Now That You’re Two



Two years ago you came into our lives and filled it with joy and blessing.Two years ago you came and changed our life drastically, everything became all about you and our worlds became revolved around you. Every step I take with you is for you, you became my life and my everything.

You filled my heart with love for I have never loved anything so much in my life. You are a true blessing.

I thank Alla for having the chance to watch you grow every single day and hold your hand while taking every tiny step of the way. I thank him when I wake up every morning to your big naughty smile. I thank him when you fall asleep in my arms and pray that he would protect you and help me be a good mother to you.

I wish you all the happiness in the world. May Alla never show you harm or sorrow as long as you live and grow up to be the amazing person I know you will be.

Happy Birthday my dearest Mishari

Love, Mom

عيديتك لي باب بيتك مع بنك بوبيان!


فكرة ذكية من بنك بوبيان

Ghabgatna 2013


Last night some wonderful bloggers threw a Ghabga for female bloggers at one of their houses In Mishref… I got excited, I’ve been missing almost all the girls gatherings for the past year ,but this time I decided to go no matter what…

and I’m so glad I did . The girls made every effort to make it an amazing evening and it really was…



There was a beautiful tent set in the corner with a Henna lady…



Then Triangle restaurant people showed up and preformed for us with Gerge3an songs…





All the ladies looked gorgeous all dressed up with beautiful Dara’as and Kaftans and headpieces , its like I stepped into Sultan Sulaiman’s Haramlek :p

no really, they looked like Arabian princesses Mashalla!

Thank you Girls for the invite :*

Thanks to all the ladies who made the night… Iyaablog, Q80 High Street, Marawei, Surprise and More, Habbat, Yoloq8, Lovelifekw ,Q80ean.

I am very sorry if I missed anyone. I hope this becomes an annual thing :)


His & Hers Wish Giveaway

A small giveaway through Instagram, we want you to tell you followers what you wish for. Mention us on Instagram with your pic and add the hashtag #HHWish and you will enter the draw. Any private accounts should comment on our pic to inform us they joined just in case.

The giveaway is a Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Zain’s Social Media Day Teaser

Well, I got to say that only Zain social media team can make social media day work. With #SMDay coming in 10 dys time Zain released a teaser for their celebration. They made a big impact last year and I am sure they will make a big one this year.

L’Occitane Giveaway Winners


I would like to thank everyone who participated in L’Occitane New Years Resolution Giveaway. I hope 2013 brings you all the happiness and your wishes to come true.

I have added everyone to the iChoose app:


The winners are:

photo 1


photo 2

Congratulations Journey Kitchen and No.22 :). We will contact you soon.

X-cite Alghanim Celebration


X-cite Alghanim celebrated their one year anniversary of  launching their website  in a really fun way ! they invited us to a sushi class at Chef Boutique.


The chef started by teaching us how to do shrimp and vegetable tempura… we both got great results I couldn’t believe how easy that was!


Then he showed us how to 3 kinds of sushi. the one with the rice out side I think it was called uora, the one with the rice inside which I totally forgot whats it called and California Maki. He made it look very easy we actually believed we could do it as perfect as him! we were wrong :p


My first roll was not bad at all but the second one was a bit of a disaster. They did not taste bad at all I might say :love:

Too bad we had to leave before dessert but we had so much fun it was a great idea. At the end we would like to congratulate Xcite Alghanim and their team for their first anniversary and thank Chef Boutique and everybody who worked to make this event fun and enjoyable. :love:

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