Won’t Let You Go

I heard about this song a few days back and I think it is one of those songs that are worthy for posting about. Why? Well Feras worked on this song to raise awareness in October and to raise funds for cancer patients.

Below is a link to the song on itunes. Proceeds from buying the song form itunes will go directly to treatment for the ones who can’t afford it.

Itunes Link

Supporting @DubaiExpo2020

In just over two months, the city that will be holding the Expo 2020 will be announced. Dubai is running in the bid to host the biggest expo of them all. This is as close as it gets from us and as Kuwaitis we should support UAE and Dubai because they have went to great distances.


Dubai has been doing great projects year after year and the amount of new projects to be started soon are just amazing. Innovation at its best comes to Dubai and the amazing projects. Whether it’s those skyscrapers, the artificial islands, the roads infrastructures and a great transport system on land and in the air. Dubai will never stop amazing us.

Many of us have travelled all around the world, to places where innovation never stopped. We can easily say that Dubai is one of those top places that any other city would have difficulty competing with. UAE has been recently ranked with the top countries in the world in the world economic forum’s World Competitiveness report. Compare it with the past 20 years and you will know UAE has been doing more than great.

Let’s support Dubai to host the World Expo 2020 and let them make us proud.

More information

Ethics and Wasta: Who To Blame?

I was told about a little story that revolves around ethics. Let’s consider two different situations:

1- A person has a great idea and would like to make the dream come true. They work hard to reach their goal. During this course they have big time issues with government paperwork. Hard time to find find sponsors or investors. Advertisement is really expensive for them and it doesn’t even reach the required targets. However after years and years of hard work they reach their goal.

2- A person sitting in a Dewaniya. This persons comes up with a very simple idea that needs some money but the profit will be big. The person knows many people from all over Kuwait. They get sponsorships, advertisements, locations and anything that will help him in his idea. Of course this person doesn’t have to pay anyone and at the end they get the profit in a quick easy way.

Is there anything wrong with situation number 2? Ethically yes, there are many things wrong with it. Just because some people “know” people doesn’t mean their life should be easy while others wait in line and go through hell and back just to finish some simple paper work. Should I personally go and find a wasta just to finish my work?

Who should we blame? The person with ethics, who wants to make it clean? The person with wastas who know he will get what he wants because he knows people? or the person to gives the wasta because “traditions” can’t stop him from saying no or because their job is on the line?

Yes, there are opportunities some must take, maybe risks even. Yet taking the easy way is unfair to some people. Some people have great ideas but the idea vanishes in time when there is no wasta involved.

TV Show Schedule 2013/2014



Forget about all that Ramadan TV shows that have the same concept for the last 30 years. Jacqui just released the schedule for this years TV shows. Some really good shows will be premiering this month (exclude all the vampire shows of course).

I have some new shows now added to my “To Watch” list including the returning shows. Should be good as long no cancellations happen of course. What shows are you looking forward to?

Geek Toy: Home Arcade Machine By @SecertStage


Secret Stage is a Kuwaiti company that specialise in arcade games. They gave us one of their home arcade machines to try out during the weekend. Got to say that this really took us back in time with all the classic gaming consoles and games.


You first select your console then choose on of the games in the list. The list is huge really:

Arcade Machine Emulator

• Alien vs Predator • Circus Charlie • Simpsons • Dungeon & Dragons • Final Fight • Frogger • Golden Axe • WWF • Superman • Ice Climber • Ultimate Mortal Kombat

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles • Hyper Street Fighter • Michael Jackson MoonWalker • Pac Man • Popeye • Spiderman • Street Fighter 2 / 3 • Sunset Rider


• Metal Slug 5 • Samurai Showdown • King of Fighter 2002/2003 • Wind Jammer


• Batman • Batman Return • Battle City • Circus Charlie • Contra • Donkey Kong 1/2 • Double Dragon 2 • Dr. Mario • G.I. Jeo • Zelda 1/2 • Mario Bros • Megaman 2/3/6 • Metal Gear • Pac Man • Robo Cop • Snake Revenge • Super Mario Bros 1/2 • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2/3

