New Year Resolution



2013 passed by so fast and here we are at the end of it.. at the end of next year I really want to have some things to change in my life… hopefully I get some of the things on my list accomplished :worried:


1. I want to get in shape and be fit and healthy.

2. Start working on my on starting my own business.

3. Have another kid… way…no really not gonna happen:p

4. Try to be nicer and not complain a lot (tough one).

5. Learn baking basics and be damn good at it.

6. Try to practice my hobbies more often.

7. Find Misho a suitable day care… I don’t know how the hell is that going to happen God help me :(

8. Read more and watch tv less.

9. Have a life changing experience ‘hopefully a good one’.

10. Drink more water.

11. Make His quit  smoking Shisha.

A Slice Of Fashion With AlOstoura

ALOstoura Held an event under the name of aa Slice Of Fashion. Presenting  yummy edible Fashion, they invited bloggers and fashionistas to the event at Althuraya Comples…



Lots of bakeries participated to create the fashionable cakes and this Mcqueen cake is by Little Treats…

We had fun socialising and having some delicious desserts.

Thanks to Alostoura for the fun night we had.

A Day At Kidzania


Ever since Kidzania opened at The Avenues I’ve been wanting to take Mishari there but it was always crowded. When Halloween came Kidzania announced their Halloween theme and invited us to check it out , I was excited and could not wait to take Misho.

Too bad they canceled the theme because of cultural and religious reasons as they said but we got in anyways.

Even though I heard so much about the place and saw lots of pictures I was still very impressed when I saw the place and wished I was a kid again so I could play there.

Mishari is only two years old so he could not participate in all the activities yet there was a lot that he could do and enjoy. we first took the tour bus to discover the place. Then we went to the construction site, where he was dressed like a builder and started building a wall with the help of the staff. Adults are not allowed inside the site so I stepped out and watched. I was really happy to see how engaged he was , he even forgot that I was there.When he was done with playing there he got a paid for his work! that was really cute.

Then we went to the Art Club were he started painting like Picasso. I loved sharing that moment with him.

There are also a toddlers only area upstairs were Misho really enjoyed his time moving around and discovering the place freely. I have to say that Kidzania have the most friendly staff of people that I have ever met. they’re all really good with kids.

There was a lot of fun things to do there I think kids could spend a whole day there without being board. Even I as an adult enjoyed my time there, its fun and educational in so many different ways for kids.

The only thing that I thought was unthought of was the adult fee. Its a bit much to pay that amount of money to enter the place with your kid. after all you are only there to supervise.

Overall its a must visit for parents and kids.

Isabel Maratn Pour H&M Sneak Peak

This week H&M gave us a sneak peak to Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection.. we were able to see it for the first time, take pictures and try them on.



The collection had some casula and also dressy pieces. It also Contains Isabel Marant’s first male collection and I have to say there were some must have pieces there.


The collection also included a kids wear..

There was a couple of pieces that caught my eyes…

@ZainKuwait Re-Make That Ad


Zain are running a competition for those creative ones out there. All you have to do is click on the image above and you will be sent to their Facebook page. Where you can choose one of their ads and re-make it. Once you have your video ready, you just upload it to Youtube and send them the link through their competition page on Facebook.

There will be 5 winners and some surprise prizes. Good luck.

Asnan Wedding Event

Celebrating the weddings season Asnan launched their wedding package preforming fake weddings in the event from different cultures. they prepared three surprises I stayed untill surprise #2 I couldn’t stay longer.






The first surprise was an Egyptian wedding Zaffa… there was too much press I couldn’t take proper pics but you can see the video on our Instagram account …

The second surprise was a Lebanese Zaffa, I think,… I left while it started..



A lot of famous bloogers and Instagrammers attended the event which took place at Asnan Tower outdoor Garden.

For more information about their wedding package call : 25736666 or follow them on Instagram @asnantower

Highlights Ombre






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