Traveling Car Seats

Traveling with a toddler is not an easy job, well not for me I guess:/ last time we traveled with Misho it was really exhausting to me especially with no car seat on long drives! yes trust me a car seat would make a huge difference.

But now that he is older and a bit more independent I think it would be easier, but still I think  car seat is an essential and safer.

When we rented a car in Dubai last time we asked for a car seat, that we also have to pay extra for, in the car but when we arrived there they told us they didn’t have any available one and I had to sit him on my lab. It wasn’t comfortable for both of us, specially that the rides are longer there, while in Kuwait it takes almost 10 min to get anywhere.

So I searched the web to find traveling car seats and found some great ones, too bad I don’t know if they sell them here in Kuwait…





If any one do know where can I get something similar to the first picture please do let me know. I’m gonna be searching since we might be traveling soon. It would be so relieving if I find any.



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  1. avatar Umghanim says:

    I saw this on an infomercial once might be what your looking for.


    avatarAugust 26th, 2013 at 13:58
    Her Reply:

    that looks very comfortable yet not easy to carry around when traveling. thanks a lot for sharing


  2. avatar Sunny says:
  3. its very good but he is not easy to carry it


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