Instawipes….You’ve been cleaned up


Well, the day has come where all has been revealed in front of our very own eyes. Yes the day where we know who wanted to be famous by faking it.

So we all have seen the celebrities who were affected by the Instagram fake/spam followers clean up that happened last week. It was pretty wild that day don’t you think?

Now lets set things straight, the number of followers was always the way for agencies to know how influential a celebrity is. Or to be exact that what they dreamed of. With that and the ad opportunity behind this, celebrities (or wanna be celebrities) wanted to get on that train as soon as possible so they do not miss an opportunity.

Influence is not about the number of followers. See the number of followers could be have more haters than lovers. People who just want you to slip and act on it. Influence is how much people trust you and believe you when you say something. Or even act upon something you ask them for. Influence comes with trust and not the total number of followers. On the other hand some people would think the number of “likes” is the influence. Again, you can actually buy likes now and I think even the likes decreased after the clean up.

The number of followers, the number of likes, the retweets, the blog or whatever social media “term” does not make you an expert. Social media is not something you teach in school or university. It’s not something you need a degree in. It’s not something that makes it a career.

Social media is a phase we are going through right now, an era. A decade ago your social media status was the number of MSN messenger friends you had. Before that was the IRC channels you are allowed in.

For me social media was always about sharing. Sharing your life with others. Even if it does not really show your real life…but pin points here and there. A place we usually share the “goods” and leave the bad hidden. It’s that nice cover we use.

This internet ego grew upon us. The number of followers gives you this “certificate” that you understand. It makes you think you are a specialist or a critic. Yet at the end its nothing but an opinion or taste. It’s only your taste in clothes, food or anything else. Yet when was the last time you have seen a Fashionista or Food expert post about something they do not like?

Week one: The best steak in Kuwait (restaurant 1)…OMG
Week two: The best steak in Kuwait (restaurant 2)…ufff 7ada 3ajeeeb

Instagram did not make people famous…People make people famous……

Plastic Surgery …. The Man’s View

Just watching a few minutes of E! and you will see that life is full of plastic.

A little stroll in the Instagram timeline and you will see those plastic lips and cheeks.

Personally, for me beauty is about the natural looks. Pumped up lips that resembles Daffy duck is not one of the things I really enjoy. I see plastic surgery is nothing but a way to show that you have low self esteem.

The problem, we see beauty the way the media shows us beauty. To be perfect in their eyes you need to be full in many places. Your lips have to be “ducked” all the time, your nose has to be symmetrical to your face and your eyes should be as wide as possible with lashes that can create a tornado on the other side of the world when you blink. The way people are obsessed of being “perfect” yet  that perfect is what the media shows us and not what perfect means.

I believe plastic surgery is needed in certain places or incidents where something is broken needs to be fixed. It is not the way to go to show that you need to look beautiful. Plus sometimes this will only lead to girls looking scary and look older quickly. We have seen many examples with celebrities recently.

Did you notice how young girls are starting to go under the knife now? I wish I understood what they think the word “beauty” is? we keep talking about pictures and how “photoshopped” thee pictures are. Plastic Surgery is nothing but photoshop in real life.

In conclusion….Plastic Surgery = Low Self Esteem.

It’s A Fight


It’s not really shocking news when we get “whatsapped” the latest fight video from one of the many shopping mall arenas around Kuwait. For the past two weeks up to 6 different fights occurred that included men, teenagers, security guards and finally ladies. It was the talk of Twitter and the jokes for many of the comedians on Instagram.

Now, what’s going on?

1- We can say that there is some kind of mentality that gives us the right to get our rights (revenge) by our selves. If this includes violence then be it. It our way or the highway. This has been a build up where people do not trust the law to get them their rights.

2- Tension might have been building for a while for many different reasons. Whether political or social. Thus the community “hatred” levels grew and grew and grew ….. well till someone has to release it somehow.

3- Acceptance, somehow we can’t accept or just listen to the other opinions. It’s either you do what I want or I punch you in the face, you hear me?

4- Boredom, is it getting that boring that fights are part of the entertainment we need?

You know I am sure by the end of this week another fight will be broadcasted to our phones in HD, yet when do we realise that there is something very wrong going on. Multiple times fights have ended with murder and yet we did not find any justice in any of these murders.

