Zain Walwa7sh

Last Tuesday we were invited to the VIP show of  ‘Zain Walwa7sh’  play by Zain Kuwait.I was so excited I felt like a chield. I did not want to miss it like I missed the first one. For the third year in raw Zain crated  plays that showed in Eid Alfuter time and invited bloggers for the first show.


This year Zain decided to sell the costumes of the play in an auction and donate the money to charity…


Where do I start? the fascinating decoration and effects, the very talented yuong actors we have in Kuwait, the sophisticated dialogue , plot and theme of the play which is written by the brilliant Hiba Hamada !









In short,its a show you do not want to miss. Its classy, sophisticated and very entertaining.Its what theater should be like for children as well as adults.

I cannot wait for Mshari to grow up so I can take him with me to Zain’s plays.

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