Luscious Designs Retro Event

Collaborating with The Drezz, Bohemiah and Zoogha , Luscious Design store held a night with retro style to introduce their (Old Is Gold) collection of clothes and accessories…



We were suppose to be dressed up according to the theme and that’s what every one did pretty well !

Hala Abualhassan, the gorgeous owner of the store and the designer as well rocked her outfit  …



 Hala with Bohimiah ladies and Adel Hussain

I also had the pleasure of meeting owner of Zooghah jewellery ..





Being interviewed by Alwatan TV.. wish her best of luck :love:

Luscious is located in Altijaria tower / Almurgab/ M1/ tel:22968085

Instagram: @lusciousdesigns

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  1. aww thanks I love this ! :* thank you for coming ;)


  2. So usually with retro/ vintage stores, the idea is that the clothes are used.
    Is this the case with Luscious Designs? Are these second hand retro clothes or are they new designs based on retro clothes?

    If so, how will that work in Kuwait?


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