Zain Walwa7sh

Last Tuesday we were invited to the VIP show of  ‘Zain Walwa7sh’  play by Zain Kuwait.I was so excited I felt like a chield. I did not want to miss it like I missed the first one. For the third year in raw Zain crated  plays that showed in Eid Alfuter time and invited bloggers for the first show.


This year Zain decided to sell the costumes of the play in an auction and donate the money to charity…


Where do I start? the fascinating decoration and effects, the very talented yuong actors we have in Kuwait, the sophisticated dialogue , plot and theme of the play which is written by the brilliant Hiba Hamada !









In short,its a show you do not want to miss. Its classy, sophisticated and very entertaining.Its what theater should be like for children as well as adults.

I cannot wait for Mshari to grow up so I can take him with me to Zain’s plays.

@lily_fleur Eid Breakfast Baskets

Lily Fleur have some beautiful Eid breakfast baskets that also make a wonderful Eid gift…

Joud Asrya 2

Joud Ryoog 3

@Phula_KWT Handmade Head Peices

Check out those beautiful hand made head pieces by @phula_kwt

For delivery whatsapp : +96599294729

عيديتك لي باب بيتك مع بنك بوبيان!


فكرة ذكية من بنك بوبيان

Ghabgatna 2013


Last night some wonderful bloggers threw a Ghabga for female bloggers at one of their houses In Mishref… I got excited, I’ve been missing almost all the girls gatherings for the past year ,but this time I decided to go no matter what…

and I’m so glad I did . The girls made every effort to make it an amazing evening and it really was…



There was a beautiful tent set in the corner with a Henna lady…



Then Triangle restaurant people showed up and preformed for us with Gerge3an songs…





All the ladies looked gorgeous all dressed up with beautiful Dara’as and Kaftans and headpieces , its like I stepped into Sultan Sulaiman’s Haramlek :p

no really, they looked like Arabian princesses Mashalla!

Thank you Girls for the invite :*

Thanks to all the ladies who made the night… Iyaablog, Q80 High Street, Marawei, Surprise and More, Habbat, Yoloq8, Lovelifekw ,Q80ean.

I am very sorry if I missed anyone. I hope this becomes an annual thing :)


Saffron Rice Recipe

I made this delicious Saffron Rice the other day for Futooor. I got the recipe from the net right before I go to sleep the night before it sounded easy and yummy! and it really was…


ingredients :

2 1/2 cups Basmati Rice.

1 cup thick cream.

3 cups of stock or water. ( I used water)

1/2 small spoon saffron.

2 tbs butter.



wash rice several times then soak it in salted water for 30 min.

in a medium pot melt the butter on a medium fire, add rice and stir for 3 minutes then add cream , water/stock , saffron and salt.

leave the rice to boil for 5 minutes , the reduce the fire and close the pot. leave for 20 minutes to cook.


I always ted to play with the measures and decrease the amount of butter and use low fat cream so that I don’t feel guilty :p

I served it with a side of butter chicken. absolutely delicious.



ABK Ramadan TV Ad

Its really nice to see famous Kuwaiti bloggers on TV screen . Wish them best of luck :)

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