What Can A Pregnant Woman Wear In Kuwait!?

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Now when I first got pregnant I knew I had to shop for new maternity cloths when I looked at my older ones they were worn out and the colours were just washed off. So I went to stores that I’ve shopped from in my previous pregnancy and found out this!…

Top Shop have removed their maternity section and so did H&M. I was so counting on getting my jeans and leggings from there. Went to mother care to find out that the maternity wear section have been shrunk to a tiny section which mostly included pj’s and things that only a 70 year old woman would wear !

Now I was stuck with Destination Maternity “which is the only store in Kuwait specialised in maternity wear” and also have the granny clothes issue going on. except for maybe a couple of pieces from Jessica Simpson’s collection which are really over priced for something thats gonna fit for a couple of months only…

I ended up not buying anything and going to shop online. while I was at it I found out that most store we have in the malls actually do include a maternity wear online. And if we do we have them, they are the worst collection that the market could offer.

The question is where shall a pregnant woman get her clothes from in this country?!  and why did the stores all of a sudden decided to remove pregnancy clothes from their stocks. Did we all of a sudden stop having babies here in Kuwait? I really don’t get it :-|

Alexander Wang For H&M Active Wear


Now this is a first! Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M is all about active wear…and I’m loving it. Even though some pieces raises the question of ” where the hell would I wear that?” I’m really digging it  :love:

Have You Seen Meadham Kirchhoff For Topshop?!



I passed by the store at the Avenues yesterday and saw these super cute bright color clothes at the entrance of Topshop and when I got in I saw the sign for the Meadham Kirchhoff collection !

Its been there for a week as the sales lady told me but unfortunately not all of the pieces are available…but its worth taking a look! check the gallery to see some of the pieces ..




Fiore is a small business of a very talented artist based in Kuwait  Her designs captured my attention as they are very unique and one of their kind…





Thats one of her signature pieces, it comes in two colours, beige and blue





Follow @FioreKW on Instagram to see all of the collections

For Orders : BBPin: 75f62264 Whatsapp 97292676


A Slice Of Fashion With AlOstoura

ALOstoura Held an event under the name of aa Slice Of Fashion. Presenting  yummy edible Fashion, they invited bloggers and fashionistas to the event at Althuraya Comples…



Lots of bakeries participated to create the fashionable cakes and this Mcqueen cake is by Little Treats…

We had fun socialising and having some delicious desserts.

Thanks to Alostoura for the fun night we had.

Isabel Maratn Pour H&M Sneak Peak

This week H&M gave us a sneak peak to Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection.. we were able to see it for the first time, take pictures and try them on.



The collection had some casula and also dressy pieces. It also Contains Isabel Marant’s first male collection and I have to say there were some must have pieces there.


The collection also included a kids wear..

There was a couple of pieces that caught my eyes…

Zuhair Murad Pre Fall 2013 now @BlackBoushiya





Black Boushiya Boutique is located in Both Salhiya and Alraya.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @blackboushiya

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