A Special Baby Shower For A Special Person

About a month ago we started planning a surprise baby shower party for my beloved sister in law Amani.. and last week we did it..


I enjoyed preparing things for the party and thanks for some amazing people like (Noura and Seham) we managed to make it a special day for Amani. They came up with brilliant ideas for games, decorating etc…

The games Sehame came up with just made the night, I personally had fun playing along..

here are some pics from the party…


Whats a baby shower without cupcakes :love:  these were hand made by Sahooma (teslam eadeanech)…






I loved this duckies pond. This was Nouras cute idea…


Giveaways basket had a baby picture of Amani :love:


Dear Amani I hope you enjoyed your baby shower. God bless you and your family…we love you and we will always be here for you.

Can’t wait to meet your little bundle of  joy :-*


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