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I have always been a fan of children’s section in IKEA, actually most of Meshari’s furniture and toys are from there. I think they are child friendly and educational. IKEA Kuwait is now participating in their world wide campaign that allows children in countries of poverty get the education they need.

Ikea foundation is supporting children in developing countries with the annual Soft Toy for Education campaign by funding education programs run by Save the Children and UNICEF.

From November 9th 2014 until January 3ed 2015, for every IKEA soft toy, the IKEA Foundation will donate one euro to education programs around the world supported by UNICEF and Save the Children. Also applies to online purchases.

The Soft Toys for Education campaign aims to provide quality education to children living in poverty in developing countries. Since the campaign started in 2003, education from annual IKEA Soft Toy campaign have totalled 67 million euros, helping more than 11 million children in 46 countries to enjoy their right to quality education.

For more information on this visit :



Participate With Thukher

أعدّ فريق متخصص من برنامج ذخر لتنمية القيادات الواعدة الإستبيان الآتي لحصر آراء أفراد المجتمع الكويتي فيما يخص القضية الإسكانية ومنه سيرفع لمجلس الأمة وقد قام الفريق بهذا العمل إيماناً منهم بإيجاد حلول مقبولة لمشكلة الإسكان في دولة الكويت

استبيان القضية الاسكانية #البيت_ذخر

شارك في الاستبيان و وصل صوتك لمجلس الأمة

A Day At Kidzania


Ever since Kidzania opened at The Avenues I’ve been wanting to take Mishari there but it was always crowded. When Halloween came Kidzania announced their Halloween theme and invited us to check it out , I was excited and could not wait to take Misho.

Too bad they canceled the theme because of cultural and religious reasons as they said but we got in anyways.

Even though I heard so much about the place and saw lots of pictures I was still very impressed when I saw the place and wished I was a kid again so I could play there.

Mishari is only two years old so he could not participate in all the activities yet there was a lot that he could do and enjoy. we first took the tour bus to discover the place. Then we went to the construction site, where he was dressed like a builder and started building a wall with the help of the staff. Adults are not allowed inside the site so I stepped out and watched. I was really happy to see how engaged he was , he even forgot that I was there.When he was done with playing there he got a paid for his work! that was really cute.

Then we went to the Art Club were he started painting like Picasso. I loved sharing that moment with him.

There are also a toddlers only area upstairs were Misho really enjoyed his time moving around and discovering the place freely. I have to say that Kidzania have the most friendly staff of people that I have ever met. they’re all really good with kids.

There was a lot of fun things to do there I think kids could spend a whole day there without being board. Even I as an adult enjoyed my time there, its fun and educational in so many different ways for kids.

The only thing that I thought was unthought of was the adult fee. Its a bit much to pay that amount of money to enter the place with your kid. after all you are only there to supervise.

Overall its a must visit for parents and kids.

Zain Walwa7sh

Last Tuesday we were invited to the VIP show of  ‘Zain Walwa7sh’  play by Zain Kuwait.I was so excited I felt like a chield. I did not want to miss it like I missed the first one. For the third year in raw Zain crated  plays that showed in Eid Alfuter time and invited bloggers for the first show.


This year Zain decided to sell the costumes of the play in an auction and donate the money to charity…


Where do I start? the fascinating decoration and effects, the very talented yuong actors we have in Kuwait, the sophisticated dialogue , plot and theme of the play which is written by the brilliant Hiba Hamada !









In short,its a show you do not want to miss. Its classy, sophisticated and very entertaining.Its what theater should be like for children as well as adults.

I cannot wait for Mshari to grow up so I can take him with me to Zain’s plays.

Dawrat: Your Online Portal For Training

Dawart is an online portal where you can register to different trainings in Kuwait. A special profile that you update will provide you with notifications regarding upcoming trainings and seminars that cover your topics of interest.

I always admired online portal, and this is a first of it’s kind training portal in Kuwait. Where you can pay through K-net and guarantee your place.

Give them a visit and check out the various training coming to Kuwait.

ELC launches The Khleegi House Toy

Happy land create these cute family houses which my niece got previously. Now they are launching the Khaliji House toy which I think is adorable. Such toys teach children social skills and help build their characters.

ELC locations:

The Avenues

Alrawdah co-co

Salmeya oppose to Alfanr


Training Gate International

We were informed about Training Gate International and we thought to help them spread the word:

“Training Gate International (TGI) is a non-profit organization established in July, 2009, as the first and the only one of its kind in Kuwait to operate as a specialized human resources development organization focusing, in collaboration with international partners, on training and skills development for people with disabilities, their families, advocates, teachers, supervisors, co-workers, and related professional service providers in both the public and private sectors. TGI services also include activities in this field such as organizing exhibitions, conferences, and training and entertainment camps.”

A great initiative to help those in need. Please check their website for the upcoming training.


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