Soft Toy for Education Ikea Campaign



I have always been a fan of children’s section in IKEA, actually most of Meshari’s furniture and toys are from there. I think they are child friendly and educational. IKEA Kuwait is now participating in their world wide campaign that allows children in countries of poverty get the education they need.

Ikea foundation is supporting children in developing countries with the annual Soft Toy for Education campaign by funding education programs run by Save the Children and UNICEF.

From November 9th 2014 until January 3ed 2015, for every IKEA soft toy, the IKEA Foundation will donate one euro to education programs around the world supported by UNICEF and Save the Children. Also applies to online purchases.

The Soft Toys for Education campaign aims to provide quality education to children living in poverty in developing countries. Since the campaign started in 2003, education from annual IKEA Soft Toy campaign have totalled 67 million euros, helping more than 11 million children in 46 countries to enjoy their right to quality education.

For more information on this visit :



Participate With Thukher

أعدّ فريق متخصص من برنامج ذخر لتنمية القيادات الواعدة الإستبيان الآتي لحصر آراء أفراد المجتمع الكويتي فيما يخص القضية الإسكانية ومنه سيرفع لمجلس الأمة وقد قام الفريق بهذا العمل إيماناً منهم بإيجاد حلول مقبولة لمشكلة الإسكان في دولة الكويت

استبيان القضية الاسكانية #البيت_ذخر

شارك في الاستبيان و وصل صوتك لمجلس الأمة

Won’t Let You Go

I heard about this song a few days back and I think it is one of those songs that are worthy for posting about. Why? Well Feras worked on this song to raise awareness in October and to raise funds for cancer patients.

Below is a link to the song on itunes. Proceeds from buying the song form itunes will go directly to treatment for the ones who can’t afford it.

Itunes Link

Stray Dogs Attack Again!



Yesterday morning sweet Aisha, my 8 year old cousins daughter, got attacked by two stray dog in Khairan area. If it wasn’t for Alla’s mercy and the fact that they rescued her in a short time or she would have been eaten alive! she got bitten in multiple places on her little body. That night her mom sent a broadcast telling us that she is ok now and have been hospitalized. She could not inform us about any other details yet for they have been taking care of her child.

Now this is the second incident. In Ramadan a 4 year old girl was attacked as well as I heard, then that guy who started killing random stray dogs in a brutal way mad a fuss and a lot of people were very upset for his cruelty.

Just to be clear, we are AGAINST killing those animals in such cruel way, and we believe its not the answer to the problem. Those Stray dogs need to be captured by the responsible people and no one have the right to do what that guy did.

The point of posting her picture on Instagram was to aware people of the problem and take care not to let their children wander in such areas alone thinking that its safe. Also to let people who are responsible know that they are not doing their job and what happened to those poor children is on them.

I was really annoyed when one of the comments hinted that this whole thing was made up! why would we make such thing up using that little girls picture. we do not encourage killing dogs as I mentioned previously.

picture via: Bananaq8

ABK Ramadan TV Ad

Its really nice to see famous Kuwaiti bloggers on TV screen . Wish them best of luck :)

Zoya Event By Beautylicious


Again …Beautylicious held an exciting event allowing us bloggerttes to meet up with the one and only Zoya and her lovely husband Michael Reyzis!

I have to say that after this event I will wear Zoya nail polish and Zoya only! here is why…


Did you know that Zoya nail polish helps keep your nails moisturized. It also protects and reinforce nails to reduce daily wear-and-tear that can lead to weakness!

They are free of toxin Which makes them safe for pregnant women to wear! they are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals that are known to cause cancer and birth defects that most nail polish has.

Now during the event Zoya and her husband talked about how they started the beauty empire in the US. She left her career as a pianist and got into the cosmetology industry then started her own salon Zoya in Cleveland. Then she collaborated with her husband who’s is an advanced chemist to create the world most known nail polish brand.


After  the interesting story we got a sneak peek of the fall polish colors, they asked us not to take picture though.

one of the bloggers shared her story with Zoya and how it became the only nail polish she could wear after suffering from really bad allergic reactions on her skin  from chemicals in other nail polish brands. Doctor recommended her Zoya nail polish! she gave Zoya her picture from the invitationand painted all the shades she owns from zoya :D


And that was one real and eye opening story which convinced me to make that decision.

We left with a goody bag that contains 3 sets of Zoyas Summer colors to try out … and OH MY GOD was I happy! I was like a kid with lots of colorful yummy candies :-*

I will be sharing pictures of my favorite shades on instagram.

At the end I would like to Thank Beautylicious for bringing awesome beauty brands to our hands and spreading awareness about them.

Zoya Nail Polish is distributed by Beautylicious.



Laugh For Life 2.0

Laugh for Life 2.0 is the second event to be held in just over a year. Back in 2011, we attended the event which was a success. Now they are back with new comedians. The event will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday 16th and 17th of October.

To get you tickets you can buy them at Bait Lothan or by clicking here

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