Whether its the law or the society, somehow we need to start acting like a civilised country. Yes fights break out everywhere, doesn’t mean its right. The law of the jungle is not the way we move on…

Wayans Brothers .. Live At Madstand


Last Friday we attended the Wayans Brothers comedy show by Mad Stand. The event was great and thought I’d cover some of my thoughts about the events.

Venue: Mishref International Fairground

I think that was a bad idea, as the place is large the sounds included a loud echo and it was a bit hard to listen to the show. Let alone the parking spaces is a nightmare due to another expo next door. It is hard to find a good venue to host such big events in Kuwait. A venue where is specialised for theatre acts with high quality equipments. Who knows more events like this and it might trigger some new venues to open up.

Wayans Brothers:

What do we have to say here. It’s the Wayans Brothers. However I got to say that Marlon is the one who made the funniest jokes. He really did some great acting that just got you laughing out loud. Although it was like “mini” censored the jokes were open. I can’t share any of the videos because technically it was not allowed. I say technically because this is a show and they did not want to ruin the show for others around the world. I respect that really.


Mad Stand

This is the second event I attend for Mad Stand. The one before that was the Comedy Hangout 2 which featured Fahad Al-Butairi and the guys from Sheno Ya3ny TV. I really did enjoy the local talent in the Comedy Hangout 2. I got to say that they made a huge jump getting Wayans Brothers to come to Kuwait. Its not easy to get such great acts to Kuwait and we have to wait for an event in Dubai to see some entertainment.

A job well done. They did set up the standard now and I hope they will get more stand up comedians in the future. I have a list!

SelfieKW – Cyber Bullying?


I heard about this Instagram account a while back and passed through it then. I really did not see the point of it and wasn’t interested at all. I mean who cares how you take your “selfies” and what horoscope you are. However it’s their life at the end.

However, we received an email this morning about how this was all made up and it is created to make fun of people. So I went and checked back again on the account. Personally I don’t think the owner of SelfieKW did this on purpose as his profile is full of selfies of himself. I guess he just wanted to make something out of selfies. Plus the people who submitted their selfies did it with their own will. No one forced them and no pics were taken from accounts without permission. They submitted it, they should take what is coming to them.

However, I have to point out that cyber bullying here. As bullying is not considered an issue in Kuwait and it’s only called “child’s play”. We need to understand that we live in a society where people tend to talk. However our talk can be considered very harsh at points that could lead to ruining some lives due to traditions and the culture its self.

A I noticed most of the people on SelfieKw are kids. Yes I consider them kids. When those kids are exposed to harsh comments that could lead to things we really don’t want to see. We have heard many news of teenage suicide due to cyber bullying. It’s not really a joke.

We really have the ability to create some really stupid trends. Whether these trends are accepted or not, people tend to do things because they think its the “in” thing without taking in consideration the circumstances. This is just a friendly advice, sending your name, date of birth, accounts, etc can lead to things you really don’t want. You have your own Instagram account that you control, why have it in public where people might attack you for nothing?

Living A Movie

I know its been a while since we wrote here, we are just waiting for some renovations to be done with the website and of course our life work that takes most of our time.

Also, the blogging has changed and it doesn’t get that interesting anymore. It’s like reading the same content on different themes.

However, that is not what my post is all about. My post is about living a movie. Here the movie is a lie, where everything is setup to look good yet at the end its not but a good illusion. Sadly that’s what we see in our daily life. A big movie from people who we think we know.

It’s funny how things change and that change is fed with denial. People try to compliment people, companies, social figures, celebrities, employers and even family just because you want to reach the top. Or maybe just don’t want to be “the only one” who says the truth.

People who kiss *** to live are the ones who I say are degrading. It’s like getting paid for something unethical yet you do it anyway just to go on top. A lovely word that “ethical”. Something we barely (if never) care about. As long as I reach the top, I don’t care if you are better than me and worked harder than me to reach the top.

Looking at all the Instagram celebrities, I keep thinking.. Why are they celebrities? I follow some of them and I really admire. Yet the ones that I don’t follow have me confused. See I believe not every celebrity is talented. Some are just the ones that got famous because people made them famous for nothing. Like those cheap reality TV celebs if you know what I mean.

Hey, we all have the right to follow and unfollow people, its all good. Hey thats freedom isn’t it? Yet when I sit here and watch untalented people get famous and people just believe everything they say just because they have a few hundred thousand followers? If only talent is measured by followers!!

