X-cite Alghanim Celebration


X-cite Alghanim celebrated their one year anniversary of  launching their website Xcite.com  in a really fun way ! they invited us to a sushi class at Chef Boutique.


The chef started by teaching us how to do shrimp and vegetable tempura… we both got great results I couldn’t believe how easy that was!


Then he showed us how to 3 kinds of sushi. the one with the rice out side I think it was called uora, the one with the rice inside which I totally forgot whats it called and California Maki. He made it look very easy we actually believed we could do it as perfect as him! we were wrong :p


My first roll was not bad at all but the second one was a bit of a disaster. They did not taste bad at all I might say :love:

Too bad we had to leave before dessert but we had so much fun it was a great idea. At the end we would like to congratulate Xcite Alghanim and their team for their first Xcite.com anniversary and thank Chef Boutique and everybody who worked to make this event fun and enjoyable. :love:

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