It’s A Fight


It’s not really shocking news when we get “whatsapped” the latest fight video from one of the many shopping mall arenas around Kuwait. For the past two weeks up to 6 different fights occurred that included men, teenagers, security guards and finally ladies. It was the talk of Twitter and the jokes for many of the comedians on Instagram.

Now, what’s going on?

1- We can say that there is some kind of mentality that gives us the right to get our rights (revenge) by our selves. If this includes violence then be it. It our way or the highway. This has been a build up where people do not trust the law to get them their rights.

2- Tension might have been building for a while for many different reasons. Whether political or social. Thus the community “hatred” levels grew and grew and grew ….. well till someone has to release it somehow.

3- Acceptance, somehow we can’t accept or just listen to the other opinions. It’s either you do what I want or I punch you in the face, you hear me?

4- Boredom, is it getting that boring that fights are part of the entertainment we need?

You know I am sure by the end of this week another fight will be broadcasted to our phones in HD, yet when do we realise that there is something very wrong going on. Multiple times fights have ended with murder and yet we did not find any justice in any of these murders.

Whether its the law or the society, somehow we need to start acting like a civilised country. Yes fights break out everywhere, doesn’t mean its right. The law of the jungle is not the way we move on…

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  1. avatar Renee Haffner says:

    The citizens of Kuwait must change as a whole in order to move forward. So many bad attitudes/negativity. Kuwait could be so much better than this! I see people littering all the time. A tiny example but a huge problem in the overall bigger picture.


  2. Theres a huge difference between a fight and violence, what we are seeing is just pure violence.


  3. avatar Waleed says:

    Have you ever heared of a drug test results over those who initiate fights in malls?! Myth or what is called locally by Shabou is spreading like hell between teenagers & if you read about the effect of this drug you will relate those fights to people being druged ! Before 4 years we never heared of such fights it’s only happening in the last 2 years !


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