Breast Cancer Awareness: Not Just A Ribbon

October is here and it is all about breast cancer awareness. Although such cases should be about awareness throughout the year. @Saudkh did mention that adding a “twibon” on your Twitter profile pic is not really what this needs. He mentioned that instead you can call who you know and tell them to go for a check-up.

I got to say, I didn’t really care about such awareness when I was younger. Maybe because I never knew someone who was affected by it. It was all about hearing about women having it.

This changed 3 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and last February lost the battle to it. My mother was diagnosed late, if only she did do the check-ups maybe she would be with us right now. Early detection can give a survival rate of 98%.

Maybe a ribbon won’t be helpful on your twitter pic. Actually helping others and donating for cancer research is the way to go.

For more information about breast cancer.

Dana Al-Nafisi’s Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

Dana Al-Nafisi is bringing back her collection for breast cancer awareness month. Two special necklaces that will contribute in donating funds for Breast Care Kuwait with a percentage of the sales.

For more information please visit her website or email her at info[a]

A Chance To Help Kids With Diabetes

In the spirit of giving and being charitable, Kuwait Charity Run is organizing yet another half marathon in the name of Charity, this time the proceeds will be going to Pumps4Kids! Last year over KD 60,000 was raised for Bayt Abdullah.
For more information click here.

Raising Your Child In Kuwait

When we visit other countries and specially when we were in Japan I couldn’t help but notice that every building ,subway, bathroom …etc is very well designed to help parents with babies. they know exactly what they need and they make it easier for people to go out  and travel with babies. the question is : when are we going to learn and do the same thing here?! what do we lack ? brains? money? I really don’t understand why:(

here in Kuwait…

the daily thing I would do is pass by the co-op with Mishari and I hate those metal strollers that are not convenient or safe for the child!

not even one mall has a decent day care service!

one gym in Kuwait has a nursery and its super expensive!

almost all buildings are not baby stroller friendly!

most restaurants don’t even have baby chairs!

and ironically, in  Discovery mall’s toilets ” a mall that is made for children”  there are no changing tables!!!

and why is that?!  because we depend on the help to do the work! meaning  i can’t even go out without her! I don’t want to have one in the first place, but here in Kuwait everything will be hard as hell to do if you go out a lone with your baby…

yes, most of the time I have to take my child with me because I would never leave him a lone with the maid no matter what. after all she is a stranger and I know nothing about her.

I really wonder what will happen if maids are banned in Kuwait?!



#Pumps4Kids Event Held Today

#Pumps4Kids is an initiative to raise funds for insulin pumps for children with type 1 diabetes in Kuwait. There will be an aweraness event today at 12:30 pm at the Dasman diabetes center. It wil also be looking for donations to help the kids.

The event will include professor Francine Kaufman:

“This is a unique opportunity to meet and listen to a world renowned Doctor in the field of Diabetes. Professor Francine Kaufman, MD is Director of the Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology at the University of Southern California (USC), LA, California.”

The event is open for everyone. For more, Follow @BSCorg on Twitter and @bscorgkw on Instagram

(Correction) Forbes: Kuwait 7th Laziest Country


CORRECTION: Kuwait is the 7th laziest country not 8th. (Thank you Mark)

According to Forbes, Kuwait is on their list of 20 top laziest countries around the world. With 122 countries taken into consideration, Kuwait was at number 7 world wide while it came in second place (Arab countries) after Saudi Arabia. The study shows that Kuwait is %64.5 inactive.

Of course it is the first day of Ramadan and people are sitting watching TV shows or sleeping waiting for the feast to start. The problem Kuwait doesn’t have the streets to force you to walk.

If we had a proper transport system maybe we would force ourselves to walk more often like we do abroad.


Facial Masks In Japan

Ever since we got back from Japan I wanted to write about this .. when we first arrived to Tokyo and took a walk in its streets we couldn’t help but notice that most people there wear facial they were  old people or youths or even babies!

its a very common view there…

turns out that several people wear this mask for different reason but the one reason I was really impressed with is that sick people would wear it so they wont be contagious  to other people! I remembered this when I was at 360 mall the other day buying something from a store and the cashier was obviously sick and blowing his nose then gave me the credit card and the receipt..yeakh :poke:  I immediately took a Dettol wipe out of my bag and wiped everything he touched!

it is considered rude to blow your nose in public in Japan by the way :p

other reasons are allergies , protection from germs specially in the subway which is a smart thing to do if you use the subway every day and get exposed to tons of  different peoples germs and believe it or not some wear it for the sake of fashion ! yes! some Gothic Japanese guys and girls would wear black ones.

they sell these masks every where in supermarkets and small venders, and  guess where I found ones as well ?!  SANRIO :D  yes Hello Kitty ones and I got them since I have a terrible allergy situation going on here with our lovely dusty weather…

they’re so light and comfortable to wear :love:


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