Fiore is a small business of a very talented artist based in Kuwait  Her designs captured my attention as they are very unique and one of their kind…





Thats one of her signature pieces, it comes in two colours, beige and blue





Follow @FioreKW on Instagram to see all of the collections

For Orders : BBPin: 75f62264 Whatsapp 97292676


Aziz AlNasrallah’s Music Video

This music video was sent for us to share on our blog and I have to say I really liked the filming.It shows real talent!

Bakrah Productions is a new upcoming production house that is run by a group of young Kuwaitis.
Aziz AlNasrallah’s album “Adawir Nafsi” is available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores.

Basma Al-Saeed: Art Doesn’t Need Sight (@P2BKuwaiti)

We get annoyed and concerned when we have a small issue in our lives. An issue that makes us say “Why me god?”.

Meeting Basma in P2BK yesterday is an eye opener. Basma is a 13 year old girl who lost her sight. That however did not stop her from seeing the world through her art. Her passion for art and the love for her country made her see with her heart.

Her clay drawings are patriotic with the Kuwaiti flag, Kuwait towers and different Kuwaiti traditions being part of her drawings.

Basma is a role model and proof that we shouldn’t stop no matter what is blocking our way. When we love something, you keep doing it. For me Basma was a true “Proud to be Kuwaiti”.

I have seen some talents yesterday that Her will be talking about later, however Basma deserves her own post because she touched my heart. If you will be visiting P2BK, please make sure to pass by her booth and support her.

We wish her all the best in Her life.

Monarch Butterfly Nials

I liked this nail tutorial and I thought I’d share it :)

The Modern GIF

We all know gif animations (you know those small, bad resolution pics). Well, look at these gif pictures and how good the quality is. It gives you this HD look.




Amazing Kuwait City Photo

This is one of the best photographs I have seen. I usually check out som eKuwaiti photography on Flickr and DeviantArt from time to time. I stumbled on this shot on deviant art by Mohammed Al-Muhanna. you can check more of his work here

Simple Art

It is a nice to be just simple sometimes. These are some of celebrity/political figures in simple art.

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