It’s (Pretty Little Things) Anniversary!

PLT is holding their Expo celebrating their first anniversary this week presenting a great selection of brands from Kuwiat, KSA and Bahrain… make sure to pass by I’m very sure you’ll find something interesting :)



Nice Gergi3an Idea!

My sis got this girge3an for our parents …I loved the idea its so creative  :)


Made by : Shayma’a Al-najdy- 65021118

Froobie Competition!

A new competition Froobie is holding is called crEATe Froobie, where customers can create their treat and post it through our twitter account (@Froobie_) and the final winner with the most likes will win a Froobie prize!

Sounds fun :D good luck to everyone

Sushi Candy

Edible candies made by you !:D

Congratulations Meshary

Meshary won our 4th creativity competition with the entry “The Escape” scoring 8.8/10. Again, this one was very close between the top 3. Here is the rest of the entries rankings:

2- Inception By Hafiz (8.7)
3- Power By Mudassir (8.6)
4- Flower By Farzeena (8.3)
5- Drawing His & Hers By Adel (7.2)
6- Horse By Mohammed (7.1)
7- Light Bulb By Ahmed (6.5)
8- Fire By Osman (6.4)
9- La Petite Eiffel By Eman (6 )
10- Dish By Adrenaline (5.5)
11- Hand Power By Rashed (5.3)
12- Cloud Painting ByPistachio (5)
12- Holding Sun By Fahad (5)
14- Holding Sun By Top Secret (4.8)
15- Pill Addiction By Hanzel (4.3)

We would like to thank everyone who participated and made this competition successful with all your creative entries. Thank you everyone who voted for the entries. Finally, we would like to thank Zain who supported this competition for the last three months and provided us the help to make this competition really creative.

Happy new year, and enshalla see you in 2011.

Voting Time: It’s All Perspective

Well it is time to vote for the most creative picture. You know the rules don’t you?

– Vote for creativity
– Any cheating we see will disqualify the entry
– One vote per person/per pic
– Voting ends tomorrow at 12 midnight

Good luck :)

His & Hers Creativity: Extended

Just a note: We have extended the entries until Wednesday 12 Noon.

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