassim Lats night. Celebrating their colorful collection Boutique N held a Brazilian night at the boutique introducing the designer and her beautiful work.


by 8 the place got crowded with bloggers and Instagrammers…


The fabrics and designs were one of their kinds… I loved the octopus print!




The DJ behind the tunes of the night…


Look of the night…


as always the exciting event was held by Nouf of @PLTq8 a special thanks to her and the owners of Boutique N.



Petite & Sweet is Now Opened at The Discovery Mall


Last Monday Petite and Sweet store opened at The Discovery mall and invited me and Misho to the event. The event was mad for kids to have fun and Misho sure did! I had to trick him into leaving the store !


There was a clown out side the store greeting kids with balloons. A beautiful candy buffet was set out side for kids.




Inside the store there was a kids grooming section and a nail spa section “sooo Adorable” while in the back there was a play area were they can play while mommy shops. Mishari was so occupied he wouldn’t even know if I left the store!


THE CLOTHES are some of the cutest pieces I have ever seen, they are very unique and elegant. If you have a baby girl you should really give them a visit.





There was also a toys donation box outside…



We both really enjoyed the event and wish the owners best of luck.

Petite & Sweet is located in Discovery mall ground floor . call them : +96597969688. or follow them in Instagram @petite_n_sweet_



Asnan Wedding Event

Celebrating the weddings season Asnan launched their wedding package preforming fake weddings in the event from different cultures. they prepared three surprises I stayed untill surprise #2 I couldn’t stay longer.






The first surprise was an Egyptian wedding Zaffa… there was too much press I couldn’t take proper pics but you can see the video on our Instagram account …

The second surprise was a Lebanese Zaffa, I think,… I left while it started..



A lot of famous bloogers and Instagrammers attended the event which took place at Asnan Tower outdoor Garden.

For more information about their wedding package call : 25736666 or follow them on Instagram @asnantower

Supporting @DubaiExpo2020

In just over two months, the city that will be holding the Expo 2020 will be announced. Dubai is running in the bid to host the biggest expo of them all. This is as close as it gets from us and as Kuwaitis we should support UAE and Dubai because they have went to great distances.


Dubai has been doing great projects year after year and the amount of new projects to be started soon are just amazing. Innovation at its best comes to Dubai and the amazing projects. Whether it’s those skyscrapers, the artificial islands, the roads infrastructures and a great transport system on land and in the air. Dubai will never stop amazing us.

Many of us have travelled all around the world, to places where innovation never stopped. We can easily say that Dubai is one of those top places that any other city would have difficulty competing with. UAE has been recently ranked with the top countries in the world in the world economic forum’s World Competitiveness report. Compare it with the past 20 years and you will know UAE has been doing more than great.

Let’s support Dubai to host the World Expo 2020 and let them make us proud.

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