Icream Cafe

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Icream Cafe a franchise brought to you from Chicago to Kuwait now is opened at Discovery mall !

whats different about this ice-cream shop is that there is actually no ice-cream ready to be served there. Your ice-cream is made right in front of you when you order from a selection of choices on their menu, from frozen yogurt to ice-cream and even pudding… you get to choose your flavor, mixes and toppings …

Its a first of a kind unique experience with nitrogen, where your ice-cream will form and freeze right in front of you in seconds.

I myself am an ice-cream lover and really liked it! whats not to like about ice-cream made with your choices down to the last details :love:

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follow them on Instagram @icreamKuwait for more info.

Women Power

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Featured on Cosmopolitan, Ammnah Alhaddad an Emirate female weight lifter is aiming to be sent to the Olympics 2016. achieving the record of  235 pounds in two lifts ! She plans to be the forth woman sent by Emirates to the olympics as the sent three women so far.

Her Hijab or culture did not stop her from becoming what she wants and dreams to be.What an inspiration of what a muslim, Arabic ,Khaliji woman could achieve ! and idol and pride mashalla.

More about her on Gulfnews.com



Fiore is a small business of a very talented artist based in Kuwait  Her designs captured my attention as they are very unique and one of their kind…





Thats one of her signature pieces, it comes in two colours, beige and blue





Follow @FioreKW on Instagram to see all of the collections

For Orders : BBPin: 75f62264 Whatsapp 97292676


A Slice Of Fashion With AlOstoura

ALOstoura Held an event under the name of aa Slice Of Fashion. Presenting  yummy edible Fashion, they invited bloggers and fashionistas to the event at Althuraya Comples…



Lots of bakeries participated to create the fashionable cakes and this Mcqueen cake is by Little Treats…

We had fun socialising and having some delicious desserts.

Thanks to Alostoura for the fun night we had.

Zain Walwa7sh

Last Tuesday we were invited to the VIP show of  ‘Zain Walwa7sh’  play by Zain Kuwait.I was so excited I felt like a chield. I did not want to miss it like I missed the first one. For the third year in raw Zain crated  plays that showed in Eid Alfuter time and invited bloggers for the first show.


This year Zain decided to sell the costumes of the play in an auction and donate the money to charity…


Where do I start? the fascinating decoration and effects, the very talented yuong actors we have in Kuwait, the sophisticated dialogue , plot and theme of the play which is written by the brilliant Hiba Hamada !









In short,its a show you do not want to miss. Its classy, sophisticated and very entertaining.Its what theater should be like for children as well as adults.

I cannot wait for Mshari to grow up so I can take him with me to Zain’s plays.

Walk In Closet Designs

I just looove walk in closets and always wanted to do one so I’ve been searching the web to get some ideas and found some good ones..








Smart Kids Feeding Essentials

I passed by Mothercare store the other day to buy some traveling food bowels for Msharies meals and I saw these really creative food packing stuff and thought I’d share them…



Misho just loved this snack holder he was carrying it around today eating his fruits :love: .. its created in a way that the kid would hold it and reach for his snack without creating a fuss and it will give your baby a sense of  independence…



These bowels came with different sizes with lids and a removable base…



I really liked this traveling tray…


30024_pink_Lunch box…

43124_aA while ago i got this for my baby after he choked with a piece of apple. you can put the fruit or veggie he likes inside the net. its also suitable for babies who are teething as a soother from the pain.

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