Super Nintendo

• Conta 3 • Donkey Kong Country 1-2 • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition • Ms. Pac Man • Super Mario World • Super Meteoroid • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 • Batman • Zelda • The Mask


• Earth Worm Jim 1/2 • Rambo 3 • Shinobi 3 • Sonic & Knuckles • Sonic 2/3 • Streets of Rage 1/2 • Sunset Riders • Revenge of Shinobi

Game Cube

• Fire Emblem • Super Smasher Bros


• Capcom Vs SNK • Castlevania • Crash Bandicoot 2 • Marvel Super Heroes • Marvel Vs Capcom • Mega Man x4 • Street Fighter Alpha 3 • Tekken 3

Playstation 2

• Capcom Vs SNK 2 • Marvel Vs Capcom • Soul Calibre • Tekken 5 • Tekken Tag Tournament

As I know the games are updated regularly. So when you rent or buy one you will get the latest games available.


Each game has different buttons to be used so the buttons will light up accordingly to each game.

There are 4 types of Arcades that they sell.

• Home Arcade

a- 2 players
b- 27″ screen
c- LED buttons with instruction system for each game

Dimensions: Height = 71cm ,Width = 60cm

Wight: 40 KG

Price: 750 KD

• Cafe Arcade

a- 4 players
b- 47″ screen
c- LED buttons with instruction system for each game
d- Billing system

Dimensions: Height = 160cm ,Width = 120cm

Wight: almost 200 KG

Price: 1200 KD

• Big Arcade

a- 1 or 2 players (based on the cafes request)
b- 18.5″ screen
c- LED buttons with instruction system for each game
d- Billing system

Dimensions: Height = 50cm ,Width = 50cm

Wight: 30 KG

Price: 1000 KD

• Table Arcade

a- 2 players
b- 19″ screen
c- LED buttons with instruction system for each game
d- When finished playing, the drawer can be closed (controller hidden inside the table)

Dimensions: Length= 120cm ,Width = 70cm

Price: 700 KD

The home Arcade is the only type that can be rented:

1- One day renting:

Week days (Sunday to Wednesday) = 40 kd
Weekend days (Thuresday, Friday or Saturday) = 50 kd

*Special offer get 2 more persons from your side to rent an arcade the price will be 30 kd for each of you

2- Three days renting:

Any 3 consecutive days = 90 kd

3- One Week renting:

Renting for 7 consecutive days = 150 kd

*Special offer: get 1 more person from your side to rent an arcade the price will be 100 kd for each of you

To get your hands on one:

Contact them at +965 9090-4880
Email: secretstage4games{a}gmail.com

West Meets East

The video from the “X-Factor Around the World” special that aired a couple of weeks ago. This special bring winners and runner-ups from different X-factor shows around the world. Melanie Amaro (winner of the first X-factor USA) and Fatin Shidqia (Winner of the first X-Factor Indonesia) had a duet together and sang “The World’s Greatest – R.Kelly”.

What we see here is how two people with different race, language, background and religion have met for something that actually bring them together. This is how the west meets the east I guess.

With all the political issues going around us lately, hating on the west because of a decision and making up all this conspiracy theories is just what feeds the hate. We hate/like the west depending on their political stance on an issue.

While we use every single product the west invents and splurge when we take our vacations there. We have minor issues on what/who/where/why they believe in something other than what we believe in. Finding all the bad things about the west and forgetting that the west has many “positives” in our lives. Without the west I personally wouldn’t be writing this post.

The problem comes when we just look at everything negative and when we do find something positive we make up a conspiracy theory that the west just wants to destroy us. Even our politics are going haywire.

When we start changing our Arabian mindset and start working, maybe one day the west will be using our inventions and spending their money in our countries. Who knows, maybe we will see customised Ferraris from the UK wondering around our neighbourhoods.


Youtube Kuwait Is Official

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.20.20 PM

Well Youtube has officially gone Kuwaiti. Kuwait is part of the countries where you can customise your youtube to show the top charts for Kuwait. Of course this means that the partner program for Youtube might come to Kuwait soon.


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