#SMDay : On This Occasion


At least 3 of the above icons will be part of your screen. Whether you are addicted to Twitter, Instagram or still kind of old school with Facebook. Everyone is not part of the social media. Whether you have 100 followers, millions, or bought you some followers.

Social media has gone a long way and it will go ahead for next few years. It will be incorporated more and more into our lives whether during your transport, work meetings, or just plain walking the dog. It is already part of our lives that McDonalds had an “Offline Day” for families. An event where you forget all about your online presence and thing about your real life presence with your family.

On June 16th, Kuwaitis had one way to know the verdict of the constitutional court on the one vote decree. The refresh of the Twitter feed. Yes, Twitter now is faster than any news agency out there. Even news agencies would send out their breaking news over Twitter before any other channels.

Social Media is a ground where people share their life, ideas, their, hate and rants. You meet people from around the world and get to know them just by using your phone. The world is one click away.

However there has to be some bad seeds here and there. With Social Media, more freedom of speech is given to individuals. To top this, anonymity is also served with that. Now give this platform to people with hate and agendas and you find yourself between rumours, hate speeches, fake accounts, discrimination, attacking people against you and just spreading out lies and scandals to hit them. Yet sometimes that is the price you have to pay for such freedom and in a world where law isn’t really strict. Twitter is the easiest place to send out fake news news and rumours without proof.

Social media is about the individual and how they represent themselves online. We can be the same personality as the one we have in real life. However the chance of having a different personality is higher. Sometimes people want to show something people will like them for. Even if it means being hypocrite about it. It comes to intentions at the end.

Social Media created personas for businesses. Good businesses interact with their customers as they are people. They have new channels to address problems and receive complaints. They share what their customers try and how they feel about it. Social Media can make brands, on the other hand it can break them. One mistake can ruins a brands name and for that social media teams are important to businesses nowadays.

With this, I finish my post with happy #SMDay…whether you will be celebrating it with others or alone. Whether it is a meeting or a protest. Social media has changed the world…it has changed us.

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  1. Social media will continue to dominate unless governments decide to stop that by convincing ppl to believe the idea of censorship and spy for security. Some ppl have already bought that idea… mostly politicians. I, on the other hand, don’t buy it and everybody shouldn’t. It’s a false security. Governments afraid of being a victim of the social media. They are afraid of falling because of some saying the truth through a fiber network that transfers data approximately in the speed of light while there the robbers of common wealth, killers and rapists are dancing on the yard

    In the coming years we’ll have serious problems with our freedom and privacy in the world wide web


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