Wayans Brothers .. Live At Madstand


Last Friday we attended the Wayans Brothers comedy show by Mad Stand. The event was great and thought I’d cover some of my thoughts about the events.

Venue: Mishref International Fairground

I think that was a bad idea, as the place is large the sounds included a loud echo and it was a bit hard to listen to the show. Let alone the parking spaces is a nightmare due to another expo next door. It is hard to find a good venue to host such big events in Kuwait. A venue where is specialised for theatre acts with high quality equipments. Who knows more events like this and it might trigger some new venues to open up.

Wayans Brothers:

What do we have to say here. It’s the Wayans Brothers. However I got to say that Marlon is the one who made the funniest jokes. He really did some great acting that just got you laughing out loud. Although it was like “mini” censored the jokes were open. I can’t share any of the videos because technically it was not allowed. I say technically because this is a show and they did not want to ruin the show for others around the world. I respect that really.


Mad Stand

This is the second event I attend for Mad Stand. The one before that was the Comedy Hangout 2 which featured Fahad Al-Butairi and the guys from Sheno Ya3ny TV. I really did enjoy the local talent in the Comedy Hangout 2. I got to say that they made a huge jump getting Wayans Brothers to come to Kuwait. Its not easy to get such great acts to Kuwait and we have to wait for an event in Dubai to see some entertainment.

A job well done. They did set up the standard now and I hope they will get more stand up comedians in the future. I have a list!

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  1. avatar amani says:

    I was at the show and agree with everything you said, was really disappointed in the venue, it was overcrowded to such an extend people at the back had to watch on TV screens which we could have done at home! The parking was horrendous it took over an hour to park and then the parking space was in a remote peice of rough ground which I consider is unsafe to walk in the dark to the hall where the show was. When I did eventually get in i was stuck at the back where the sound was so muffled that 80% of what they were saying was not audible. I saw a lot of people leaving before the end including myself. I think if the organisers are going to take over 25kd per ticket they need to be better organised and be sure they are providing a quality experience for the people. I was so disappointed, I certainly won’t attend any more shows at the same place.


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