The Night Zoo Keeper

When we say we want better education in Kuwait, then more creative ideas are required. We got introduced to the Night Zoo Keeper by Andrew Schofield. Andrew Says:

“I’m in the process of approaching a number of schools to promote a primary school project called the Night Zookeeper that is a free online resource for schools that encourages creativity in children and inspires them to produce creative writing and artwork about their own magical animal. The project has been developed by two of my University friends back in the UK and it focuses on the development of children’s English, Art & ICT skills (it is also directly linked in to the English National Curriculum).

The project is based around the adventures of a Night Zookeeper and the fantastical animals he meets on his daily rounds. By participating in the adventures of the Night Zookeeper children paint, draw, sing, write and play their way through an ever evolving game. The project encourages creativity in children and inspires them to produce creative writing and artwork about their own magical animal which they can then upload into the world of the Night Zoo, where anything is possible! Children are then encouraged to take on the role of a Night Zookeeper themselves. They must carry out ‘Missions’ to look after the animals in the zoo, these typically involve playing imaginative, offline games like making up a dance, singing a song or writing a story.

The project recently won 1st prize at the Education ‘Startup Weekend’ in London sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Video from the event) and they then followed this win with victory at the prestigious Learning Without Frontiers conference this month.”

Night Zookeeper: The StartupWeekend EDU London Winner’s Story from Tap Bang on Vimeo.

We have many English schools here that should start using this to get our youngsters more creative. I mean kids can get more creative than any adult and all you need is to push them.

If you have a kid, try it out here:

The Night Zookeeper

How To Prepare French Coffee

Gloria Jean’s coffees were kind enough to send us this video on how to prepare French coffee , I found it to be helpful and thought I would share it with our lovely readers :)

The Kitty Myth


we all have heard it before “kitties are not allowed around pregnant ladies” well there is an explanation to that. I read this very interesting article about the case and thought I’d share the facts in it with you :)

it turns out that actually not the cat it self  is the threat but its litter ,which contains a parasite that can lead to “toxoplasmosis” : a condition that can restrict the growth of the fetus . and its a threat to your baby only if you are infected for the first time during pregnancy (you may have immunity to it if you’ve already been exposed) and you can check that by a simple test.

in fact you can actually keep the kitty and even pet it but make sure you clean your hands very well if you do so. and try to avoid exposure to litter while pregnant . let some one else change it or at least wear gloves when you do.


NBK Honors Outstanding Students

NBK honored Kuwait high school graduates who achieved outstanding results in their final year at a ceremony at NBK headquarters yesterday.Ms. Shaikha Al Bahar received them in the Head office and congratulated them personally with NBK executive management.


That Al-Salasil :Story Telling Event!

“That Al-Salasil” book shop is hosting a story telling event for the age from 4-6 years old on SAT the 25th of JUNE. The Event will include coloring activity too snacks and more. The event is free of charge .
its nice to see such events…specially ones that encourages kids to read :love:


I just registered to dawrat website. This website provides you with different training courses from different topics such as marketing, customer services, etc. I loved the idea and I was told it got the best project in P2BK this year.

Once you create the an account, you choose your favorite course topics. Once done, you can search for courses available and register online. That simple !

You get points when you finish your course.


Check their website here

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