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Hello there… long time no blogging huh? I don’t even know if anyone is anymore. Too bad we all shifted to Instagram and twitter, I really miss it ;-(

I even stopped reading blogs I don’t know why. Its not the same anymore. But recently I have read this really interesting blog (husband free) by a really courageous girl who shared her story after divorce and started reading her posts. She spoke for a lot of girls out there in the same situation. I like her spirit and her positive attitude about the whole experience and admire that she took the step to share her story with other people.

The joy of blogging and sharing your thoughts , good and bad, have gone with us being not anonymous anymore, I think. After all its a small country with a lot of judgemental people waiting for you to screwup. I try not to give it much thought but it is what it is and you cant escape it.


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  1. I’m glad you like my blog and i hesitated a lot before starting blogging because as you said everyone shifted to instagram and twitter, but even if my blog is helpful for a single human being then I’m glad i created it. The only reason behind me blogging is to help others, and your support and others’ will keep me going. Thanks for your kind words! and please don’t stop posting because someone is still reading


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