Magnolia Bakery


Last Monday we were invited to Magnolia bakery opening at Alhamra. I personally was really excited I looove cupcakes and that’s what they are famous for…we arrived there early and there was some live music playing. ..

They started serving samples and the first thing I tried was the banana pudding, if you like bananas then you will love this…then the waiter served us some beverages, I took raspberry ice-tea , it tasted like water, and His tried the non-alcoholic champagne.. not so good either.


There was a beautiful table set with lots of mini desserts His tried the cookies and said they were really good. I took a bite of the mini cupcake and threw it away it wasn’t even worth the calories :poke:  I was really expecting it to be as good as it looked but I have had much better cup cakes before!


There was a photo shooting wall where you get to choose some silly stuff to wear it was a fun idea :grin:  we dressed up silly and took a shot :-*

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  1. Your honest comments should help them to improve their recipes. I guess even cupcakes can be deceiving.:D



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