Just say “I Don’t Care” with one squeaky voice and suddenly you are a model, say one funny joke out of a million ones and you will be the “best” stand up comedian in town, or buy some Khazan burger and make your own “burger recipe” and you will have the best restaurant in in the middle east (waaaaaay).

It’s always been my thing to rant. It’s kind of my “thing”, yes yes I know its not a talent. It’s more of a Kuwaiti thing don’t you think? However, there is talent out there (most of who I follow), yet those people get overshadowed by overrated Instagram celebs.

This movie keeps me entertained for a while really…it just gets boring when you see it over and over again.

أنا كويتي …بس يو أر نوت


صج ان طافت فترة طويلة وانا مو كاتب شي…بس مدام شهر فبراير من المناسبات الجميلة لنا ككويتين…قلت ابي اقول الي بقلبي…سامحوني على البدليات الي راح تكون موجودة اكيد

المهم…صارلنا فتره و احنا انخلص من سالفة وندش بسالفة ثانية…وشكلها محنا مخلصين …بس شي لازم نستوعبه ان كل كويتي صار يشوف الثاني مو كويتي..من الكلام الجميل الي نسمعه كل يوم

الي مو عاجبه يطلع بره الديرة

متي متجنس

الي يقاطع / يشارك خان الوطن



ولائك حق اي دولة /حزب/فلان

الزبدة الكويتين كلهم صاروا خونه ….الكل صار يشوف الطرف الثاني عميل و غير كويتي

حب الوطن مو الكتاب الأسود الي ما تشوفه الا وقت الانتخبات بس، ولا شعار تكتبه بالتويتر…ولا صورة تحطها بالنستاغرام

حب الوطن انك تدافع عن الديرة..تبدع بمجال يوصل اسم الكويت للعالمية..انك توقف ضد الغلط والفساد من غير مصالح شخصية

 مشكلتنا ان احنا ما نحترم الراي…اول ما اقول شي ضد فكرك..صرت فاسد و راعي مشاكل و و و و ما نخلص

وشوف الكلام الجميل لمن توقف في موقف من الدول المجاورة…تصير فلول..ارهابي..طائفي…يعني كل كويتي له نصيب من هل تشخيص الي على كيفهم…التخوين شي كبير..واذا انت تخون اي احد لو شنو فكره ومن غير دليل…الكل له حق ان يخونك انت من غير ما تتكلم.


وبعيد عن السياسة…نتكلم عن الجانب الاجتماعي

“هذا مو من عاداتنا وتقليدنا واهل الكويت مالهم بهالسوالف”

كل ما واحد تكلم عن الشعب الكويتي. الشعب الكويتي ١،٤ مليون شخص. لايكون سألت كل واحد فيهم عن رايك وكلهم مع رايك؟ انا واخوي ما نتفق …تبي ١،٤ مليون واحد يتفق؟  يعني عبر عن رايك كيفك…بس لا تجمع الشعب الكويتي مع رايك

وهالفتره صار فيه جملة متداوله واهي

“ادعم المشاريع الصغيرة والمنتج الكويت”

انا ادعم المنتج الكويتي ومشروعات الصغيرة لو شفت شي زين منهم ويستاهل. حتى لو كان كب كيك. بس ان السالفه تصير بوق و اسعار خيال. لا اوقف اهني. لازم المشاريع الصغيرة تتعلم من التجارة. بوق افكار واسعار مالها شغل بسعر عمل المنتج شي اساسي ان يكون فيه وعي وتعليم. business 101.

والمنتج الكويتي…لمن تفتح محل بإسم محل عالمي من غير ترخيص من الشركة…ولا تبيع سوالف تقليد…لا هذا مو منتج كويتي

فيه امثله كثيرة من المشاريع الصغيرة  و منتجات الكويتية الي افتخر انهم من ديرتي. ولا ننسي الأعمال الخيرية  وانسانية من غير دعم ولا مساعدة ولا ارباح. وهذا يفتخر فيه اي كويتي…الا لو كان ضد فكرك


نعم عندنا مشاكل…..ولكن المشاكل ما تنحل اذا كل واحد شاف الي بصالحه بس….الكويت تتكون من فئات….نقدر نتناقش بين اختلافات في الفكر سياسياً او اجتماعياً. من غير ما نشكك بالشخوص وسب ولعن و ذبح والحين وصلت للتكفير

بس وصلنا مرحلة لازم نحترم بعض ونحل مشاكلنا.

الله يحمي الكويت واهلها

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