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We haven’t been very active lately with the blog or the events and thats because we recently moved out of our home. I had no idea moving to a new place could be this hectic and would take us a long time to settle. However, I finally feel relieved and at home.

Being busy with home and family made me a bit selective when it came to events and social media. I’m  more picky now on who should I give my time and what it should be wasted on. Something we should have done long time ago in fact. Recently I have felt that we have become social media tools. we have become the cheapest and most powerful advertising tools to some business’s. They sent an invite, and we are expected to run to that event on time take pics and give them a huge publicity that they might not even deserve. For a piece of paper, a meal or a goodie bag, we are expected to like what ever they are advertising and complement it, Saving them lots of cash.

The idea of a review on a blog is miss understood in our blogging society. Reviewing should include your honest opinion and  your experience with what ever you are reviewing. Mention the good  and bad  because your readers are relying on your honest opinion as a customer like them. And if you are getting paid to review and compliment. Its OK..its your right, but do mention that its a paid review or paid ad ,if I may say ,to be more credible and honest to your readers. You see there is a difference between reviewing and advertising.

I have heard a lot of stories here and there  from bloggers about what companies think of us. Some bloggers, are haunted with emails by the PR companies for a post they were expected to write after visiting their restaurant! Others Over heard a restaurant owner saying ‘ invite bloggers.. they like to eat’ ! If this is what we are to them “just a tool” of advertising , then I will put higher standards on which event or invitation I should accept. After all WE ARE NOT GETTING PAID and we shall do whatever is suitable for us.

Just felt like getting this out of my mind ;)

ABK Ramadan TV Ad

Its really nice to see famous Kuwaiti bloggers on TV screen . Wish them best of luck :)

New Blog: Yahalooo

A new blog enters the blogosphere that is kind of related to us. A Kuwaiti couple with their first born baby girl. Their blog talks about different topics regarding parenting.




His & Hers KTV Interview

Last Tuesday we were interviewed on “9aba7 EL-Khair ya Kuwait” with Dalal Al-Janaie owner of Mars Venues. We talked mostly about how different men and women can be, our differences in blogging and other men/women topics.

Thanks to Dalal for the interview.

His & Hers Skins By @Ezgrt

Approximately a month ago we showed you the skins done by Ezgrt for our mobiles. Well, starting tomorrow Ezgrt will start selling the skins and covers on their website. The His & Hers covers are sold separately. However if you buy both His & Hers designs you will not be charged for shipping. currently the skins are for Galaxy note, Galaxy S3, iPhone 4(S) and iPad. New devices such as the iPhone 5 and Note 2 will be released within the next couple of months.

Make sure to check out tomorrow for their new collection.

Diaries Of A POW

I always said that TV shows never got to me when it comes to the invasion. If I want to see or read about it, I would rather have a documentary of true stories.

I saw this website on Botamba (sorry can’t remember which blog posted about it). However, Since I opened it I kept on reading the whole posts to see what happened.

The blog is about a real prisoner or war during the invasion. He writes his diares during the 8 months he was in prison and what really happened. A true story is always my kind of thing because it tells you how they really felt and what happened from people who went through it and not just “heard” about it somewhere.

Check Diaries Of A POW (in Arabic) to learn how the prisoners were treated during the invasion. I hope that one day this turns into an English version for the world to read.

Guide For Dummies ..By Bloggers

This is a little tag between bloggers that happened back in 2006. The tag is to create a “Book For Dummies” book. The blogs that were part of this are:

Saroona, Solar Alchemist, Fallen Angel, Beejay, Jewelz, AngeL, Bella Color, Wastedchix, Cuddlecakes, Samboosa, Deem, Spikey, Fayoora, Yazeez, L’s Brain.

Things have really changed!!

Although, I could only find 9 books (some blogs are closed and some hosts removed the pics).

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