Plastic Surgery …. The Man’s View

Just watching a few minutes of E! and you will see that life is full of plastic.

A little stroll in the Instagram timeline and you will see those plastic lips and cheeks.

Personally, for me beauty is about the natural looks. Pumped up lips that resembles Daffy duck is not one of the things I really enjoy. I see plastic surgery is nothing but a way to show that you have low self esteem.

The problem, we see beauty the way the media shows us beauty. To be perfect in their eyes you need to be full in many places. Your lips have to be “ducked” all the time, your nose has to be symmetrical to your face and your eyes should be as wide as possible with lashes that can create a tornado on the other side of the world when you blink. The way people are obsessed of being “perfect” yet  that perfect is what the media shows us and not what perfect means.

I believe plastic surgery is needed in certain places or incidents where something is broken needs to be fixed. It is not the way to go to show that you need to look beautiful. Plus sometimes this will only lead to girls looking scary and look older quickly. We have seen many examples with celebrities recently.

Did you notice how young girls are starting to go under the knife now? I wish I understood what they think the word “beauty” is? we keep talking about pictures and how “photoshopped” thee pictures are. Plastic Surgery is nothing but photoshop in real life.

In conclusion….Plastic Surgery = Low Self Esteem.

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