Dubai: Hadoota Masreya


As usual, any visit to Dubai means a new place to eat. One restaurant we found out was new was “Hadoota Masreya” that served Egyptian cuisine. As Egyptian is one of our favourite cuisines, we had to try it out for dinner.


We got to say that their menu is HUGE, it took us a while to know what to get. For starters we got Falafel, Foul and Tahena. This itself, was enough for dinner.


As for the main course, we had a Mooekheya with chicken and Koshari. Ordering a Molokheya comes with a cinematic entrance from the chef. Pretty nice. Again their food quantity is more than enough.


Finally, the dessert. We really wanted to go with Zalabya fondue, but Her wasn’t sure it would mix. So we just went for the original Roz Bel-laban with ice cream. It was great!

If your are visiting Dubai and you are into Egyptain food. This place is it. We warn you, you will be choosing from a pretty great list that has all Egyptian wonders such as pigeon, meshaltet, etc.

It is located of Sheikh Zayed Road in Al- Safa building.


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  1. is this open for breakfast? :3


    avatarSeptember 23rd, 2013 at 13:03
    His Reply:

    Yes, they have a breakfast menu too.


  2. Thanks I will try it out this week insha allah :D


  3. it was fantastic *_* Thanks for the recommendation <3


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