Stray Dogs Attack Again!



Yesterday morning sweet Aisha, my 8 year old cousins daughter, got attacked by two stray dog in Khairan area. If it wasn’t for Alla’s mercy and the fact that they rescued her in a short time or she would have been eaten alive! she got bitten in multiple places on her little body. That night her mom sent a broadcast telling us that she is ok now and have been hospitalized. She could not inform us about any other details yet for they have been taking care of her child.

Now this is the second incident. In Ramadan a 4 year old girl was attacked as well as I heard, then that guy who started killing random stray dogs in a brutal way mad a fuss and a lot of people were very upset for his cruelty.

Just to be clear, we are AGAINST killing those animals in such cruel way, and we believe its not the answer to the problem. Those Stray dogs need to be captured by the responsible people and no one have the right to do what that guy did.

The point of posting her picture on Instagram was to aware people of the problem and take care not to let their children wander in such areas alone thinking that its safe. Also to let people who are responsible know that they are not doing their job and what happened to those poor children is on them.

I was really annoyed when one of the comments hinted that this whole thing was made up! why would we make such thing up using that little girls picture. we do not encourage killing dogs as I mentioned previously.

picture via: Bananaq8

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  1. avatar abdullah says:

    المشكلة أغلب هالكلاب مهجنين ومسعورين مامنهم فود كلش واذا ماتبي الحكومة تتحرك ماكو الا هالطريقة عشان نسلم منهم
    وحمدالله على سلامتها


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