It’s Been A Year Mama

February is usually a month of celebration for me where my birthday and Anniversary falls. Since 2012, February shares a sad moment now. This time last year was the last time I saw my mum even when she didn’t see me.

Time does fly really fast yet for me it feels just like yesterday. I still remember everything that happened on that day. A day where I lost someone I loved and cared about the same way she cared about me for 27 years of my life.

I won’t lie, I still cry remembering moments in my life with her. A joke she made, her food and her phone calls to check up on me. These things I did not see for the last year.

See, one thing I regret is that I never told her I Love You. Now everyday I hope to see her in my dreams. Maybe just maybe I can tell her there and tell her how much I miss her.

We live life and once we grow up we start getting busy with our own family and work. I was so busy I forgot that she was the one with my dad supported me all these years to make me who I am today. Now with Meshari in our life, I know what my parents went through. Not once but 5 times. Even when her kids were not there sometimes or did something wrong. Her love for us never changed and even when she was angry at one of us. She would call us to make sure we made it home safely.  All this and I never got to say thank you.

If you are reading this post, do not do my mistake. Let your parents know that you love them and thank them for everything they did for you. Even if they couldn’t provide you with the things you wanted, know that they did their best to make you happy. Some might think these things are stupid. I found out the hard way.

Allah yer7mech mama.

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  1. allah yr7amha o yghamed ro7ha eljanna! she’s in a much better place than this life!


  2. avatar iMaGiNaTiOn says:

    Allah yer7mha o ry7m amwat el moslmeen


  3. What a lovely post and I’m so sorry for your loss. I believe your Mom is in Heaven and will always be with you through memories and in your dreams.

    I talk to my parents often and we tell each other that we love each other too much. You should hear us talk, I mean it’s a bit much. Words are important but I’m sure you showed your Mother how much you loved her. That is the most important thing a child can do.


  4. Allah yr7amhaa .. I’m sure she knows, even if you never said it.


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